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Helpful to 128 out of 135 people

 Got approved for a $300 limit....which is just fine...have made on time payments for 3 months and my credit score has gone up 10 points.  YEAHHH!!  On my way to owning my own home!!! 

nicci65's review was:    

  Jun 26, 2012 Reply

nicci65(3, 141)

Review by nicci65

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Helpful to 31 out of 31 people

got approved with a 505 score for 300 and a 200 increase after 5 on time on my way!!! 

phineant's review was:    

  Jun 26, 2012 Reply

phineant(2, 33)

Review by phineant

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Helpful to 7 out of 8 people

That's so great...kepp up the great job!!! 

nicci65's reply was:    

  Jun 26, 2012

nicci65(3, 141)

Review by nicci65

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Helpful to 82 out of 88 people

OK, so here's the deal (and I sincerely hope this info is helpful to others): I filed for bankruptcy a tad over 2 years ago (May 2010) because I obvioulsy had accumulated way too much credit card debt and just could not keep up with my payments due to my less-than-desirable income and other employment circumstances.  Since my bankruptcy was finalized and being with the same employer for almost 3 years, I made **** sure I didn't incur any new debts of any kind and also made **** sure I continued to make payments on my car loan and 2 student loans (these were my only debts otherwise). My CK score is currently 688. I decided to wait 2 years after my bankruptcy to begin the process of rebuilding my credit and am glad I found the CK website -- the resources here I thought are quite helpful.  After looking at the different credit card options for people who have a credit history/problem like me, I decided to apply for this CapitalOne card.  I make only about 30K/yr and still have about 23K in debts (the aforementioned car and student loans), so I was concerned that I would not get approved.  To my pleasant surprise, I was APPROVED with an initial credit line of $2000!  I feel that this will give me an awesome chance to begin improving my credit score, etc.  The reason why I gave this card an initial 3-star rating is because I want to wait and see how good and adventageous this particular credit card really is for people like myself before I give it a more accurate rating.  It might stay 3 stars, or it might go up or down depending on my experience with using it.  Stay tuned!!!

meehokie98's review was:    

  Jul 23, 2012 Reply

meehokie98(1, 82)

Review by meehokie98

1 Contributions 82 People Helped

Helpful to 3 out of 7 people

I had a co-worker refer me to this website to check my credit score, and I had did the same thing, file bankruptcy. I didn't wait two years after my bankruptcy has been discharge. I wanted to know what my fcredit limit will be if I decide to apply for the same card. You have giving me the courage to apply for this card, because you provide a lot of helpful information, except I don't have a car loan. I just have a student loan, and I don't have to pay right now because I am still in school, but I pay on a little at a time, now. 

NaeNae64's reply was:    

  Aug 10, 2013

NaeNae64(2, 4)

Review by NaeNae64

2 Contributions 4 People Helped

Helpful to 27 out of 28 people

I must give Cap One some props. They offered me credit to help build my credit score. I went from the low-mid-500's to just above a 600 since december of last year ... they automatically increased my balanace when i hit a certain number of on time payments....and just yesterday they approved me for a credit card for my business.... now I am building great credit for my business too.     Use credit wisely !

beeezo's review was:    

  Aug 28, 2012 Reply

beeezo(1, 27)

Review by beeezo

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Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

you mentioned you were building credit for your small biz too. I currently under a llc along with my father and was wondering where the biz credit reports to? just curious.

Prov1220's reply was:    

  Apr 25, 2013

Prov1220(3, 3)

Review by Prov1220

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Helpful to 40 out of 43 people

To the poster crying about late fees.  There is one sure fire way of not dealing with this.  Pay Your Bills On Time!  It's not that hard, if you are unable to do this, then do not apply for credit.  Very simple concept.  I always pay my credit cards multiple times each month and never report but a small balance, then I pay in full as soon as the statement cuts.  I've never had any late fees and my credit scores continue to increase.  It takes good practices to get good scores.  This capital one card has been extremely helpful in helping me rebuild, but remember, this card is only a rebuilder card.  It will not grow with you, but it will get you to a point where you can apply for better cards with higher limits in the future.

