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Discover it® Reviews
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Feb 08, 2019
Easy application
mgriff75 Cardholder

I decided to apply for this card, because I kept getting pre-approval letters in the mail, and Capital One keeps denying my request to raise my limits on my 2 cards through them. The online application was easy, but I did have to call the 800# with a reference code that popped up because they needed to verify my address, SS# and birthdate over the phone. Within less than 3  minutes I was approved for $6500. The lady I spoke with was very nice.

Currently my scores are: Transunion 744 Equifax 742 Fico 712 I can't wait to take advantage of the great perks and interest free usage for the next 14 months. Thank you!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 04, 2019
Shady terms!
ResponsibleUser Cardholder

I received this card in May of 2018 with an 18 months 0% interest promo.  My credit line was $10,000.  About 4 months after receiving it, I was informed that they reduced my credit line to $9300.  This affected my balance:limit ratio and the moment they decreased my line, it increased the ratio lowering my credit score.  Okay, irritated as can be but I'll get over it.  Not a big deal.  Score will go back up the more I make my payments.  Fast forward 3 months.  I get a 2nd job and can now make significant payments on my card.  I make a $350 payment on what I'm thinking is a 0% interest card and login to find my balance the same as it was prior to the payments.  Why, you may ask?  Because they revoked my 0% interest for absolutely no reason.  I have auto pay so my payments come out on time every month.  I rarely use the card anymore.  There's absolutely NO reason for them to do this.  Now, I got a 2nd job to quickly pay off a card that will take me twice as long since they were shady with their promo interest rate.  The ONLY card I have ever been screwed over by.  It went from being my favorite to hurting me more than any of my other cards.  

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Oct 26, 2019
Won't Transition to Unsecured
sweettreat33 Cardholder

I've had this card for 20 months now.  Yes, nearly 2 years!  I was initially re-building my credit so I put $300 towards this secured card and was told after 7 months they automatically review your account to see if it can be transitioned to unsecured, thereby refunding your initial deposit amount.  I've never missed a payment and always pay more than minimum (I do usually carry over a small balance, but have paid it off several times too).  7 months came and went, no graduation.  After a YEAR I asked them what the hold up was, no helpful response, only a scripted "we automatically review your account each month blah blah."  I thought, ok, maybe give it a little more time.  My credit score has gone up more than 100 points (I'm not at excellent credit, but am in high 600's now) and I've since gotten two other UNSECURED cards.  Capital One automatically gives a CLI after only 5 on-time payments... what is the problem with DIscover??!  At this point I don't even care if they give me an increase, just graduate me already!  If it wouldn't hurt my credit score I would've already closed this card to get my deposit back!  From now on I'm sticking with Capital One; they won't hold me hostage like Discover does, and they offer the same cash back and benefits without this aggravation!

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Aug 24, 2019
Briancomer1 Cardholder

Will drop your credit if you pay will drop your credit if you pay it off completely then tell you you have a high debit to credit ratio that they just caused shady low down and dirty stick with American Express card or capital one don't trust this company

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Aug 23, 2019
SassyBoss Cardholder

Discover card is the absolute worst!!! Oh the commercials are cute and funny but please dont be fooled.  THis company abrubtly closed my account after having NEVER BEING LATE and a $410 balance and a $4000 credi limit had the card for several years.  Then closed my teen son's acount with $0 balnce and my teen daughter after having just approved her for a $750 and sending her the card, she never even used it.  Then when I call, not only zre they rude as heck, but no on know ANYTHING!!  The canned response is to write them with any questions...Write them??????  Who does that???  Good riddance, if you are rebuilding your credit, Capital one, Bank of america and Firs FInancial Bank credit cards are the best trust me I know....IF this affects our credit scores, I would like to begin a class action law suit...anyone intrested?

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Jul 31, 2019
Good card. The bank did me wrong though.

I started out with the secured card. After the allotted time I was offered the un secured, and the my credit line was increased; which was great. What I really did not appreciate was Discover Card siding with a vendor who swindled me, and letting them get away with it. I wont pour out the boring details, it wasn't cool Disvover. $189 worth of not cool. Especially when you verified they have the item, not me.

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Jun 28, 2019
Susannaf Cardholder

If it was possible I would put ZERO stars! Terrible customer service, terrible rules, they closed my account after I didn’t provide a state id, but I was out of the country that time! No Extentions, no other options. Very rude managers!Dont get this card. It is the most terrible experience I ve ever had!

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Jun 03, 2019
discover will hurt you in the end
ericbarlow21 Cardholder

credit score was in the 490's, got the secured card for $500, perfect payment history, worked hard to improve credit, discover refunded the $500 deposit, eventually raised the limit to $2000, kept working to improve my score, never had any issues, raised score 160 points in 18 months, then today go to use my card and the transaction is declined. call discover and find out they cut my limit to $500 for no reason, so now it appears my card is nearly maxed out, credit limit usage is now seen as very high, score down nearly 50 points. called customer service and they wouldnt help, talked to a manager, they didnt have any reason, they don't care. dont waste your time... capital one cards have been much better. discover will erase all your work in the end.

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May 25, 2019
Confused About All The Bad Reviews!
Lkjhfd Cardholder

I my Discover card. I've had this card for about 7 month's, I'm rebuilding my credit which is now in the fair range, and yet they gave me a chance. When there was some confusion about my 0% APR I was able to speak with a real person, which goes a long way, and best of all, they give you all the cashback you were promised quarterly when you signed up, as well as the regular monthly cashback. So maybe I haven't been with them long enough to be as screwed over as some of these comments suggest, but from my standpoint they have done nothing but 5 star business with me.

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May 30, 2019

When you become a member for years and you put your balance to zero, they’ll close your account and mess up your credit

May 11, 2019
No cardholder protection
Dolomite123 Cardholder

In case if you have any disputes with supporting documents you will ALWAYS LOSE! I had bogus charges - they denied my claims even if addresses and names were 1500 miles away from me. Other case was where I returned items and didnt get a refund - they also denied the claim. Cancelled transactions that posted to my account - also denied. Basically it's a very dangerous card. Whoever has a card number they can max it out and you will pay for it. Not recommend at all. Disputes department is usually hanging up the phone when trying to sort out the things.

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Apr 09, 2019
Worst company to do credit business
perk54 Cardholder

 I’ve had a credit card with Discover for a little over 3 1/2 years. I recently got hurt was out of work for a year. Discover card did not want to work with me. I paid a perfect monthly for the last three years prior to getting hurt. I recently close the account with a balance did not want to work with me with payment plan and they were very tactical about trying to put a judgment on me. Please if you have any sense do not do business with this company. 

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Mar 22, 2019
Great card
Lkjhfd Cardholder

I got a $700 CLI without requesting one in only 3 months. I'm rebuilding my credit and have never been given anything without begging for it. Which of course, is my fault, because I didnt care in the past about what I did to my cedit. So I created a very versatile credit report with loans and credit card accounts. And kept everything in perfect payment. So it feels good that Discover respects that.

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