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Most Helpful Positive Review

Mar 24, 2016
Easy CLI button; True FICO score. LoveIt
laralee16 Cardholder

Received several mail offers for a DiscoverIt card, so I applied.  Got a bait-and-switch response, raising my interest rate which I didn't care about because my goal is to build my credit so I pay off the card every month, no interest!

When I got approval, it was for $1200 with 682TU, 647EQ.  5 months later, I tried my luck with the "Request a credit limit increase" button on the website, and instantly got bumped to $1800.  2 months after that, Discover sends me an email telling me my limit rose again, to $2300.  3 months after that, I tried my luck again on the website, and my limit is now $3500!  That button is great; no waiting, no calling, no hard pull (unless they say they need to, but haven't for me), just instant boost to my credit score by lowering utilization percentage (I pay it off monthly but my balance has been around $400/month).

They hard pull from Equifax, and the FICO score they give you is Transunion.  To compare with CK score, that same month I was approved my FICO was 624.  It's now 10 months later, my TU FICO is 669 (CK says 715), and I'm one happy camper, it's definitely my go-to card.

I also really like that they offer a true FICO score, which is more in-line with what real lenders use.  Cap One had been using that model as well but recently changed to the fake one CK uses.  It is consistently about 50-60 points under what CK says, but it's legit.  I don't get my hopes as high thinking my score is as healthy as CK says, I'm still "fair" and it keeps me humble.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 17, 2015
Only creditor to ever cut my limit
gxa0128 Cardholder

So I have had my Discover IT card for over a year 3k limit. I just got an e-mail from them tonight stating that they cut my limit too 1000, that I am now over my limit by 500. Called them to find out why they cut my limit. Was told I had too many new inquiries and recently opened too many accounts. Looking at my Credit Karma report from Monday, it shows that I have 2 new inquires from buying my car and a new auto loan. I just don't feeling like that was enough reason for Discover to cut my balance in half, I also think that cutting my balance and putting me over my limit and demanding payment a week before Christmas is kind of sketchy. I will be closing this card at the end of the month in favor of my AmEx Blue Cash the rewards aren't as good but AmEx is way better of a company. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Dec 06, 2016
Do not get
Anonymous Cardholder

My card came in the mail, and the very next day they froze my account for suspicious activity (which was just a few online purchases I made). Even after verifying the purchases were mine, they stillade me wait 48 hours. I should have got an AMEX instead.

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Dec 05, 2016
The price protection is a darn joke
analysiser Cardholder

Last month I purchased an item on with the purchase price $299, 3 days later the price dropped to $199 and therefore I filed price protection claim. Discover card benefit department denied it because when I purchase the item, I had a $1.89 gift card balance on my account and was automatic applied to the item. They say I cannot file the claim because their policy is I must make the full purchase with the card. They denied the $100 price difference because $1.89 is made with gift card balance, and they denied directly without even trying to deduct the gift balance. This **** process took almost a month and was not good customer experience at all. Lessons learnt and I will not make future big purchases with this card anymore.

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Dec 04, 2016
DMan117 Cardholder

I've been rebuilding my credit since my bankruptcy was discharged this past March(3/16). I applied for two Capital One cards and received a $750.00 and $2,000.00 credit limits with those cards. Used them responsibly for a few months. Fast forward to my Discover it card. A couple weeks ago Credit Karma says my chances were poor to get approved for the Discover it card. Took my chances and was approved for a $2,200.00 limit within seconds!!!! When I applied my credit scores on Credit Karma  were: TU 681 and EQ 667.  Thanks Discover it!!! I called to activate my card and will says their customer service person was extremely polite!!!

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Dec 04, 2016
Nine months in...
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for this CC because I couldn't get approved for anything and I really needed to get my credit going. I applied in March 2016 with a credit score of 574 Transunion and 576 with Equifax. I only put $200 because that's all I could afford at the time. I used the card mainly for gas and would pay it off right away. My credit score stayed in the 580s I didn't see much increase until about October where my credit spiked to 616 with both TransUnion and Equifax. It's December 2016 and my credit has gone up to a 640. Just two days ago I noticed I received a credit increase. I got a credit increase of $1200 with a total of $1500. My credit has not updated for the credit increase but I'm sure it will rise above the 640 I am currently at because my usage is below the 20%. At one point my card was compromised and my experience with customer service was great. They replaced my card right away and refunded the amount that was charged (after full investigation of course). I would definitely recommend for anyone trying to get their credit history started.

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Dec 02, 2016
First Card - No history
MrWeiss Cardholder

I applied with no history when I was 22 and had a $11/hr job. 

My limit was increased a few times. The cashback feature is nice for someone with no history - most intro cards don't over something like that. 

No complaints at all about the customer service. 

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Dec 02, 2016
jj9309 Cardholder

I received an innovation from discover when I started college. I accept because i needed money in lumps sums with books. And it has been a blessing with rewards such as Cashback and no overlimit fee it has saved me so much.

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Nov 28, 2016
Great Card High Interest
Kamtrini Cardholder

I am in the process of rebuilding my credit so wanted to get another credit card to lower my utilization and increase my amount of available credit. My FICOs are TU/659 EQ/649 EX/649 so I guess that puts me in the fair category.  Disclamer is I paid off all my charge offs and had all my collections account paid and deleted.  With those scores I was approved for this card with a limit over 2k.  The interest rate is about 23 percent which is a little high, however I plan to use this for the 5% cash rewards and pay it every month to avoid interest.  They seem to use your Experian FICO for the most part for approval so be sure to sign up for the free FICO scorecard you can get from them.  You can get this before applying and dont need to have a card for it.  Since Credit Karma doesnt provide an Experian score this can be useful as well.  Hope this information helps.

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Nov 22, 2016
Discover it… simply exceptional!
draconelius Cardholder

Thank you DISCOVER! I just received my Double Cashback for $2,054 on my September 2016 statement! AWESOME!

I applied on August 2015, and it has just being PERFECTION! Amazing top-of-the line customer service, and the offers and promotions are just to good to be true… but THEY ARE!

I live in NJ; they used EXPERIAN. At that time CK my Credit Score on TU: 754, EQUIFAX: 753. On was 788 and VantageScore 763. The credit inquiry lowered my score by 6 points. But that doesn’t concern me since that is expected, and obviously it will be increasing as time goes by.  It took about just 10 seconds to be approved with a 10.5K credit limit. Ohh and in my case the APR after the 0% intro rate for 12 months, will be the lowest 10.99%... Just amazing! Service is just exceptional! I never take the time to write feedbacks, but I figured I had to, because this is just excellent. If you wish to apply, please use my link in order for both of us to get $50 Cashback!

My referral link:

Please NOTE: If you do NOT apply using a referral link, you will NOT get the $50 Cashback bonus. At the end of 12 months they will DOUBLE IT, thus it will be $100 in total for the CASH BONUS.

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Nov 22, 2016
only card to give me a chance
Anonymous Cardholder

Been rebuilding my credit after some bad decisions in college. Discover was the only company who was willing to give me a chance after my credit score was high enough. The application process was easy and after having the card for 3 months, they automatically increased my limit. Hassle free and the app is one of the better credit card apps I've used in a long time.

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Nov 17, 2016
High rate but very good rewards
ALKfromTX Cardholder

* 23.24% APR with an 800 credit score is outrageously bad!

* 5% cash back on seasonal rotation of stores (currently, Sam's Club, & department stores)

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