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MTV® Visa® Card from Capital One®

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Dec 16, 2014
cons for this card
Anonymous Cardholder

I had this card and several others with capitol one . If you make the payments on time and keep low debt to income ration and balances they are good and giving increases. However its near impossible to get them to transition the card to a card with no annual fee. My girlfriend who has the worst credit in world was a authorized user on my account and they sent her a card with no anual fee when i asked they denied me and my credit was in the high 690s .. long story short i canceled all the cards

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May 29, 2014
Great card for rebuilding credit history
Anonymous Cardholder

This card is being transitioned to the Journey Student Reward card.

Long ago I had my struggles with credit and finances after coming out of school. I daresay lots of people deal with similar issues. That's no excuse, but it's a fact that helps me feel a little better about it.

Once I was able to get my finances in order, I was able to get a couple of low-limit store cards within a couple of years. This was the beginning of my credit rebuilding, but I badly needed an actual VISA or MasterCard. Mainly, you're not even allowed to rent a car without one. As a resident in a large metropolitan area, this could have been a really big issue for me.

This was the first real credit card I was approved for, and it enabled me to continue my path toward healing my credit wounds. The credit limit was extremely small, at $500, but I couldn't really be picky. Within about 6 months, they automatically bumped me to $750.

It's been about two years since then, and there have been no other increases. But in the time, I was approved for two other cards that now have credit limits that are much higher (one $2,000, the other $10,000). I was also able to secure a refinance loan to get a better APR on my student loans and leftover costs from an expensive move.

The one particular advantage to having the Capital One card is that they charge NO extra fees for international purchases, so it's like a free, automatic exchange when I travel. The limit though, I must admit, has been a hinderance on that front, but I'm not a big shopper, so it mostly works out.

So if you have good to excellent credit, I'm certain you would have no interest in this card whatsoever. But if you're in the process of getting back on your feet, then give this (or the Journey card, as I believe this card is being discontinued) a try. 

Fact is though, my credit is night and day from where it was, and getting that low limit Capital One card was a tremendous step along that path. Nearly 7 years ago, I had some serious delinquencies on my record. I paid them off eventually, but I felt as though those negative reports would haunt me forever. Now, I have a sizable amount of credit, and a credit score in the mid-700s across all agencies.

Thank you Capital One.

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Jan 05, 2014
Thank you

Thank you CapitalOne for helping me rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy and foreclosure, and even though I included 2 of CapitalOne credit cards in my bankruptcy. Four years later, my scores are in 700s and I'm about to close on a house. Thanks for the second chance.

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Jul 02, 2013
Capital One Rocks!
GeeLaw Cardholder

I'm grateful to Capital One for allowing me to rebuild my credit. I started off with a 500 limit about two years ago, then it increased to 750. Now I have 2500. I like this card! 

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Mar 21, 2013
No one beats Capitol One
geo2950 Cardholder

Capitol One has been fantastic for giving people a second chance on credit, There customer service is second to none and they offer a lot of perks like free card designs and awarding points for keeping your credit payments on time. I have to say you will be thrilled with Capitol One, I cant thank them enough.

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Oct 28, 2012
Anonymous Cardholder

I was approved for this card with a $500.00 credit limit. My BK chapter 7 with discharged 08/2011. I am very thankful capital one gave me another chance at rebuilding my credit. Hopefully this credt limit will grow over time. I'm very pleased that this card does not have an annual fee.

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Aug 31, 2012
lovealwaysbelieves Cardholder

I have to give Capital One 5 stars!!! I have not had a credit card in a little over 2 yrs. My Husband and I lost our house at that time and we have a bankrupsy on our credit report. Since then we have had nothing, no cards no nothing. This is the first time I have tried to apply for a card to try and start rebuilding our credit. My score was only 646, and I was approved for a $500 limit. Thank you so very much Capital One!!! I am now a great fan!!! 

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Aug 15, 2012
ilovecats91 Cardholder

I applied to this card before I received my first card and I did not get approved. After I built somewhat of a credit history, I applied again and was approved for this card with a $500 limit. I like using this card to pay for my text books because it's easy to return books. I never use cashback bonuses because I never use my card enough, so this card is perfect. I pay my bill in full every month, so I don't even worry about the APR. My credit limit has been increased to $750 and I've had it for about a year. 

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MTV® Visa® Card from Capital One®

14 Reviews
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