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Feb 03 2020
Bad Business
Credit Karma Member

This card is ironically named truly simple when it is the most difficult credit card to set up automatic payments on. You cannot do it online and then when you call they send you a paper form to fill out and then resend back all in order for you to set up recurring payments with a bank account you're already paying with. Then after I did all of that they still don't have the payments set up and when I call they attempt to put blame on the customer. "oh you didn't fill out the form" Really ridiculous. I've never dealt with such a run-around trying to set up automatic payments.

Dec 04 2019
Stay away run very fast do not get this
Credit Karma Member

If I had read the reviews I would have not gotten this card when you use the card after about two to three months they cut your limit for no reason at all and your score drops within the credit bureau

Nov 21 2019
Great credit line for balance transfers
Credit Karma Member

I have mediocre credit. But Fifth Thid gave me a $12,000 line of credit for zero percent balance transfer offers. I will save $2,400 in interest this year thanks to that large line of credit. So far, no problems with cusomter service.

Nov 04 2019
Credit Karma Member


Nov 03 2019
Worst card of all !!!!!!!
Credit Karma Member

Don't even bother to apply I was turned down with a credit score of 725. I have an excellent payment history and what made it all even worse is that they ran my credit report twice on every Bureau adding two additional inquiries to my report for the next 2 years. After disputing and talking to the bank even impression of the local branch nothing was achieved. Consumer beware don't waste your time

Oct 26 2019
Waste of time!
Credit Karma Member

$500 credit limit.

Oct 14 2019
Credit Karma Member

I had my credit line cut in half which had an impact on my credit score. Although it wasn't significant, this was a drastic decrease considering there were no real changes in my spending habits.

Sep 27 2019
Credit Karma Member

DO NOT TRUST THIS BANK After being approved for $5000 0% Balance Transfer Card for 12 months, I was searching their user account page to setup auto pay and couldn't find it. I called customer service and spoke with a rather rude representative who told me they've got to mail a form which I've got to sign and return to them so they can setup auto pay for me. I asked, why is it such a process to setup auto pay? Is your bank attempting to have your clients forget to pay one time in an effort to penalize them and raise their 0% to 27% for missing a payment accidentally? Regardless, I received, signed and returned the form and auto pay was set up. Upon the second auto payment, their system failed and didn't make the payment. They charged me a late fee and were in the process of raising the interest rate. I called and argued with them and won the argument. They deleted the late fee and reset the interest rate to 0%. I specifically monitored that cards payments for the entire 12 months and paid the cards $5000 in full before the 12 month expiration. I just received a letter from Fifth Third Bank stating they were lowering my available credit from $5000 to $500 for numerous erroneous reasons. It appears this bank was vindictive towards me because I used the 0%, paid it in full by the end of the 12 months and now by lowering the available limit by 90%, they are deliberately attempting to damage my credit score. In my case, they can't because I've got a ton of fantastic credit. But, in return, I'm definitely wanting to hurt them financially by writing this honest review and telling all of you to stay away from this corrupt, untrustworthy bank.

Sep 16 2019
Do not get
Credit Karma Member

I applied and got approved for this card for 0% for balance transfer. Finally got it in the mail . Tried to do transfer in line and you are not able to. I called and they were going to do it and told me it would take 2 to 4 weeks for a check. They do not do them electronically like the other cards. I will be closing the card out.

Sep 03 2019
Credit Karma Member

They gave me a $10,000 limit. I made all payments over the minimum. Then, The week I applied for a home loan they cut my credit limit to $6000 without warning! I got a letter in the mail weeks later, by that time my credit score tanked and I almost lost our new home! It was the worst agony I have ever experienced. Can you imagine the look on the loan iofficers face when my credit sore went fromk excellent to barely acceptable? Fifth third stinks, period. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

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Truly Simple® Credit Card from Fifth Third Bank

Truly Simple® Credit Card from Fifth Third Bank

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