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Nov 20, 2016
No mercy on interest charges
hickr094 Cardholder

Customer service horrible. We had this card for a long time and always paid on time. Our son paid one day late and they charged over $8 in fees. Closed account immediately since no waiving of fees which other companies did. I hope they didn't get a government bailout!!

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Sep 03, 2016
Charged late fees+int charges twice
Anonymous Cardholder

after having problems with my mail. Advised Citibank of myriad number steps taken to correct mail delivery at local and national levels. They did not care. Said I was an 11 year customer and that I should know when my due date was. After second late fee, I paid bill in full once I learned that it was overdue; set up email alerts to get notice when my statement was ready; and set up text alerts to get notice when statement was ready and/or when statement was overdue. Advised Citibank of this, but their response was that they had made a business decision not to waive late fees and that they would not waive late for me no matter the reason. They were not sympathetic at all. Done, cut and dry, over.

Realistically, the fees and interest charges should have been paid by the USPS since they did not deliver my credit card statements on two occasions. Actually, I had a total of seven credit card statements that were not delivered to me as well as a homeowner's insurance bill (which resulted in my homeowner's insurance being cancelled). All of the other companies were understanding and easy to work with: once the bill was paid and the situation was explained, they waived the late fees/interest charges. BUT CITIBANK DID NOT. Horrible company to deal with. I advise against getting this card or using a Citibank credit card. Period! They will rip you off and not work with you no matter the circumstances.

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