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Continental Finance Cerulean Hybrid Card

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Card Closed $0 bal - Sent to Collections Helpful to 124 out of 126 people

I had this credit card to re-build my credit. Paid it always on time for over 6 years. I finally decided to pay it off and go with another card that offerred my no annual fee or monthly fees. Last September I made my last and final payment of $80.00 and I closed the account with a $0.00 balance. Now it's February 2013 I pulled a credit report and it shows a balance of $329 on my closed credit card. I immediately called customer service and they told me that I owed them $329.00 and it was charged off and sent to a collection agency. I argued with them repeatedly and told them I paid the account off and closed it last year. They were extremely rude and gave me the corporate fax number and said I had to fax them proof I made my final payment to them. Strangely on my credit report it shows I just owe the balance and that the account is current. Yet I logged into their website pulled all the transaction histories and it shows a $0.00 balance for October thru December 2012. If the account was still open I would have been billed their $50.00 annual fee and $10.00 monthly maintenance fee. I am really frustrated while I sit here and stir and wait for them to contact me. I have no other choice but to wait and PRAY they resolve this. The represenative at customer service would not even give me any information on the collection agency they supposedly sent this charged off debt they claimed I owed. I would like to sue this bank for fraud. I am trying to find any action I can take against them if it ends up being reported as a collection on my reports. I never once received one phone call of any balance, past due owed, a collection letter from any agency in the 5 months since I closed the account. If anyone has any advice on what I can do to take legal action please reply to my review. Never get a credit card from this fee harvesting bank. There will be no way to contact them if you have an issue with wrongfully being billed on a debt you don't owe accept sending a fax. The BBB has over 99 complaints filed to date. 

psychicmike's review was:    

  Feb 13, 2013 Reply

psychicmike(27, 248)

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Review by psychicmike

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Helpful to 9 out of 10 people

You can get that off of your credit report by opening a dispute with each of the three credit agencies. The creditor/agency  will have 30 day to prove you owe. If you have all the proof you stated they won't be able to do that. If any collection agency did report that false info then  it gets removed day one after the 30 days.

biggchief6869's reply was:    

  Feb 14, 2013

biggchief6869(1, 9)

Review by biggchief6869

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

hi, i read your review and i don't know how much help this will be. my sister had an issue with her credit report and there is apparently an option to dispute it with that credit agency. upon contacting them they asked for all proof she had against the dispute be sent to them and that an investigation would be done. her investigation is still under way so i can't tell you how helpful it is. hope your able to get it straightened out!!!

kroegardner's reply was:    

  Mar 07, 2013

kroegardner(1, 4)

Review by kroegardner

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Any update on what hapened with the situation? Wonering if I should apply.

katrock5700's reply was:    

  Apr 24, 2013

katrock5700(1, 0)

Review by katrock5700

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**UPDATE***  This issue has been resolved!  I filed a consumer complaint on - The next day I got a phone call from the Assitant Vice President of Continental Finance. She apologized to me for my stress and for their error.  My account had never been sent to collections. I did not owe the balance that they said I did. She immediately updated all 3 credit reporting agencies and followed up with faxing me proof it was taken care of. I was completely shocked when I was contacted so quickly. They take these reports seriously and have alerts set up to notify them of complaints. 

psychicmike's reply was:    

  Apr 18, 2013

psychicmike(27, 248)

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Review by psychicmike

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It might be a wise thing to contact your congressman and obtain a copy of the Fair Debt Collection Act as well as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (these might take a bit of reading, but always helps to be educated on things like this.)

ninja660's reply was:    

  Apr 17, 2013

ninja660(1, 0)

Review by ninja660

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you need to submit in writing that the account has been paid in full including your proof of payments and balance info showing from the credit card website to all three credit bureaus. when you write them, tell them to update your account as paid in full. it will initiate a DISPUTE where the credit bureaus will contact the company hopefully to help get it straight. 

hopefully that helps. 

a. Davis 

adavis0204's reply was:    

  Apr 14, 2013

adavis0204(1, 0)

Review by adavis0204

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Last choice card for desperate credit Helpful to 79 out of 81 people

This card is just a rip off. Capital one is way better than this company. I applied for this card, was approved right away for a $300 limit everyone gets the same limit but you must have some good payment history or you'll get the secured version. I called to activate it and they would not stop hounding me about paying that $75 annual fee. It is rediculus the way they kept basically going on and on about paying that fee when I didn't even have a statement yet... Well I was stupid and I paid the fee after they waived that $11 fee. But I called within the first month and closed it out and it took them forever to refund my $75. It never even showed up on my credit report as closed or anything I wonder do they even report to the bureaus? Maybe you have to have their card longer but it should still be reported as closed.. There are better options out there available for rebuilding credit.

mikey4833's review was:    

  Feb 21, 2013 Reply

mikey4833(6, 90)

Review by mikey4833

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Don't get if you plan on using it a lot! Helpful to 21 out of 22 people

Besides the annual $75 fee, they take forever to post a payment to your available credit. I was told that online payments take 7 days to post.  I also was told the only way to get sameday posting to your credit is to pay by phone with a debit card. By the way that costs you $11 to do.  So your card is only available 3 weeks of the month if you pay it any other way than by phone with a debit card. Which I can see being an issue for those needing this card for emergency use.