BrokaToe's review was:    

  Jun 19, 2012 Reply

BrokaToe(1, 40)

Review by BrokaToe

1 Contributions 40 People Helped

Good Card to Start with Helpful to 21 out of 22 people

Applied and had a high 500 score.  Don't know exactly what it was thought.  CK showed it at 542.  It is now 562 as of date per CK.  Got an initial line of 500.00 with an increased scheduled to happen in 2 months.  Will keep you posted on that as well. 6/11/13

RGMaxx's review was:    

  Jun 11, 2013 Reply

RGMaxx(1, 21)

Review by RGMaxx

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Can you provide an update on what is going on with CK, it is now August 2013.

NaeNae64's reply was:    

  Aug 10, 2013

NaeNae64(2, 4)

Review by NaeNae64

2 Contributions 4 People Helped

Great Card, Interest A little High Helpful to 13 out of 13 people

This was my first credit card ever, I got it about 4 years ago through a offer in the mail. At the time, I had no credit. Not good, or bad, just none since I make a habit of only spending actual money that I have to avoid debt. 

Well, I got the card with a $250 limit out the gate, of course, that isnt much, but understandable for some one with no credit history, even though I have a long emplyment history.

After using the card for 2 months, paying before the bill was due each month, they raised my credit limit to $500, without my asking for the increase. Great!, well, I continued to use the card in small amounts as usual, and pay my bills ahead of the due date, six months more of this and again they raised my limit automatically to $750. 

SInce then, I have continued to use my card in small amounts, and pay ahead of the due date. They have not increased the limit again automatically since, this is my 3rd or 4th year with the card. I dont really need a increase, since I mainly got the card to build credit. I plan to ask for an increase in January, just to see if they will give it, and it will also make my overall credit profile look better with a larger credit availablity amount. 

I have not had any problems with the card at all, to date, I have earned about $100.00 in cash back, which I applied to my statement in the form of an account credit. Very smooth process, all online. 

Their customer serivice has been easy to deal with, the one time in the whole history that I disuputed a purchase, which was from a grocery store who did not actually deliver the goods ordered, was handled without issue and a refund was applied to my account for that purchase in under 3 days. Also, all electronic with zero hassles. 

The only thing I would say is not so desirable is their interest rate. Starting out, I can understand a higher rate, but customers that have a perfect history with them should be offered or transfered to a lower rate after a 2 years in my opinion. 

Overall, I like the card, and plan to keep using it since it is my oldest card, and they are very clear about all of their transactions. 

LadyElexia's review was:    

  Oct 10, 2013 Reply

LadyElexia(2, 14)

Review by LadyElexia

2 Contributions 14 People Helped

Helpful to 27 out of 29 people

Just a couple of months ago all Capital One would give me was a Secured card for a $99 dollar deposit with a $200 limit, well today I applied for an Unsecured card and was given a $500 credit limit! My CK score is 579... Thanks Capital One! I think it probably helped that I always pay my balances in full when I get paid. I get paid every other week so on my pay days I pay whatever my balance I have used no matter what the amount it is.

kmj88's review was:    

  Aug 27, 2012 Reply

kmj88(1, 27)

Review by kmj88

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Helpful to 12 out of 12 people

 I just applied for this card with a CK score of 551 and was approved with a 49$ deposit!!!

daladi00's review was:    

  Jun 13, 2012 Reply

daladi00(1, 12)

Review by daladi00

1 Contributions 12 People Helped

Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

i was just wondering if you have all of your debt paid off or do you have open accounts that still need to be paid? I'm asking not to be nosey, just cause i have 1 open account and i'm afraid that will ruin my chances for being approved....

DezsaSierra's reply was:    

  Jul 19, 2012

DezsaSierra(1, 3)

Review by DezsaSierra

1 Contributions 3 People Helped

Great!!! Helpful to 18 out of 19 people

Got approved for a $500 through cap one. Working on fixing credit. Thanks cradit karma. Website is full of great info and advice from other memebers!!

ozziebori's review was:    

  Apr 29, 2013 Reply

ozziebori(1, 18)

Review by ozziebori

1 Contributions 18 People Helped

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