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Helpful to 368 out of 384 people

Applied online.  Denied.  Credit Score: 721.  Hard Inquires: 8.  I'm pretty sure more than a couple hard inquires will make you a lot more likely to be deined.  (Reporting very cushiony income, savings, checkings, and investment accounts didn't make a difference).

Additionally, Capital One will deny you from applying to ANY OTHER capital one card for 45 days after getting denied for one of their cards

yoshicsu's review was:    

  Aug 03, 2012 Reply

yoshicsu(1, 368)

Review by yoshicsu

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Helpful to 139 out of 144 people

This card was recommended to me through credit karma to consolidate my 2 other capital one cards and get rid of them. Capital One would have no part in it, even tho credit karma said I had a "very good" chance of being approved. Bully on them.

beach3's reply was:    

  Dec 11, 2013

beach3(1, 139)

Review by beach3

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Helpful to 225 out of 241 people

Most capital one cards are for people with bad credit or rebuilding credit.  They are helpful for people who need to build their credit, but they don't make as much money with people who can easily pay off their monthly balance, and they would rather have 10 customers with a $500 limit then 1 customer with a $5,000 limit so they can't offer what someone like you would actually appreciate.  Unless you go for one of the very few premiere cards they have, they will decline you every single time.

bluecamel20's reply was:    

  Jan 11, 2013

bluecamel20(30, 351)

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Review by bluecamel20

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Helpful to 85 out of 100 people

Yes that is true about the 45 days. That is beause you DO NOT want to apply for too much credit all at once. It looks risky. They are just hedging their self against you not making your first payment.

scin77's reply was:    

  Sep 29, 2012

scin77(300, 281)

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Review by scin77

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Helpful to 40 out of 52 people

I think home ownership has a lot to do with it. Not so much the score.

convwoody's reply was:    

  Sep 10, 2013

convwoody(6, 62)

Review by convwoody

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Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

for all the people stating high credit scores and complaining they were denied, Credit Karma can only base their recommendation on their score.  If you have lower scores with other credit reporting agencies, of course you will be denied if they pull from someone else.  Everyone does not report to all 3 bureaus, and you never know which will be pulled as some pull all 3, and some rotate.  It is stupid to blame Credit Karma for your inability to understand how credit works.

centless's reply was:    

  Apr 15, 2014

centless(3, 8)

Review by centless

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Helpful to 360 out of 377 people

Credit score of 765, I was looking for a balance transfer card.  Applied on line and told I qualified for $5000 with % transfer fee and 0 Apr on both transfers and purchases until 9/2013.  When I got the paper work, I had $5000 credit line with 0% APR on purchases until 9/2013 and 0% balance transfer fee but with an APR of 19.9 %.  Called them and they  would not change it.  Who would transfer a balance to 19.9 %?  I told them I felt it was bait and switch, and closed the card.  It's not "in my wallet".  I have never had a Capitol One card and it is unlikely that I ever will.

stancielou's review was:    

  Jun 27, 2012 Reply

stancielou(1, 360)

Review by stancielou

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Helpful to 100 out of 108 people

Sorry, but the 'Paperwork' that you recieved is the actual Contract, so technically there was no Breach.  I've seen other companies do the exact same thing.  What you did was exactly what they expect if you do not agree to the final terms.  You are not required to activate that card just because they sent it to you.  You can simply call the number and say "no, thank you"...  or "no, F*** you" as some here would more likely say.

jcmiller3000's reply was:    

  May 03, 2013

jcmiller3000(2, 102)

Review by jcmiller3000

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Helpful to 108 out of 120 people

Actually this is a contract violation. Sue them for breach of contract.

Snakeye505's reply was:    

  Feb 09, 2013

Snakeye505(1, 108)

Review by Snakeye505

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Helpful to 41 out of 45 people

Snakeye, how do you find an attorney to do this?  Most of the attorneys I have spoken with don't seem to want to be bothered.  I have a problem with one of the bureaus that refuses to correct problems on my report and no attorney seems interested.  Or they act like I don't know what I am talking about.