Bucknuts2012's review was:    

  Jan 12, 2013 Reply

Bucknuts2012(2, 22)

Review by Bucknuts2012

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I don't suggest you apply... Helpful to 15 out of 16 people

I read an interesting review here and it changed my mind about the card. It's pretty expensive to maintain AND it seems like you only get a $300 limit. Good luck!

nishanti13's review was:    

  Jan 10, 2013 Reply

nishanti13(1, 15)

Review by nishanti13

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The worst credit card company out there. Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I have had this card for six years. I have always paid my bill before the due date. I have never once missed a payment. I have had available credit on this card just "disappear." In the six years I have had the card by credit has approved so much that I have credit cards with reputable companies. The last one I got was a Barclaycard with a 1700.00 limit.

In the six years I have had this card never once has my credit limit been raised. In the last three months I have charged nothing on this card and yet after making a payment I never have available credit. They charge 18.00 a month as an account matinence fee and a finance charge of 8.97. My payment is 35.00 a month. I have no idea where the rest of my money is going.  These people are dishonest thiefs. My best advise is DO NOT do business with them!!

cathie222's review was:    

  Feb 05, 2014 Reply

cathie222(1, 1)

Review by cathie222

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Waste of time read the "fine print" Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

As soo as I got the card they started calling me before my bill was due. I hadn't even activated it. Ok I go to use it and make a payment on the phone, its all good ti they tell you at the end, there's a $10 Western Union fee! So I tell no thanks and pay it online. The next day, the payent clears my bank. One week later I check my available balance and Credit Availale. Zero balance, $300 limit. I go to Target to shop, card won't go through. I call and they say there is a 8-10 hold for on-line paymens. I told them the transaction # and it cleared a week ago. THEY DON'T CARE! I was told to read the fine print in contract regarding on line payments.They suck

Sep 06, 2013 Reply
Does this even report to the bureaus? Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I applied for this card, got a $300 line of unsecured credit. Yay! Annual fee is annoying, but whatever, I have horrible credit. I charged a pizza to the card, bringing my balance to just under $100, and paid it off as of a few days ago. I don't plan on using this card though. My issue is that I've gotten three new cards all around the same time, and this card is NOT reporting to the bureau, credit karma can't even link it. I don't want to close it or I will be out the annual fee, but do I want to keep using a card that isn't even showing up on my report?

leeznay's review was:    

  Jul 11, 2013 Reply

leeznay(2, 2)

Review by leeznay

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I takes them months for them to report to the bureaus.  Usually 2 - 3 months after you've already setup the account.  I think that they don't initially report the account to the bureaus since a lot of people cancel the account right after they get it setup.  Their website is a joke.  It takes 8 days for your payment to post.  Just like First Premier, they kill you with fees.  They never give you a credit limit increases.  Horrible card.... though I'd like to cancel before the next annual fee, I know that might lower my score as well.... They were just acquired as well by Mid America Bank & Trust.  

hulkamaniac69's reply was:    

  Nov 10, 2013

hulkamaniac69(32, 127)

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Review by hulkamaniac69

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Great card to build credit! Helpful to 42 out of 68 people

Yes when you activate the card they ask you to make a payment of at least $35 to cover the first months payment and to free up your available credit however this is a courtesy! They want to help you establish positive payment history immediately, free up avail credit and already have your first month payment taken care of. It can't do anything but help. If you may payments over the phone they post quicker to your avail credit limit than online payments do. I believe this is a great company to build credit with and have received excellent service thus far.

patrick3002's review was:    

  Dec 07, 2012 Reply

patrick3002(2, 42)

Review by patrick3002

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Helpful to 18 out of 19 people

ok this person work for this place, and on top of that making a payment over the phone cost you $11 ok look at that over a year $132 of our hard earned money. just take a match and burn it because that what your doing just to beable to fully use this card!

Talbott80's reply was:    

  Jan 24, 2013

Talbott80(1, 18)

Review by Talbott80

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Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

How long have you had this card?

Dionne616's reply was:    

  Dec 27, 2012

Dionne616(6, 19)

Review by Dionne616

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Sorry but you seem like someone who works for the company just to save face . That's just my opinion.

vegasryan's reply was:    

  Apr 23, 2013

vegasryan(1, 0)

Review by vegasryan

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Waste of time.

This card has not reported to the big 3 credit bureaus and I have had it for two months.  I paid $75 for the annual fee and was planning to only keep it open for the first year where there are no other fees, but why bother keeping it?  Nobody else knows if I am using it and making payments on time because it isn't being reported monthly by them.  Should've kept my $75, would've bought a lot of

jeffschandler's review was:    

  Aug 03, 2013 Reply

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Review by jeffschandler

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