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Jan 10, 2019
Pleasantly surprised
Chevyguy13 Cardholder

I appplied for this card back in May 2018. Ever since I found out about this card I wanted one because I love GM cars. So I decided to apply and at the time by credit score was 745 with only only two credit cards on my history. One with a $1000 limit and the other with a $750 limit. When I applied I never heard anything so I assumed I wasn’t approved. Then a couple weeks later I got an email saying my new card was on the way! I was like no way! I didn’t think I was approved. Even more surprising when I got it I found out I had a $5000 limit! Over all it’s a great card I use all the time! I also love that it is a world elite master card. Another interesting note is credit karma never showed a hard pull for this card. According to credit karma I only have one hard pull from my $750 limit card. I have had the card for little over six months I would think the hard pull would have showed up by now. With my experience I would recommend this card to everyone!

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Nov 05, 2018
dizzy4125 Cardholder

Waste of time. Rewards are pointless on a $500 CL.

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Jun 06, 2018
Biggest mistake
VanessaFG Cardholder

I owe this card for approximatelly a year and a month now my credit is currently at 675 and was recently approved for a $2800.00 Chase credit card, even though I have always made my payments on time and never carry a balance bigger than 20% percent monthly my credit has been $500.00 since the day I was approved, totally ridicoulous! I have tried asking for a credit line increase with no sucess so I just stopped trying to deal with their customer care center, all this card did was lower my credit score when I applied. Very disappointed.

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Apr 27, 2018
Nice card in theory, but cap1 ruins it.
jgummo79 Cardholder

This card is a crock. Long story short I have a CS of 675 after rebuilding for 2 years starting with a CS of 550. I have 3 cap1 cards, 2 with a zero balance (2800 & 1250 CL) and the Buypower with $70 ($750 CL). I also have an Amex, Discover and Citi Platinum. I wanted to consolidate one of the cap1 cards with the buypower so I requested a CLI for $1250. I was declined, letter states my payments have been too low and a CLI is not available on this account. I got the Buypower card with a $500 CL and was "rewarded" after the 5 months of ontime payments with only $250 more; Ive had it just over a year. After calling them to find out wth the deal is a month later, I get the runaround from the account supervisor saying she cant tell me why the payments are too low because she's not a credit specialist, blah blah blah! I would cancel all 3 cards if I werent worried about losing the available credit on my credit report because this company has made me steaming mad!!! High interest rates and excuses after excuses. Stay away from Cap1

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