Ofaelan, The FTC and CFPB handle these complaints but they do little or nothing.  The CFPB is worthless.  I can't get an intelligent response from them.  Good luck.

rampman10's reply was:    

  May 15, 2013

rampman10(3, 50)

Review by rampman10

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Helpful to 20 out of 21 people

To all of those they say this a breach of contract blah blah blah blah... no it was not... the apr on the card is 19.9%.... nothing will change that.  When applying for the card they inform you of this... they gave you the window of 6 months at 0%.  That is totally seperate from the apr on the card.   Works the same way as taking X months same as cash special financing that you see deparment stores and such throw out there every once in a while to get business.  During those X amount of months you are acruing 19.9% interest charges, just not paying them.  At the end of that grace period of X months.  If there is still a balance carried... guess what... all that interest that accrued during the grace period... gets tacked on because you, as a card holder, breached the terms of the grace period, by still having a balance.   Any and all companies that offer grace periods or these little perks do the same thing.. not just capital one... if you want a truely 0% apr card... its called a debit card.

TLeopold2011's reply was:    

  Mar 17, 2014

TLeopold2011(1, 20)

Review by TLeopold2011

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Helpful to 82 out of 95 people

Isn't bait-and-switch illegal? You should alert the FTC, Jutice Dept., your state Attorney General, BBB, or somebody!

ofaelan's reply was:    

  Oct 16, 2012

ofaelan(4, 82)

Review by ofaelan

4 Contributions 82 People Helped

Helpful to 28 out of 37 people

Based on what you put in your comment, they gave you exactly what they said they were going to give you. 0% APR for a set time frame. You didn't like the terms for after that time frame, but that does not meet the definition of bait and switch.

pearannoyed's reply was:    

  Aug 19, 2013

pearannoyed(1, 28)

Review by pearannoyed

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Helpful to 17 out of 26 people

Better still, let us all LOCK them up in JAIL!

kujiyukiyumi's reply was:    

  Apr 28, 2013

kujiyukiyumi(3, 32)

Review by kujiyukiyumi

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Helpful to 15 out of 24 people

Yeah...HAUL them to court!

kujiyukiyumi's reply was:    

  Apr 28, 2013

kujiyukiyumi(3, 32)

Review by kujiyukiyumi

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Helpful to 280 out of 295 people

I must agree with some others on here! Be careful with CapOne. They are good for establishing credit it seems, because they typically will approve someone with only a subpar credit score but be careful! I used them to my benefit, built up my credit, slipped up on a like 1 or 2 payments by paying just a tad bit late and boom, the highest interest rate hike I've ever seen! I accept responsibility that ultimately its our individual faults as to whether or not we pay on time etc, however, I have had them on the phone multiple times when I shouldn't have, just to try to get a payment in on time! The reason I was late on my payments was because they don't have an easy auto payment setup process and their payment reminders are nothing short of a joke! Just be careful, use them, pay your balance, build your credit, pay off the balance, and bounce out to a better creditor, i.e. AMEX, Discover, or a Credit Union, this is what I've done and havn't looked back since :) good luck and hope this helped someone~

Waddy's review was:    

  Jul 07, 2010 Reply

Waddy(7, 317)

Review by Waddy

7 Contributions 317 People Helped

Helpful to 121 out of 123 people

i too had problems with cap one. i was 1 day late and they were "forgiving". they upped my rate big time. i have since gone to chase for the past 2 years at 7.99% and very happy.

deeker3456's reply was:    

  Jul 15, 2010

deeker3456(1, 121)

Review by deeker3456

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Helpful to 101 out of 106 people

Watch out because Chase has no problem raising your rate to almost 30% if you are late or go over limit...  :(

jburford's reply was:    

  Oct 11, 2010

jburford(1, 101)

Review by jburford

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Helpful to 26 out of 28 people

That why you always pay on line the day you get the bill. No delay, don't have the money then don't use the card because they will eat you up.

terryelkins1's reply was:    

  Sep 04, 2010

terryelkins1(2, 27)

Review by terryelkins1

2 Contributions 27 People Helped

Helpful to 13 out of 14 people

Thanks guys for this input.  I am going to hold off...  Life happens and if I miss a payment  it would be because something happened - I would rather not be kicked when I am down.

