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Mar 18, 2017
So far so good!
NinjaBingoWarrior Cardholder

I just got this card today, and I typically don't write reviews until after I've had the card a while. But this card already deserves 5 stars!

A little backstory on me. 6 months ago my credit was garbage. Low 500s, several collections (mostly medical), car repo from a few years back, tax lien for state taxes, student loans in collections (garnishment AND a tax refund offset), and a judgment from 6 years ago.

Fast forward to today, I've come leaps and bounds when it comes to my credit report. I disputed a bunch of the collections and got most of them off my reports. Rehabbed my student loans. Paid my tax lien. Repo fell off. Judgment should fall off this year. Score in the 640s according to Credit Karma.

I've been waiting to get in the upper 600s before I started applying for more cards. I started off with a Fingerhut card and a secured Capital One card. I also applied for a Credit One card a couple of months ago. I have perfect payment history on all of them. They're junk cards but I've been using them for what they're there for. Strictly to build credit. Sometimes I carry balances but not usually much.

So two weeks ago, I decided to try and apply for a couple store cards. My ultimate goal is to have 2-3 regular credit cards and a couple store cards for the ones I frequent. I applied and was approved for both store cards. I instantly got excited because it's been 10 years since I've had decent credit and could get approved for anything.

So I'm thinking at this point, I've already taken the hit. I may as well try for the regular cards I want and let them all age together. I plan for these cards to be permanent in my credit profile so I'm okay with getting them all at the same time, letting my score dip a bit because of the new accounts, and letting them age together so I have a strong credit background.

I tried for a regular Capital One card, and I'm not going to go into that LOL, but I don't plan on being a Capital One customer much longer. So I thought screw it, I'm going to try for Discover because wth. Worst they can do is say no. BAM! Instantly approved for $1700. Now I don't believe in 5 starring cards for being approved or 1 starring them for being denied. That's not what the rating system is for. I'm 5 starring them today because I was approved last Sunday night and I already have my card 6 days later. Most cards take 2 weeks to get here! They have a fantastic rewards program (I'm still in shock I was approved for a card with rewards!!!). The packaging the card came in was really cool. So far they more than deserve 5 stars for how professional they are. Getting the card quick and sending it in special packaging puts them above other card companies.

As far as use, I've used it today. No issues, but I'll obviously need to check back in a few months after payments have been made. I haven't downloaded the app yet but I'm guessing it's prob going to be well designed.

One other reason I want to put this review out there is that everyone needs to know NOT to rely on Credit Karma scores. It's a great website that gives you an idea of where you're at, but your scores aren't correct. Mine are showing in the 640s and Discover sent me my FICO and it was 705. That's a pretty big difference in the credit world when it comes to being approved or denied. So keep that in mind!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 28, 2016
Discover kicks you when you are down!
OSUElvin Cardholder

Discover card has a strict policy of kicking you when you are down. We are in the process of moving for work. While selling our house we were required by the lender to pay for a new roof on our home prior to closing. Work started at our new location before the house sale closed so we are paying both rent and a mortgage. Getting the utilities(electric, gas, water, and internet) set up at the new location caused 4 new credit inquiries. Having to pay rent, a mortgage, and $14k for a roof cause my credit card utilization to increase significantly. This of course caused my credit score to go down. Then Discover card lowered my credit limit to within $125 of my current balance. This further increases my credit card utilization therefore FURTHER lowering my credit score and it takes away purchasing power when I need it the very most! I called Discover card to get my available credit back and the first operator transferred me to her manager and they transferred me to someone else again. They said they just cant do it. I explained to them that I have had a flawless account with them for several years and if they could not give me the credit back they would lose me as a customer. They told me there was nothing anyone there could do because of their policies and my credit score. So in 2 weeks when my house closes I will be pay my credit cards off. I will not be using Discover card for balance transfers or purchases ever again. I don’t want to give my money to a company that kicks you when you are down and says must do this because that is their policy.  

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Sep 19, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

My daughter who is attending college in Canada chose this card. So far **not one vendor has accepted it**. It's useless to her there. Major grocery chains, restaurants, even her college bookstore. Customer service admitted that they Discover is only slowly making inroads in Canada.

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Sep 13, 2017
Can not believe it!!!!
Anonymous Cardholder

So let me tell tell you. I spent so much time going on these different feeds trying to find out what my chances are at getting a Discover Card. I was reading and reading and finally I was like I'm just going to do it. I went to their site and did the little thing that's like..."let us find the card for you" so I did and of course it was like "we can't approve you for this Discover Card be we can see if you qualify for the other one" I was like what the hell... so I kept going and going, I was waiting on it to pop up and say... you will get a letter in the mail crap. But, it didn't. It said this number right now we have a few more questions. So I did and next thing you know , I was APPROVED!!!!!  I was sooooo happy. I just say , take the chance..if I got one...they can't be that hard to get lol

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Aug 29, 2017
Best card I have ever had!
Anonymous Cardholder

I have been working on getting my credit score up for a few years now. Several years ago I got into debt, being young and dumb. I have paid off debt, bought a house and a car and was approved for a capital one card for $300 Lol. I applied for the Discover Card and was instantly approved for $9500! I have used it several times and spoken with their customer service and I am very happy with everything so far. My next goal is to get an American Express. From my understanding they are an amazing card to have to bring your credit score up.

