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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 11, 2018
Great so far!
jcoates09 Cardholder

I have been rebuilding my credit for some time. I have two cards with low limits, Credit One Bank and Merrick bank. Discover was sending me offers weekly for the cash back card. I finally decided to pull the trigger and was instantly approved for $5500.00. My scores are 644 TU, 656 EQ, 670 EX.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 15, 2018
Choose another company to deal with.
April0214 Cardholder

Please, I beg you to choose one of the other many credit card companies available to do business with. This is honestly what happened to me. Well, I was a card member since 2004, and I never had a late or missed payment. However, I decided to close this joint account with my husband since we were going through a divorce. The payment was made in full at the end of July, this year, to pay the card off completely, and on August 2nd, this year, I even called Discover to be sure that there wouldn't be any other fees or interest added to the account as well as to confirm that the account was closed, which had also been previously requested prior to the payoff to ensure that no other charges would be posted to the account. Discover ensured me over the phone that the account balance was at zero, there were no other charges coming through, and there were no additional fees or interest that would post to the account. The representative even said that everything had been taken care of for this account, and there was NOTHING ELSE we needed to do. Well, I just got an email alert from my credit monitoring that my credit score had decreased. I checked it to find that my credit score had dropped almost 100 POINTS! Yes, 100 POINTS due to a late payment from Discover. I immediately called Discover to find out from them that INTERESTINGLY enough on just the day after I spoke with them on August 2nd, August 3rd, this year, there was an interest fee added to the account for approximately $21, which I had no idea about since Discover never sent me a bill for this interest via regular mail, email, nor text. Well, this approximately $21 in interest that was added to this closed account damaged my credit, and there was NOTHING Discover was willing to do about it. To continue their fraudulent, sneaky, and underhanded scheme, the very phone call from August 2nd that would've proved that their representative told me that there would be no additional interest or fees added to the account, according to them, wasn't able to be pulled, because AFTER 60 DAYS, THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO REPORT THE LATE PAYMENT TO THE CREDIT BUREAU, ALL PHONE CALLS AND CONVERSATIONS CUSTOMERS HAVE WITH THEM ARE DELETED! CALL THEM TO VERIFY THIS FOR YOURSELF! WHAT DOES DISCOVER HAVE TO GAIN? GETTING RICH OFF OF THE ADDITIONAL FEES BEING ADDED TO THE INITIAL FEE THAT THEY DIDN'T WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE. I HOPE YOU'RE FOLLOWING ME. IF NOT, TRUST ME ON THIS, GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 09, 2019
Worst company to do credit business
perk54 Cardholder

 I’ve had a credit card with Discover for a little over 3 1/2 years. I recently got hurt was out of work for a year. Discover card did not want to work with me. I paid a perfect monthly for the last three years prior to getting hurt. I recently close the account with a balance did not want to work with me with payment plan and they were very tactical about trying to put a judgment on me. Please if you have any sense do not do business with this company. 

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Mar 22, 2019
Great card
Lkjhfd Cardholder

I got a $700 CLI without requesting one in only 3 months. I'm rebuilding my credit and have never been given anything without begging for it. Which of course, is my fault, because I didnt care in the past about what I did to my cedit. So I created a very versatile credit report with loans and credit card accounts. And kept everything in perfect payment. So it feels good that Discover respects that.

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Mar 15, 2019
Ecellent card!
Anonymous Cardholder

I love this card, as I get rewards on evergything. Not the best reward rate, but still is nice to get cash bonuses on things. Every time I asked for a credit increase, it went through with no problem! This then improved my credit score :) Then, when I went through a rough patch when I was umemployed for 4 months, while having many issues with my home (pipe burst, black mold in the basement, needing foundation repair...), I couldn't pay the full balance and had some interest on the card. I called them up and asked if they could do anything to help in light of my past 3 years of never missing a payment. They forgave one out of the 4 months of interest charges for me. That is more than I expected and I am very pleasantly surprised!

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Mar 09, 2019
Lujo1968 Cardholder

I just had my limit dropped by $1,600 dollars for no reason! They claim I had a late payment hit my credit but this is not true! Do not waste your time with this company! AMEX just gave an upgrade to Platinum.

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Mar 09, 2019
Bad Service
Lujo1968 Cardholder

I just had my limit dropped by $1,600 dollars for no reason! They claim I had a late payment but this is not true! Do not waste your time with this company! Hope they lose more customers. AMEX just upgraded to Platinum. 

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Mar 06, 2019
They have the worst customer service!!!!
Ink1 Cardholder

Avoid Discover at all cost.

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Feb 27, 2019
It worked out well for me
WGofCarolinas Cardholder

I saw a lot of negative reviews but had a friend that used the card and I decided to try it out.  I had a very good experience.  I've had the card almost two years now.  I usually pay it off at the end of each week just to keep my credit score up.  As you know the more of your available balance that is used on the credit report the lower your score will go. After a year with them, they sent me a check refunding my security deposit and increased my limit to boot.  So far this is the best card I've had with the exception of my Belk store card.

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Feb 20, 2019
Friendly customer service yet lacking.
Rover78 Cardholder

Friendly customer service but does not back the cardholder in disputed charges.

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Feb 08, 2019
neomax Cardholder

I just had my limit dropped by $1,600 dollars for no reason! They claim I had a derogatory mark just hit my credit but this is not true! Do not waste your time with this company!

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Feb 08, 2019
Easy application
mgriff75 Cardholder

I decided to apply for this card, because I kept getting pre-approval letters in the mail, and Capital One keeps denying my request to raise my limits on my 2 cards through them. The online application was easy, but I did have to call the 800# with a reference code that popped up because they needed to verify my address, SS# and birthdate over the phone. Within less than 3  minutes I was approved for $6500. The lady I spoke with was very nice.

Currently my scores are: Transunion 744 Equifax 742 Fico 712 I can't wait to take advantage of the great perks and interest free usage for the next 14 months. Thank you!

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