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Jan 25, 2013
So Far So Good
sisler Cardholder

I applied for this card on Tuesday. I was instantly approved with a CL of $1200.00. I received the card yesterday via FedEx. 

The card comes with quite a few disclosure documents. I noticed in the disclosures that they evaluated my credit worhiness based on a TU score of 656, which is old. My current score is 716. Since they pulled my latest score on Tuesday, I'm surprised that the score they report using is not up-to-date. If anyone can shed some light on that, please do!

Aside from that, I'm pretty excited about having a Discover card. The ratings from other customers seem good. I'm a bit nervous about the variable interest rate which is based on the primte rate (which is currently at historical lows). But I don't plan on carrying a balance.

Lastly, I just want to say that CreditKarma is a really good service. Since becoming a member, I've increased my score by quite a bit and I'm more aware of how different parameters affect my score.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 17, 2015
Only creditor to ever cut my limit
gxa0128 Cardholder

So I have had my Discover IT card for over a year 3k limit. I just got an e-mail from them tonight stating that they cut my limit too 1000, that I am now over my limit by 500. Called them to find out why they cut my limit. Was told I had too many new inquiries and recently opened too many accounts. Looking at my Credit Karma report from Monday, it shows that I have 2 new inquires from buying my car and a new auto loan. I just don't feeling like that was enough reason for Discover to cut my balance in half, I also think that cutting my balance and putting me over my limit and demanding payment a week before Christmas is kind of sketchy. I will be closing this card at the end of the month in favor of my AmEx Blue Cash the rewards aren't as good but AmEx is way better of a company. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 18, 2017
Easy credit limits
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied with a score of 780. They offered me a 35k credit limit!! Rewards are great. No interest for 14 months

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Apr 15, 2017
Amazing card to help rebuild you credit.
junderwood4 Cardholder

This card has helped me out tremendously. I started with a credit score in the mid 500's. With the help of this card and getting some old collections off my account I've gotten to a score of mid to upper 600's. After about 8 months I got an email stating I am gettingy deposit back and an increase of $1000. Definitely recommend this card to those trying to help their credit. Plus offering cash back and a bonus after 1 year makes this card a no brainier.

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Apr 09, 2017
Some's Got It & Some Ain't! Got It!

The rotating 5% categories are great for earning cash back.  Some Quarters are better than others but that's life.  The App is the best of any credit card app.  It's easy to use and always fast.  I've never had the card turned down in the United States.  Foreign acceptance isn't quite as good but I've used my Discover Card successfully in Japan, Portugal, Israel, Spain, The United Kingdom, & Mexico.  I've also used it at ATM's outside the USA with no problems. 

Other cards notifications pale in comparison to Discover Card.  I get a text message before the groceries are bagged, before the server returns to the table to have me sign the slip and before Amazon has flashed confirmed on my screen.  If you want simple a simple to use card with an unfailingy polite and competent customer service staff, this should be your card. 

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Apr 09, 2017

I love their instant notification on the App too!

Apr 08, 2017
Beware- they stand bystander of business
Anonymous Cardholder

Discover Credit Card Company - they stand bystander by the business who doing the customers wrongdoings which they will screw you over double even if business screws you - Discover will put another middle finger in your *** too. If you google up Thrive Market and read their SiteJabber reviews. U will see it there as pretty obviously Thrive Market done a lot of people wrong. They did me wrong too, yet Discover force you pay for it regardless. No matter what edviences you have, they jsut scew u over. Beware.
I asked them to close my Discover it credit card account - they refuse to do so - Now I had to fight to get it closed - they knew I am an good loysal customer yet they wanted to keep me NOOOOO way JOSE! not what they had done to me. They lose me too an customer - stick with Capital One! They are the best! they stand by their customers first and always.

Discover sorry you pretty much deserves this review - Your coustomers comes FIRST not the businesses who doing them wrong...... You disgusting me Discover IT company.