dwbuskirk's reply was:    

  Oct 07, 2013

dwbuskirk(1, 13)

Review by dwbuskirk

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Helpful to 11 out of 12 people

Than.ks for the info about auto payment set up, made up my mind not to use them

gowild's reply was:    

  Jan 23, 2013

gowild(1, 11)

Review by gowild

1 Contributions 11 People Helped

Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

Great advice! When you're facing high interest from another card and can USE them for the 0% apr months you are given, don't transfer so much! Transfer an amount you think you can pay in that time, and just a bit more, as the amount of the card will be greatly reduced in that time. Plus any cards you move from will probably be sending you balance transfer offers trying to get you back! Make it where you USE them, and the BOUNCE like he says!

rosie345's reply was:    

  Feb 05, 2014

rosie345(3, 10)

Review by rosie345

3 Contributions 10 People Helped

Helpful to 24 out of 30 people

Thats funny, had them for the last 10 years and making payments online or by phone is the easiest around.

Maybe you should concentrate on not being late at all!!!

I have made payments on line the day before they are due withno problems..

Martinho69's reply was:    

  Jul 16, 2012

Martinho69(29, 34)

Top Contributor

Review by Martinho69

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Top Contributor

Helpful to 5 out of 6 people

their auto payment process could not be easier. Go online enter the amount and then boom the next day its posted and the day after that your balance and available credit are adjusted accordingly. Maybe it is operator error on your part. And do not use the fact that you paid late and got jacked on the your bill on time.

jesserrichard's reply was:    

  Feb 14, 2014

jesserrichard(1, 5)

Review by jesserrichard

1 Contributions 5 People Helped

Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

waddy, apparently you do not have any understanding of how credit works, let me break it down for you.  Being late first of all is not a 'slip' and there is no such thing as a 'tad' late.  if you are late, and blaming the credit card company for not reminding you of your responsibility to pay, then you are a credit risk.  Reminders are a you also need a reminder to get up and go to work?  And if being late happened to you twice, apparently you did not learn anything the first time.  No one reminds me to pay  my mortgage or feed my children.

centless's reply was:    

  Apr 15, 2014

centless(3, 8)

Review by centless

3 Contributions 8 People Helped

Helpful to 10 out of 14 people

I have easy auto payment set up with them and never had a problem.  I have been late a couple time because one I forgot and two didn't have the money for the payment at the time.

mdavis717's reply was:    

  Apr 28, 2012

mdavis717(1, 10)

Review by mdavis717

1 Contributions 10 People Helped

Helpful to 11 out of 16 people

That is now the only thing that I think is good about Capone, you can easily pay them.  You can set up automatic payments for the minimum or full amount, you can pay them the same day, you can set payments in advance, oh yeah you can pay them.  The government has regulations about how you can pay them and when they must post it to your account.  They follow the rules which do exist.!  If there is no rule however... .. ..   .    .

bernhardtra's reply was:    

  Oct 26, 2012

bernhardtra(98, 388)

Top Contributor

Review by bernhardtra

98 Contributions 388 People Helped

Top Contributor

Helpful to 2 out of 5 people

a tad too late? slipped up?  missing a payment?  and it is hard to make a payment?  are you seriously trying to act like you are the victim? if you can't mail a payment, or MAKE your payments, you are irrisponsible and a bad risk. and if you need 'reminders' you shouldn't have credit. are you 4 years old? grow up and pay your bills and stop blaming everyone else when you don't.

centless's reply was:    

  Mar 19, 2014

centless(3, 8)

Review by centless

3 Contributions 8 People Helped

Credit limit poor Helpful to 232 out of 245 people

Applied with a credit score of 640 for a $500 limit 18 months ago.  Now that my score has been increased to 743 my limit is only $750.  I have no negative marks on my credit, 100% ontime payments and less than 10% of open credit utilized.  However, CapitalOne will not raise my credit line.  Chase gave me a $2500 limit, US bank gave me $3000 and GE Cap gave me $4000.  Thanks for nothing Capital One.  Will not use that card anymore, don't need it anymore.

