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Apr 08, 2016
Awesome card for Students
ShrekNitin Cardholder

This was my first credit card. I got this approved even before I had any credit and its been 2 years and I'm in still love this card. The 5% cash back seasons is a good deal although the APR promotion period is less when compared to Bank of America, Chase and American express this still is a good card for the ones building credit.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 28, 2016
No CL increase after 2 years
from550 Cardholder

This is about two years in the making - Applied, declined until calling reconsideration @ ~650 CK scores. Approved for $500 after proving a student.

A couple months after obtaining I graduate, find good job (thank god). Funnel lots of purchasing through tiny limit, paid of in full - rewards outpaced interest paid (maybe they like revolving balances). Year later, not eligible for CL increase. Fast forward another year. Stated income $80k, worked up over $15k in avail credit over a couple cards (not exceeding 5-24 rule), CK scores now 700-720, 20% utilization. I called to request an increase and they need a hard inquiry to even review for it.

App is fantastic, rewards are easy to use (as annoying as rotating categories are), customer service is always courteous even when telling you bad news, and I even get little gift cards to Starbucks (for spending so much there? Idk) but they just won't increase my limit. I'm still trying, use it for all my gas purchases. Maybe try again in 6mths, if nothing then it's the end of the line for the account. 

Long story short, if I could've chosen a different starter card I would have. Everything about the card has been great but just will not grow with me.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 20, 2017
Jdawg22 Cardholder

It's my first credit card and I wasn't expecting to get approved because I had no credit history at all. I had recently purchased a car and thought I'd use it for gas but it has been so much help for small emergencies. I was approved a $500 credit limit and I can't really complain. I pay it well before it's due because it's best not to spend money you don't have. After seeing most of the reviews I'm definitely wishing that I was approved a higher credit limit but I'll have to see how to request it. Even if I don't get approved the credit line increase , it's still a great card to have. My credit score has been going up when I don't use more than the recommended 10%. 

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Feb 16, 2017
First card, only card
JojoBisous Cardholder

I was approved with absolutely zero credit history for CL 1750, and after 5 months of paying my full balance I was bumped up to CL 2000. I'm 10 months in and it's still my only card, and I love it.

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Aug 03, 2016
The BEST Credit Card in my wallet
truth401 Cardholder

You need a good score to get a discover card so don't think the a Fico of 640 or 650 is going to get you one and Credit Karma is always 20 points or more higher than your real score. Their Customer Service is the BEST in the Credit Card industry and thier reward are phenominal!

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Jul 19, 2016
Wonderful Card!
JacobMCohen Cardholder

Was the third card I applied for (had zero credit) and was the first I was approved for. After some verification I was approved for $1000. Would absolutely reccomend this card to anyone who is a student and would like to build credit. Absoluetly the best customer service and best card.

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Jul 25, 2016

What was your score for approval?

Jul 17, 2016
Best for Students
abhi9cr7 Cardholder

This was my third card and was approved after just 4months of credit history. I am an international student and I applied to discover it chrome and was instantly approved, then I asked the customer care guy to change it to Discover It card which has revolving 5% cashback. My score was less as I have only 4months of credit history. They gave me 1250$ at that time. I used this card for every purchase and the promo of 10% cashback through apple was amazing. It is disappointing that Apple pay bonus is not available now. Anyways, I acquired around 350$ just through cashback and after 1year they auto increased my CL to 2250$, and using some wise people's advice about CLI button, I was approved more 750 and am currently having 3000$. I never had any balance on card, as soon as the purchase was posted, I paid it off in full. Statement credit was always 0$ till this day. Loved the card benefits absolutely.

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Jul 05, 2016
Didn't increase CL even after 4 years!
workingmind Cardholder

Was approved for this card when I was a student with $500 CL (which is a JOKE). Anyways they extended it upto $1,000 and that was it. Now I've been earning well for more than 2 years and have credit scores in 750's and Discover still cant increase my CL! I'm sure they havent even updated their database as they still send me student loan offers! I have cards from AMEX, Barclays and Chase and I have CL higher than Discover (which is my oldest card). I haven't missed a single payment but still Discover doesnt value customer relationship and I am stuck with the same $1,000 CL (after 4 years). I am gonna hardly use this card anymore.

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Aug 03, 2016

I applied for the card and was approved in under a minute with a $5500 CL...They are by far the by far the best card to have in your wallet. Their customer Service is the BEST of ANY credit card company but if you missed more than 1 payment you will NEVER get a credit line increase (especially in the first year) I have American Express and Capital one. @ Capital one cards because neither has a yearly fee and one has 0% for the first year. . Pay your cards off right away and don't delay or make minimal payments or you will NEVER ,EVER get any kind of increase but discover is the best of all the credit Cards you can get.

Aug 05, 2016

I have never seen a company more concerned with customer satisfaction than Discover. It is by far the best card to have in your wallet. As far as the whiner who as a student only got a $500 limit-you are a student and not working so how do you pay them AND your student loans back? Discover is the best card available to anyone but they are cautious and a student with a ton of student loans doesn't deserve more than a $1000 limit until his student loans are paid down. So many college students have not paid back (or have no intention of paying back) the money they got for their education the it has mad the really good card companies nervous and deservedly so. Until your student loans are paid down quit whining and get a job and pay back you loans

May 02, 2016
GPA Rewards
shaqrob Cardholder

I was approved for this card with a credit limit of $1500. I have to say that this card is better than I expected. It has this awesome GPA rewards program where you get $20 every academic year if you keep your GPA above 3.0! I would recommend the card based on that alone. They give you 5% cashback on certain things at different times throughout the year.

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Apr 20, 2016
Horrible customer service
Carduser55 Cardholder

attempted a balance transfer to pay a lawyer on the 16th
the operator told me I could use the balance tranfer to do this, this balance tranfer selected by the operator could not be used to do this.

the operater asked me for information to send the tranfer to the lawyer, sent the payment to the wrong location anyways.

called on the 25th and spoke to an operator who figured out not only that the tranfer could not go to the lawyer but, was sent to the wrong place.

took total of 35  days and many phone calls for the money to finally be returned to my account.

upon the money being returned they admited that they should have returned the account on the 25th when the mistake was first identified.

Discover card did not charge me any fees or interest but, they did keep the money I needed to pay the lawyer tied up for over a month even after they knew that they had made errors.

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Aug 03, 2016

I think Discover is the best customer service of all the cards I have and I have 2 2apital Ones, an American Express and a Discover it and their Customer Service is second to none. I think their Customer Service is the BEST of all credit card companies and disputes often take a month REGARDLES of the Credit Card!

Apr 19, 2016
Best Credit Card In My Wallet!

Applied and got accepted on the first try for only $1,500. Interest rate for the first year is 0% which is great becuase i was using this money mostly for textbooks and the rest of my tuition becuase I didnt qualify for a student loan. 5% cashback on all gas and taxi purchases and every couple of months there is a different thing for the 5% (this month is food and movies... lots of date nights with the boyfriend this month ;) When i applied my credit score was at 689 (its at 652 due to the utilization of the credit card, but i have yet to pay it off so thats okay) They also have a live chat that is extremely helpful with all your questions! the website is great and very self explanitory! 

I absolutely love this card and its policy is great! Especially for students! 

I dont know if that helped but i love it! 

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Apr 16, 2016
Jmora12 Cardholder

Got approved for $5,000, great card and no interest for 12 months.

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