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Helpful to 583 out of 610 people

Pro:I had a credit score of 512 CK. I got approved for $500 and it has gone up to $1500 after one year. My credit score is now 630. Make sure you keep ure balance under 30% usage. i.e. my limit is $1500 so i keep my balance under $450. That is what's building my credit.

Con:Always pay on time b/c the fee is $40 and intrest kicks in after your first year.

foxsbaby23's review was:    

  Oct 07, 2010 Reply

foxsbaby23(1, 583)

Review by foxsbaby23

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Helpful to 348 out of 356 people

This was the first card I applied for and recieved after my credit had gotten jacked up.

Here's what I did.  I applied on a Sunday evening, online, and was immediately approved for a $300.  I called a few days later, after receiving the card and asked for a higher limit.  I was told to pay ontime for 6 months and I would automatically get an increase.  Fine.  It's been 7 months and I have recieved a $200 increase so now I have a $500 limit.  Their customer service is excellent and if your payment is slow to become available after making a payment online, if you call, they will promptly adjust this!

tip:  pay a week and a half before the due date, leave an overall 80% of your credit available. Thus means you are only using 20% of the total limit.  Your credit score will glue by leaps and bounds if you do this!

tip:  also, during the holidays are the absolute best time, in my experience, to dispute negative credit report items.  It seems like by default, the Credut Bureaus are usually late to respond to your disputes and therefore, have to automatically remove the negative items from your report.

if I was helpful, please give me your vote :). Thanks again!

ttnfrst's reply was:    

  Oct 25, 2013

ttnfrst(6, 386)

Review by ttnfrst

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Helpful to 7 out of 13 people

Your fee is 40$ a month?

RaelissaIsabella's reply was:    

  Jul 19, 2013

RaelissaIsabella(1, 7)

Review by RaelissaIsabella

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Helpful to 4 out of 8 people

Bad mistype ;) 

HomE ownership. (Tablet keyboard is small)

tomato13's reply was:    

  Jul 22, 2013

tomato13(6, 36)

Review by tomato13

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Helpful to 1 out of 3 people

how long did it take you to  build your credit from 512-630

kzachary's reply was:    

  Jan 29, 2014

kzachary(1, 1)

Review by kzachary

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Helpful to 3 out of 8 people

Here it is:

ttnfrst's reply was:    

  Oct 25, 2013

ttnfrst(6, 386)

Review by ttnfrst

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Just got approved Helpful to 39 out of 39 people

My credit score is 567 and I just got approved for a card with a 300 dollar limit. The interest rates are high, but I plan to keep the utilization between ten and twenty percent--it's solely to rebuild my credit. I thought I'd have to go with a secured card, so this makes me very happy!

Aug 17, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

Great work! Rebuilding credit takes time- I know, I have been working on mine since 2012!

deafdogowner's reply was:    

  Jan 14, 2014

deafdogowner(2, 10)

Review by deafdogowner

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Use the card for what its worth. Helpful to 73 out of 76 people

I have had two CapitalOne cards for two years plus, ($500 & $750) .  I used them to re-establish my credit and currently have a Discover ($3000) and Blue Sky American Express ($2000).  No late payments, CK 680, FICO 731, yet CapitalOne will not increase credit limit.  So my advice is to use them, but don 't plan on any great credit limit increase. 

rpm0903's review was:    

  Mar 11, 2013 Reply

rpm0903(1, 73)

Review by rpm0903

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Helpful to 78 out of 82 people

637 and DENIED and another hit on my report...thanks a lot.

sissa0930's review was:    

  Oct 28, 2011 Reply

sissa0930(1, 78)

Review by sissa0930

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Helpful to 5 out of 6 people

simply start with the secured!

Armyvet2004's reply was:    

  Nov 15, 2013

Armyvet2004(8, 9)

Review by Armyvet2004

8 Contributions 9 People Helped

Helpful to 7 out of 11 people

What was ur credit score im thinking of applying with a 656 but im affraid of a hit too 

stephanieprffitt's reply was:    

  Jul 19, 2013

stephanieprffitt(2, 7)

Review by stephanieprffitt

2 Contributions 7 People Helped

Great card! Helpful to 47 out of 49 people

Being only 19 I had been denied a Victoria's Secret card 3 times, a Wells Fargo student card, and a discover student card which made me feel like I'd never get approved for a credit card. I applied for this card and was approved instantly with a $500 credit limit. Being my first and only credit card I am very happy with it especially with the no interest for 9 months. I've had it for 2 months and have went from no credit to a ck score of 670.

cskipper12's review was:    

  Jul 08, 2013 Reply

cskipper12(1, 47)

Review by cskipper12

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Helpful to 0 out of 2 people

That is awesome!!! Keep it up! Sounds like you have the right idea, just NEVER let yourself go, even for a little while, thats when they get ya, but you sound way to smart for that...KEEP IT UP!