rmldaytona's review was:    

  Jan 04, 2013 Reply

rmldaytona(2, 233)

Review by rmldaytona

2 Contributions 233 People Helped

Helpful to 118 out of 123 people

Not only are they snots about raising credit limits, they are horrible when it comes to adjusting your interest rate!  I have been a customer of theirs for a decade.  Some time back they did an across-the-board rate hike.  Mine went from 8% to 23%.  When I call now and ask them if there's something better, the answer is always "Not at the moment, but we review accounts on a regular basis."

echelonokie's reply was:    

  Jun 18, 2013

echelonokie(2, 118)

Review by echelonokie

2 Contributions 118 People Helped

Helpful to 99 out of 103 people

I used Capital One several years ago. NOT PLEASED! They charged a $49 yearly fee and 18% APR. I went trough my credit union at 8.9%. Never again will I do business with them. There are much better places to deal with just shop around. They like to ripoff the uneducated:)

boaalan's reply was:    

  Jul 16, 2013

boaalan(1, 99)

Review by boaalan

1 Contributions 99 People Helped

Helpful to 60 out of 63 people

I too have about the same score as you and same card. They also kept my limit at 750. I have had that card for almost 8 years and always spent the limit and paid it off repeatedly. Just a few months ago I paid it off and didnt use it anymore and suddenly they raised my limit to 2,250. I think they were worried I was going to cancel it.

lrtas's reply was:    

  Aug 06, 2013

lrtas(1, 60)

Review by lrtas

1 Contributions 60 People Helped

Helpful to 28 out of 33 people

I hear you. I get charged a $3.00 a month for JUST to have the card. I have NO balance. my limit is only $750 and all i need is a thousand. I used the whole limitg and alway pay off balance.

They are super great with customer service.

shania3949's reply was:    

  Jul 13, 2013

shania3949(1, 28)

Review by shania3949

1 Contributions 28 People Helped

Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Not sure how it worked like that for you. I have capone and with in just a couple of month I went from $500 to $1500... I always pay off the full balance and they send me a notification saying that they are increasing my limits.

Wellactually's reply was:    

  Mar 31, 2014

Wellactually(7, 17)

Review by Wellactually

7 Contributions 17 People Helped

Helpful to 8 out of 15 people

Checked your score lately?  I'm sure it's much lower than 743 now that you have the additional debt.  Research on how credit scores are affected.  The credit card company was trying to help with keeping your limit lower which would help keep your score higher.

Noell6's reply was:    

  Nov 30, 2013

Noell6(2, 10)

Review by Noell6

2 Contributions 10 People Helped

rmldaytona--Why would you more credit?!  You have credit cards with three other companies with a substantial credit limit...?!

Gingergw's reply was:    

  Apr 17, 2014

Gingergw(1, 0)

Review by Gingergw

1 Contributions 0 People Helped

Don't do it Helpful to 72 out of 74 people

I had a redit rating over 750 and Credit Karma said my odds of approval were "very good." I received instead a "Venture" card that had a 15% interest rate. I was told AFTER I tried to do a balance transfer that I hadn't been approved for the zero percent. This was a clear bait and switch and Capital One will never get any of my business.

Christoph2011's review was:    

  Mar 24, 2013 Reply

Christoph2011(1, 72)

Review by Christoph2011

1 Contributions 72 People Helped

Helpful to 21 out of 21 people

Wish I had read your review prior to applying. As with you, CreditKarma provided all the transfer/savings info and stated my chances of approval were very good. Nope; declined. Great (NOT!!!)   

joycarr111's reply was:    

  Oct 01, 2013

joycarr111(1, 21)

Review by joycarr111

1 Contributions 21 People Helped

Helpful to 18 out of 18 people

THANK YOU for keeping me from making a huge mistake!  I considered applying because I thought I had a 'very chance' of qualifying for the 0% balance transfer!  I will simply continue to pay down the debt I have in a responsible way!

conjeanial's reply was:    

  Jan 11, 2014

conjeanial(1, 18)

Review by conjeanial

1 Contributions 18 People Helped

Helpful to 57 out of 59 people

To thfurst guy that said this "

this card sucks. don't waste your time or energy. I applied for the balance transfer offer. After I was approved for only 1000.00 dollars i was told it was for purchases only even though the offer said for balance transfers. I had 2 cards with them before (2008)with 9000.00 and 15000.00 limits and no balance or late payments on them and they offer me 1000.00. Go away. I should have left notes on these accounts as to why i cancelled them but i'm sure the ****ty customer service and deceitful tactics were the cause...