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Apr 08, 2017
Love that Cash Back Program!
PlasticDad Cardholder

Thought they'd be no way till hell freezes over I'd get this card -- then it happed! After I applied online I received an email from Discover that they needed more info from me. To my surprise they wanted one and/or a combo of the following ID: Copy of Social Security Card or Passport, State ID or State Drivers License and a copy of a Utility Bill. So I complied and was approved for 1,400k CL based on my fair credit score rating. Hurray for the CB Match!

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Apr 07, 2017
CL of 2500 with CK scores EQ/TU 646
PrinceCorwin Cardholder

Just applied today and was approved for 2500. CK Scores EQ and TU are both 646. MyFico shows EX fico at 700

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Mar 31, 2017
Good card for fair credit
darosado1 Cardholder

Applied with score of 632. Instantly received a $2,000 limit with relatively low income. Interest will be 23.49% which is high but 5% rewards on rotating categories can add up rather quickly. Thank you Discover!

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Mar 31, 2017
Very bad customer service!
erayk Cardholder

I don't recommend this card to anyone! Everything is good until you have an issue. I have a bad experience with them. My money took twice because there was a problem with their system. I am still waiting my refund and whenever i call customer service i am getting different answer for my refund status. 

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Mar 21, 2017
BEST rewards system
Brooklyn95 Cardholder

I got this card a little less than a year ago with a credit score of about 600. I was approved instantly with a $500 credit limit.

The rotating cash back has been great for me as they had Amazon in the category for 6 months and I was able to earn almost $60 cashback from that alone! The first 6 months of the card is interest free as well, and the entire first year they DOUBLE your cash back. I'm the type of person who pays off a card right away so that's great for me since I'm not paying interest and essentially getting free money. If you're a student, you can earn an additional $20 a year for a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You can also buy gift cards with your cash back that have a higher value than you pay. For example, there are some that you pay $40 of your cashback for a $50 gift card. For cruiselines, you only pay half of the giftcard's value.If you use my referral link, we can both get $50 cashback as well!

 My only complaint is that in order to request a limit increase, you need to call them and have another hard inquiry pulled. Because of this, I have decided not to request an increase yet.

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Mar 20, 2017
BrittBrat95 Cardholder

I reviewed this card roughly 2 weeks ago and here is an update as the title says (: So I finally got the card in the mail after 2 long weeks. I was super excited. The black chrome card is very sleek and what not but not for me. Luckily they have 10 other designs to choose from after you open an account and I went with the Beachy looking one. It has palm trees and the ocean on it. Super cute. Anywho, since i've gotten this card i've only used it for gas and other smal purchases and as soon as they post (3 days later) I pay them off. I dont let it sit and continously add up. My credit score was 512 TU and 508 EQ before this card and my current auto loan. Now my score is at 570 TU and 567 EQ with both my Discover card and auto loan. I was so shocked to see my score jump like that. This card is awesome. Another great thing is that customer service is prompt and they SPEAK ENGLISH!!!! I love using the Live chat feature in the app instead of picking the phone up and actually conversing verbally. This card also has amazinggggg rewards and cash back options depending on where you shop. If you can't approved for anywhere else definetly try Discover. I honestly recommend to my friends and family to apply for Discover FIRST. No other secured cards have rewards programs like Discover. You usually have to have a "real" credit card for them but not with Discover. I will update again in roughly 7 months because they say they give back your deposit after 7 months of responsible use and on time payments. I also heard they give CL increases if you are responsible and etc during those 7 months. So, only time will tell on that but overall I am VERY HAPPY that they gave me a chance. (Sorry about any typos if there are any)

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Mar 26, 2017

Keep your utilization on that card UNDER 30% and pay off in full every month, or at least make double the minimum payment. Great job getting back in the horse! Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing your 7 month update!

Apr 24, 2017

Utilization isn't a factor with this card because they don't report the entire statement when they update to the credit bureaus, JUST the balance at the time (: so as long as I pay the balance down or pay it completely by then then I'm good! I also just requested an increase so now I'm at $500!

Apr 24, 2017

Oh & my score is now 593 TU & 591 EQ!!

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