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Sep 06, 2017

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Aug 27, 2017
My go too!
cardi52 Cardholder

They have the best online app and they have good customer service and are fair haven't had any problems thus far will continue to use over and over again!

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Aug 23, 2017
Credit is a privilege. Lesson learned!
cantsleep245 Cardholder

I got this card several years back when I was just one year into starting to build a credit history. I only realized in my final year of college that if I was going to be starting out on my own without any help from parents, it would help to have a credit score of some kind vs no credit score at all. In 2012 I got the Capital One Journey Rewards card for students with an initial CL of $300, which I made sure to use and pay off all balances immediately. Once I started working and earning a salary, I got a pre approval for the BOFA Cash Rewards Card with a CL of $2500, and CL on capital one was incerased to around $1500. I then got a Gap store card with CL of $700 or so right around the same time. I then got a preapproved offer from Discover a few months later, and decided to apply as the interest rate and intro offer was very attractive, got approved with CL of almost $3500. It is still to date the lowest interest rate credit card in my possession. 

Discover seems to vigilantly monitor your overall creditworthiness over time. I ended up learning the hard way that credit is a privilege and not a right, as had an overspending former spouse as an authorized user on several of my credit accounts, and following my divorce ended up burning through savings and having to run into very high utilization to cover expenses associated with starting a new life solo. Discover immediately yanked my CL down to within only a few hundred dollars above my $2000 or so balance when they saw what was happening. BUT, Discover is fair. Flash forward two years later after me doing some serious work at reducing my debts and increasing my income to now over 6 figures a year, Discover gave me a $6400 CL.

I hate to carry balances on any of my cards anymore, but if I absolutely must do so, I'd pick this card if I needed a few extra months to improve my cash flow. 

Also, I have NEVER had any fraudulent activity register on this card in the now almost 4 years that I've had it. All in all, it's a very good card to have. 

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Aug 19, 2017
Sadarr1985 Cardholder

  I Received My New Discover It Card Today On 08/19/2017.  I Put Up $200.0 Of My Own Money To Be A Card Member,  I Normally Don't Like Do That But!  I Read Alot Of Great Reviews About This Card, Plus I Need To Improve My Credit Report, And Increase My Credit Score.

  And So Even Thou I Have Other Cards With Higher Credit Limit's I Am Going To Use This Card For Small Purchases, Such As Gas, Or Maybe Redbox.  

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Aug 12, 2017
Good credit card to build your credit.
Anonymous Cardholder

I started off with $1,000 in May 2016 now in August 2017 my CL is $3,000. They have great customer service 24/7 & 7 days a week.  Ill be calling at 3am to make payments😂. They sometimes call you when you are charging huge amount to your card to make sure it's really you. And also when you miss a payments. Ive miss couple payments and it still says 100% on time payments.

The only thing I don't like is the huge amount of interest they charge me a month. Which is $22 I have another card with Capital One their interest rate for me is $9. 

Overall they are good. They always try to increase you CL even though you are paying the amount off.

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Aug 05, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I had the Discover it card since February 2014. My credit was excellent and I never missed a payment on anything ever. But guess what? I looked on my fico credit score and it dropped dramatically to the 600 range due to a "serious delinquency". I tried contacting discover after I pulled up all of my credit reports to see what was causing the issue. Discover reported the delinquency on my card when I never missed a payment. The customer service is terrible. They say they can't do anything about it so now I'm stuck filing ANOTHER dispute. It was fixed the 1st time in 2014. They did it again recently a month ago 2017. My advice is don't take the risk of getting a credit card with them if you care about your credit. Go with Chase freedom. 

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Aug 14, 2017

Come on. Monitor your credit reports and this would NEVER happen. How can you let a "serious delinquency" go by unnoticed??

Aug 19, 2017

With Every Card You Have High Risk, Of Things Going Off Reservation! It Goes With Having And Wanting A Card. I My Self, I Have A Delinquency On One Of My Credit Cards. So I Sent In A Good Will Letter, And Ask If They Would Remove It. So Far UNKNOWN! But As I Stated, With Having A Credit Card, You Have High Risk! And If You Do Not Want The Risk! Then DON'T APPLY! FOR THE CARDS!

Jul 22, 2017
One of the best!
DogLover95 Cardholder

I have no complaints about Discover whatsoever! I was approved with a $4,500 CL after about 2 years of working on building credit as I'm only 21. After 4 months or so, they increased my CL to $6,300 even with a remaining balance on the card. I currently have 2 other credit cards that I have had longer than this one and the only way I've gotten a CL increase is if I requested it. Thanks, Discover! Definitely makes me feel valued!

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Jul 21, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

It's Protection against Fraud transations is a lie

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Aug 19, 2017

If It Cost Then Drop It! If It Doesn't Cost You! Then Just Go With It! And Except It! What? More Can You Do?

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