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Jun 11 2015
One Very Happy Customer
Credit Karma Member

I have two Capital One credit cards. My first is a secured capital one credit card and the second was an Orchard Bank card that capital one purchased. My current Fico scores are 575, 584, and 576. I have been rebuilding my credit for the last few years and have finally been one top of all my payments for the past 15 months. Nothing late. Today I checked my mail to find a prequalification for the buy power Capital One credit Card, and after a brief tug o war with my myself decided to call and ask customer service what my chances of being approved were. She couldn't help with that, but suggested that I go ahead and apply. I did and was shocked to learn that I was Approved for $300.00 CL. I know that isn't much, but it is by far the most prestigious card in my wallet. I feel I have finally been approved for a real top tier credit card. Maybe my long relationship with Capital One has paid off. But I am certainly one happy customer and if I were not already, I would be a lifelong customer.

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Sep 12 2016
Waste of time
Credit Karma Member

I've never recieved a credit increase in over 2 years. I pay my bills on time and have a 730, 727 and 725 credit score. I have other Capital One credit card , both with $5000.00 limits. From my understanding the BuyPower card is not the same as other Capital One cards. Customer Service is a joke! I guess they figure if you only have a $300.00 credit limit you need them more than they need you (WRONG). I canceled it today! Don't waste your time with the BuyPower card you'll be frustrated!

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Nov 05 2019
No CLI's and VERY LIMITED rewards
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card about 4 years now. When approved, it was for a very low limit (in fact it's my lowest/worst limit card out of any card I own). The only CLI I ever received was with my initial offer after the first 5 on time payments, and you get an automatic CLI of $500. I've never gotten another since. So I rarely use the card. Which also prevents me from earning any "GM Vehicle" rewards, which I've come to discover over the years is VERY limited. Worst card in my wallet!

Sep 24 2019
$500 credit limit. Period. No more. Ever
Credit Karma Member

The rewards are very, very, minimal. Basically worthless. Can't utilize points with no spending power. That's why they won't increase your limit no matter how well you pay or for how long. It just takes up room in your wallet. It was susceptible to fraud a few times, inconveniently putting me on the phone, for numerous minutes at a time. Bad experience.

Aug 26 2019
Never gives a CLI
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card since late 2014 MAYBE early 2015, and was initially approved for a $500 credit line. I have always kept this account in good standing, always paid on time and yet I have never recieved a credit line increase on this card. I've inquired a couple of times (as I know some companies increase automatically and for some you need to request it) and have been told that these accounts do not offer credit line increases. Not sure if it's every GM Card or just something with MY account but I really wish they'd offer increases. Of all the years I've had the card I've only earned about $350 in rewards as it's difficult to earn rewards with only a $500 credit line..

Jan 10 2019
Pleasantly surprised
Credit Karma Member

I appplied for this card back in May 2018. Ever since I found out about this card I wanted one because I love GM cars. So I decided to apply and at the time by credit score was 745 with only only two credit cards on my history. One with a $1000 limit and the other with a $750 limit. When I applied I never heard anything so I assumed I wasn't approved. Then a couple weeks later I got an email saying my new card was on the way! I was like no way! I didn't think I was approved. Even more surprising when I got it I found out I had a $5000 limit! Over all it's a great card I use all the time! I also love that it is a world elite master card. Another interesting note is credit karma never showed a hard pull for this card. According to credit karma I only have one hard pull from my $750 limit card. I have had the card for little over six months I would think the hard pull would have showed up by now. With my experience I would recommend this card to everyone!

Nov 05 2018
Credit Karma Member

Waste of time. Rewards are pointless on a $500 CL.

Jun 06 2018
Biggest mistake
Credit Karma Member

I owe this card for approximatelly a year and a month now my credit is currently at 675 and was recently approved for a $2800.00 Chase credit card, even though I have always made my payments on time and never carry a balance bigger than 20% percent monthly my credit has been $500.00 since the day I was approved, totally ridicoulous! I have tried asking for a credit line increase with no sucess so I just stopped trying to deal with their customer care center, all this card did was lower my credit score when I applied. Very disappointed.

Apr 27 2018
Nice card in theory, but cap1 ruins it.
Credit Karma Member

This card is a crock. Long story short I have a CS of 675 after rebuilding for 2 years starting with a CS of 550. I have 3 cap1 cards, 2 with a zero balance (2800 & 1250 CL) and the Buypower with $70 ($750 CL). I also have an Amex, Discover and Citi Platinum. I wanted to consolidate one of the cap1 cards with the buypower so I requested a CLI for $1250. I was declined, letter states my payments have been too low and a CLI is not available on this account. I got the Buypower card with a $500 CL and was "rewarded" after the 5 months of ontime payments with only $250 more; Ive had it just over a year. After calling them to find out wth the deal is a month later, I get the runaround from the account supervisor saying she cant tell me why the payments are too low because she's not a credit specialist, blah blah blah! I would cancel all 3 cards if I werent worried about losing the available credit on my credit report because this company has made me steaming mad!!! High interest rates and excuses after excuses. Stay away from Cap1

Mar 21 2018
Credit Karma Member

Horrible. 3 years. Never late. Paid-in-full and carry balances. Never overlimit. Credit Scores 670+. Denied CLI over and over and over again with no valid reason other than the "type" of account is not eligible for CLI. Ok.

Mar 13 2018
Surprising result
Credit Karma Member

I just applied for this somewhat spur-of-the-moment. I do like GM cars, and the idea that any money I spend on this card goes toward one is great! Saving without even having to think about it! Anyway, I had actually just CLOSED my Quicksilver, and also had recently gotten a Barclaycard. My scores are somewhere around 730. After applying, I got the dreaded "pending further review" status. Naturally I assumed that meant no. I was blaming my recent hard inquiries. But I thought I would call the reconsideration line anyway. I was trying to decide whether I would even keep the card if I were somehow approved. I figured that, if I DID get approved, it would be the measly $300 or $500 limits that are apparently so common with this card. The customer service lady was very polite and easy to understand, and she asked me a few ID verification questions. Once I answered all of those, she told me I was approved for $5000! I was somewhere close to shocked. I always hear that Cap1, and the GM card in particular, is stingy with limits. They certainly had been with my QS. This still isn't my highest-limit card, but so much higher than I was expecting. Another interesting note: as of yet, I haven't received a hard inquiry. I have to assume that one will hit me eventually, but usually I get a credit alert immediately from various credit sites. Maybe the pending verification and the fact that I was already a Cap1 customer in the past helped me out here? I would love to think I won't get a hard pull at all, but we'll see, I guess!

Jan 03 2018
Only got this card to help with my credi
Credit Karma Member

I needed another credit card to keep on my credit profile. So I decided to get this card and I like it but there's not to much to it so I only use it alittle here and there. But I will be using the rewards when it's time for a new chevy.

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BuyPower Card from Capital One®

BuyPower Card from Capital One®

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