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Sep 25, 2018
Highest SL, lowest APR in my wallet
Quaker0ats Cardholder

Applied at 660 TU 651 EQ and 15 inquiries and exactly 1 year of history, 2 secured cards and 1 sub-prime card (Surge), and federal student loans. At my one year aniversary of credit history I suddenly had several 'good' approval odds on CK. Applied and was approved for Capital One Platinum $1k, applied for Chase Freedom Unlimited- denied, applied for Citi Thankyou Preferred- got the '7-10 days', applied Delta Gold Skymiles American Express- approved $1k. Waited 7 days, still no response from Citi. I called and spoke to a very nice and knowledgable man, named Daniel. He said the reason I hadn't gotten a response was that there had been a 'hiccup' in the system. I'm guessing it's because I had to choose the 'other' option because my college wasn't listed, but I never asked. He put me on hold while he 'straightened things out', periodically picking up and letting me know he was still there, still working on it. Anyone who's ever been on hold with a bank will know how comforting that is. It took probably about ten minutes, then he picked up and said "I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on being approved for the Citi Thankyou Prefered credit card with a $2,500 credit line". I was ECSTATIC, I was really just hoping to be approved for like $500. I had applied for several student cards like Capital One Journey and Discover student, and was denied over and over. I had started trying to get credit when I had recently turned 18, and obviously didn't understand how inquiries would affect my score. Hence, not being able to get a decent unsecured card until a year later. Will update in a few months. 

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Feb 25, 2019

3 months later I was give an increase to $3,500

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