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Dec 09, 2016
miles that don't expire it only doubles
speedmetalhead Cardholder

 I have been watching and wanting the discover mils card for less than a year now. My credit rebuilding journey begins around one year ago when my credit was in the upper 500s. In a word it was "BAD". It took me about 6 months to clean up my credit since then, using lexington (they helped a lot). Around 1 year ago I had no credit cards, understandibly so, because of my bad credit. Audaciously enough, I applied for a discover-it card last year, which was declined instantly. I called helpdesk and they were kind enough (given my predicament) to offer me a secured card, an offer to which I gladly acknowleged. Over a few months that followed, capital one approved me for a quicksilver mastercard with a $500. By the time it was june 2016, I got the amex premier rewards gold charge card, as well. In all, its been 1 year since I started my credit rebuilding journey with the discover-it secured. Over this period however, I have been eyeing on a proper airline mile card and the discover card stood out for me. Discover btw, would not approve a second card until the first card has been opened for a year (discover policy). Last month my secured card graduated a full year with a good payment history, so I went ahead and gave it a try. Walaa, I was approved for a $6500 CL.

The cards I have today : Discover IT Secured ($1000), Cap1 Mastercard ($2500 (after 2 CLIs in 1 year)), AMEX Gold (chargecard), Discover Miles ($6500) 

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Oct 10, 2016
Not bad.
Mickey378 Cardholder

Great card. Discover pulled Equifax with score of 666. Approved for $7,500 CL. CK scores 731/691. 3 collections, 2 charge offs. 3% utilization. Excellent customer service. No issues with the card but a couple of issues with Discover itself and the mobile app are statement doesn't post until end of 2nd billing cycle that's when rewards will also post. Live chat on mobile up unavailable multiple times. Offers/deals are always unavailable unlike with AMEX.

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Oct 10, 2016

That's Mobile app. Sorry for the typo. lol

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