Armyvet2004's reply was:    

  Nov 15, 2013

Armyvet2004(8, 9)

Review by Armyvet2004

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Approved CK score 575, EQU 586 Helpful to 27 out of 28 people

I applied for this card in January of 2014

I always do my applications on the phone the application process was smooth and simple

they ask you very straight forward questions:

whats your anual income I stated 55k

do you have savings or checking I stated both

how much in both accounts combined i stated 7,500

how long have you lived at your residence i stated 3 years

how long have you been on your job i stated 3 years

tip: they like 3 or more years

they also like if you have 0 rent or mortgage

after all of that i was instantly approved for CL of $300!!?? I was ****ed but I guess when you have bad credit thats all you get. I was told to call back to request a CLI once I receive and activate my card, that was pointless because I was then told that my only option was to wait 6 moths for my automatic CLI of 250 Sigh... oh well I definitely have no plans to use this card. 3 weeks later before they had even reported anything to any of the credit bureaus my CK score had gone up to 586 I then applied for the quick silver card even though CK says I dont yet qualify. I was instantly approved for 500 :-/ another card I dont plan to use

in Febuary I got:

Citi bank secured card with a CL of 2,500

Bank of america secured card CL of 700

and a ft worth community CU secured card CL of 500

I really only use the citi card. Keeping it at 10-25%

All other cards 0-5%

as of 4/8/2014 my CK is 590 hopefully my scores go up to 715 sometime this year at which point i plan to apply for chase slate, citi simplicity and Discover

I also have a few things in collections from back in 2008 and 2009

i hope this review really helps you in your credit card aplication decissions I tried to include all of the information that I look for when reading reviews

Apr 08, 2014 Reply
Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Really good info!

If you read most of the reviews, or have experience with Cap 1, they tend to be generous to people with limited or bad credit history, but they tend to be tight with intial credit limits as well as increases. 

switchman70's reply was:    

  Apr 12, 2014

switchman70(128, 94)

Top Contributor

Review by switchman70

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Top Contributor

Meh Helpful to 57 out of 62 people

Not sure which of the three "Capital One Platinum"s to put this under, so I'm doing all three. Maybe they shouldn't subscribe to the Creative "SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Platinum Pro XtremeGamer HD X2 Gamer Edition Titanum XtremeMusic 7.1" naming system for their cards.

Applied years ago, first credit card, $500 limit.

Fast-forward six years and it's currently at.... $500. With a high interest rate and no rewards.  Apparently, at 23 years old I can be approved for a $31,000 car with no co-signer at 2.65% interest... but CapitalOne doesn't trust me for more than a half-grand.

Whatever, I kept using my Chase card that actually gave me rewards.

Big thing came when my wallet was stolen. I had to report my CapitalOne, Chase, and Citi cards.

Chase was simple. Card was deactivated, new one overnighted.

Citi was/is hell. Broken phone support, told to call back in a couple hours.

CapitalOne, much to my surprise, was pretty good -- I had a little difficulty understanding the CSR but he was very polite and I should have a new card in about 4 days.  Chase only came out ahead for the "overnighting my card so I can actually buy groceries".

So all in all, they don't trust you but their actual customer service is pretty good.

ahanix1989's review was:    

  Jan 27, 2013 Reply

ahanix1989(4, 100)

Review by ahanix1989

4 Contributions 100 People Helped

Helps kick start you. Helpful to 22 out of 23 people

I got this card one year before I got my ck score of 618. Lord knows what my score was then. I got a $300 limit which to me was awesome. I slowly started getting a limit increase and then got an offer for the rewards card through C1. My intention is to cancel this card once my mortgage is final. I hate paying fees for something I use to spend money. I'm thankful that this helped me build my credit and kick start me on a path to homo ownership.

tomato13's review was:    

  Jul 22, 2013 Reply

tomato13(6, 36)

Review by tomato13

6 Contributions 36 People Helped

Helpful to 17 out of 17 people

"homo ownership" - Nice. Also, don't cancel that card, keep it active. Cancelled cards hurt your credit score. 

sam5cott's reply was:    

  Nov 20, 2013

sam5cott(2, 18)

Review by sam5cott

2 Contributions 18 People Helped

Resisting to honor their mistakes Helpful to 34 out of 37 people

I called in August of 2012 for a balance transfer when they offered me 0% for 12 months.  I had them repeat the offer many times on the phone with me prior to it being 'final'.  Then the first bill came with an interest charge...I thought it was just the balance transfer fee, then the second bill came with a charge?!  I called and they told me that the balance transfer was applied to an offer for 4% interest!!! I explained to them that this was NOT what I agreed to and I challenged them to go back and listen to the voice recordings.  They stated they would and would call in 10 days.  Nobody called, I got another bill with another charge on it so I called again, "oh they still haven't reviewed it, I'll put in another request and will call in 10 days.  Again noone called, again another fee.  I call again and get the same story.  Today I called for the forth time and only then does he say its been denied be us that offer wasn't available at the time I had called???!!!!  I told them I will not pay for their mistake and to listen to the voice recording, if that is the case it was their mistake not mine.  They said I can of talk to the 'back office' and that Victor will call me back within 10 days.....that sounds familiar.

Mar 05, 2013 Reply
cap one card Helpful to 12 out of 12 people

I have had a cap one card for 2 years now, have never missed a payment with them, have always paid well over the min. payment and have only received one increase in 2 years, I started with 300 dollars and a year later they raised it to 500 dollars, my scores are good, I have good income, have even bought my truck with cap one and yes every month I pay one and one half payments on the truck, and yet no increase on my card go figure.

citisat's review was:    

  Mar 07, 2014 Reply

citisat(1, 12)

Review by citisat

1 Contributions 12 People Helped

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