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Nov 02 2017
Does its Job
Credit Karma Member

Does the Job of boosting credit. Earn cash back rewards. I use it to make a purchase, and pay the balance immediately after, on the online app. helps build my score, and rewards. Also, easy to get credit limit increased every 6 months of on time payments

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Nov 10 2019
Credit Karma should be ashamed!
Credit Karma Member

After reading all of the BAD REVIEWS from your members --from whom you earn your income-- how could you in good faith and ethically STILL OFFER this card to your members??? Is it because your thinking of your own wallet and putting your interests ahead of the members you are trying to help? Is your commission from every member you refer that gets this card, just so good that you're willing to offer a card where just about everyone states they are srcrewed over by Credit One? Come on, Credit Karma: show some integrity! Stop steering your customers who have faith in you towards this RIP OFF credit card, just so that you can make a big commission! Otherwise, we as members will learn not to trust you.

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Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

Applied becase credit karma said I had a good chance at getting it and thank god i didn't ! Looking at it right after i submitted my app it said I had no chance ?!!! What the hell is going on !!! I'm really unhappy with credit karma period!!!

Mar 16 2020
This card just take your money
Credit Karma Member

Don't get this card they will tell you the for courtesy Every time and don't do nothing

Mar 15 2020
Stay away
Credit Karma Member

I had a credit card with these people. I used it one time to pay for some gas. $53 to fill my car. In the begining they plagured themselves by saying they where afilliated with Capital One in which was a lie. Well after the purchase of $53 they tols me I owed them. $285. $252 was their activation an introductery fee. And when you get them on the phone you get nowhere because the company is based in India and they can not speek one word of good english.

Mar 12 2020
Worst card I've ever had!
Credit Karma Member

They charge an annual fee on top of the 27% interest, which they bill you for monthly, so you have to make massive payments to get your balance down. I got this card to build my credit back after bankruptcy. While I'm thankful for that, Credit One took advantage as much as they could. The final straw was when they declined transactions on me during my trip last year when I had a third of my credit limit available. I vowed to never use the card again and pay it off. Took me 8 months but I just made my final payment and my balance is zero. They should treat their customers better if they want to keep them.. Think twice about filing bankruptcy people because 5 years later my credit score is almost back where it was but the lowest interest cards I can apply for are still 25% interest when I was used to rates ranging from 8-12%.

Mar 10 2020
If you want to mess your credit apply
Credit Karma Member

From the reviews credit karma should not be showing me this if there trying to help . Im gonna go find somewhere else . Don't you guys read the reviews or take feedback . I always go off people reviews . This card seems like a bad idea so try to help and not get me In regrets and debts . No Thank you

Feb 15 2020
Financial sodomy
Credit Karma Member

Terrible experience. They are deceitful. Customer service from philllipne mouthy women that have poor English speaking skills and zero ability to mitigate and solve customers issues. . Dreadful.

Feb 14 2020
The worst card known to man!
Credit Karma Member

The payment clears through your bank and you don't get available credit for up to 5 days load of bs. Cannot view statements on app. Went to web page to enter code and got locked out for 24 hours. Customer service has no knowledge of how to handle any situations. The jobs are outsourced to Philippines. Overall horrible customer service and nothing ever is resolved. They lie, told me the code I entered online was timed out after 10 minutes. When I literally entered the code within 2 minutes. 1ST TRY JUST TO VIEW STATEMENTS AND GO PAPERLESS TO RESUCE CLUTTER AND BE KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT. WORST CREDIT CARD EVER!!!!

Feb 08 2020
Excellent credit card
Credit Karma Member

Yes excellent credit card if you like bending over and grabing your ankles.

Feb 08 2020
Honesty,telling the truth no,no,no
Credit Karma Member

Destroying your credit is the company motto. Wrighting you off at their whim after paying perfect with no warning. This Credit One company is a great credit and family destroyer.

Dec 13 2019
Why Support Such A Terrible Card
Credit Karma Member

I want to know why credit karma support such a terrible card when they teach about credit decisions which should tell you they are In it for the money instead of looking out for us. Credit karma always send me these **** things I get turned down for. Credit karma dont give a **** believe me.

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NASCAR® Credit Card from Credit One Bank®

NASCAR® Credit Card from Credit One Bank®

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