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Discover it® Reviews
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Sep 04, 2019
good card, bad App and customer support
ZemkeC Cardholder

I like the card but the app and customer support aren't good. I've been having issues with the app for 2 months. My phone is not old our outdated but i tried to uninstall and reinstall and that didnt help. I sent a message to customer support and they responded "you can pay online or over the phone" ......well....... duh. I wasn't looking to be told something i already know, but i thought they'd want to be aware of the app issues and get them fixed. I liked the conveience of the App but that's gone out the window now and customer support doesnt care

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Sep 02, 2019
Not the best
Qwerty1234321 Cardholder

Good cash back bonuses, horrible lines of credit. I've been with them for a yr and a half and just requested my first credit line increase and they denied it because I didn't "have enough experience with them." I had capital one for 6 months and was approved instantly for the credit line increase. My card is fully paid off, my credit score is in the 700s, and a yr and half.. c'mon what more do you want..

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Mar 22, 2019
Loved it...for a moment.
Easyslider Cardholder

Despite my credit being excellent and a 100% perfect payment history across the board and paying off the balance early they dropped my limit from 8300 to 500 because I bought a new vehicle which their review process said made my newest account only 2 months old which flagged my account as speculative. My credit score was still 720s and my income to debt ratio was actually lower than when I got the card. The service rep I spoke too couldn't explain why the company made the decisions the way they do just that he was very sorry and understood my frustrations. With the limit decrease it pushed my utilization up and dropped my score 7 points. The card will be going in the use once a year to keep active pile. Otherwise I'll use my Capitol one venture for everything else. I will say this....their customer service was always excellent with everything else I ever had issue with.

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