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Discover it® Reviews
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Jan 22, 2020
Great Experience
SJ92 Cardholder

I love my Discover It card. The revolving 5% cash back is great, though there is one quarter that doesn't benefit me at all (Uber/travel), but I still get 1% cash back on all purchases, which is better than some! I've never had an issue in the almost 12 months I've had it. Honestly, after reading about other credit cards, I really don't ever want a different one! I was approved for a decent line of credit when my score was just inside the "good" zone, and applying was a breeze.

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Nov 26, 2019
Better than all the rest!
Creditable11 Cardholder

To keep things short and sweet... THIS IS THE CARD! I have discover it card, Amex, and chase. Discover wins in every single category. High limits, great customer service, great app. Can't speak highly enough of this card!

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Oct 02, 2019
Great card so far
Katz70 Cardholder

I believe when I applied for this card my scores were around 690 to 710. They gave me a 10k limit and I use this card for everything, always making sure I pay the balance in full at the end of the month. I have read a lot of different comments about how they will lower your limit or even close your account, won’t lie I’m a little worried about that because the last thing I need is a black mark from them closing account. Only time will tell so I will keep on using it and paying it off ever month, hoping this does not happen to me. Reading these comments can sure scare a person but please keep in mind, there is ALWAYS 2 sides to a story 😉. Would I recommend it?! I can’t really say right now but will post later down the line.

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Jul 13, 2019
Easy, easy, easy
Miketronic Cardholder

I still have a BK within my credit history, but working very hard to improve score, yet they've given me the HIGHEST credit limit right off the bat and, recently, another CLI. Anytime I've needed to contact them, customer service has been amazing. The app is useful and works very well. I am so grateful to have this card, tbh. I wish all CC companies were like this... looking at you, Cap1 & Barc (especially Barc). I have no other motivation to give this review other than pure appreciation. Help me out like that and I'm loyal.

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Jun 26, 2019
Approved $9k Credit Limit
michaeld2986 Cardholder

So far, so good.  I was just approved for the Discover IT with a 700 CS Equifax/702 CS Transunion.  I'm guessing they pull Experian because I haven't received a notification from CK that I have an inquiry.  I mainly want the card for a balance transfer.  

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Jun 07, 2019
RichardF1836 Cardholder

This is the card I use more than any of my others. I truly love this card. The only down fall is some of the merchants that are my friends request i dont use it at there establishment because it is very expensive for them to process. (Because they are friends I dont use the card there I'll use one of my others, but so far this my favorite card in my wallet).

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May 20, 2019
Very good card and I like the reward
Glezy11 Cardholder

I get 2% cash back whenever I fill up gas so I mainly use this card as a gas card and for small purchases. They have given me an increase in my credit limit roughly 6 months after I owned the card. I was trying to shop for cards that will pre-approve me without hurting my score because I was trying to rebuild my credit and was very happy when I was given the options of which card I am approved for, I chose the one with cashback. I have had this card for over a year now and never had any problem, plus I have just recently used a $60 cash back reward. My credit increased significantly after getting a credit increase which lowered my credit optimization. Thanks Discover! I highly recommend.

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May 20, 2019

I LOVE this card. This is the first credit card I’ve ever gotten approved for that has a nice limit. My TransUnion dropped to the mid 500s and my Equifax is around 640 and they gave me chance with a 10K limit. I’ve been using it well, I like the rewards and my interest rate is not bad. Definitely recommend 

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May 17, 2019
Perrychristy Cardholder

Just got the card and so far I am loving it. Great App to use to monitor my account and great benefits. 

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Apr 30, 2019
Great card so far
CdR2009RaB Cardholder

I have been working hard on bettering my credit for the past couple of years (mainly the past year) and have finally reached a decent score of 665-TU 658-EQ 656-EX...when I first started actually caring about my credit a couple of years ago it was awful!!! I was in the low 500’s/high 400’s to start so I began by eliminating some collection debt by paying it off and got a deferment on my outstanding student loans and then I started to think about applying for a credit card (about a year after I started working on my credit). The first card I applied for was a secured card through Cap one, then unsecured cap one and now after my score going up more and more I got to a comfortable point to start looking for another card to continue bettering my credit. One of the top ones was this card and I read that I could check if I was prequalified first so I thought why not since that won’t be a hard pull on my credit. I was surprised to see that I prequalified for two different ones and the Discover IT Cash Rewards was one so I DID IT!!! I was approved almost instantly for $1,000 limit (my highest so far) and when I called customer service to verify my address they were so pleasant and helpful! All in all I am very happy so far with my new credit card. I rarely ever use my cards but I’ll definitely be using this one for the Free money they give. 👍🏼🤗 I recommend checking if you’re prequalified and if so GO FOR IT! It only impacted my score by 1-2 points through each borough so that’s another positive as well. 

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