They also said I could only have a 1000 dollar credit limit after I opened up an account with them. I have pretty good credit and make I've seventy k a year. What a joke I closed the account which I think it hurt my score I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone especially for a balance transfer. Cheers

Jcinme1607's review was:    

  Aug 25, 2010 Reply

Jcinme1607(1, 57)

Review by Jcinme1607

1 Contributions 57 People Helped

Helpful to 34 out of 35 people

It is really, really, really, really, difficult if not impossible to escalate up at Capone.  I have tried everything I could think of to actually talk to someone outside of customer serviceless with them.  There are some nice people with fancy title there, but they are still customer service.  I have sent a letter to their correspondence department and I got it back without an answer, so even that was fruitless.  To them you are merely a number, no matter how good that number is.  The cards are easy to get and that is why so many people have them.

bernhardtra's reply was:    

  Oct 26, 2012

bernhardtra(98, 388)

Top Contributor

Review by bernhardtra

98 Contributions 388 People Helped

Top Contributor

Helpful to 3 out of 3 people


I used them purely to re-establish credit. I got a $300.00 limit and used it here and there and paid it every two weeks.

And yeah, when it was empty, they bounced my limit to $2000. I make way too much money to play their game. Alas, I also had an 3 unexpected expenses in the last week totalling over $3500.00 I decided to use my credit cards (I have others now. Cap was my gateway card). My intention is to pay those two credit cards off within the next two months. Then, I'm going to apply for one from my credit union. My eventual goal is to have a problem free car buying experience.

But my primary goal, is working on retirement and on having 6 months of living expenses in the CU at all times. Should have always done that but I was young and whatever could or would happen wouldn't happen to me. Of course, it did.


tavalon49's reply was:    

  Feb 07, 2014

tavalon49(3, 5)

Review by tavalon49

3 Contributions 5 People Helped

Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

I'm in the exact same situation, I got this card to transfer another balance, and the limit of this card is only $1000 (I didn't know that up front), and the amount I wanted to transfer over was more than that.  So I couldn't do it.

DukeOfURL's reply was:    

  Mar 11, 2014

DukeOfURL(3, 10)

Review by DukeOfURL

3 Contributions 10 People Helped

Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

LOVE the 'Capone' reference!

SmoothHead's reply was:    

  Sep 29, 2013

SmoothHead(1, 4)

Review by SmoothHead

1 Contributions 4 People Helped

Helpful to 8 out of 13 people

Wow!  What a punch!  Way to go!  I'm sure you escalated this up as high as it would go beyond Customer Service.  But anyway... cheers!!!

JayRizzo's reply was:    

  Oct 03, 2010

JayRizzo(210, 302)

Top Contributor

Review by JayRizzo

210 Contributions 302 People Helped

Top Contributor

Helpful to 1 out of 5 people


terryelkins1's reply was:    

  Sep 04, 2010

terryelkins1(2, 27)

Review by terryelkins1

2 Contributions 27 People Helped

Helpful to 410 out of 451 people

 I have a credit score of 691 and just got approved for 3,000 credit limit at 18.9 apr but that doesnt matter, I just want it to rebuild my credit since my stupid self got in credit card trouble for the last 2 years with 34,000 in debt. Everyone, please dont ever let this happen to you. Just make SMALL purchases with your card and pay them off every month to rebuild your credit

Scmoon1's review was:    

  Jan 05, 2012 Reply

Scmoon1(1, 410)

Review by Scmoon1

1 Contributions 410 People Helped

Helpful to 54 out of 72 people

A lot of people go into debt as a means for survival.  Insolent people like Dave Ramsey preach to them from a position of comfort and relatively good luck about "responsibility" while these unemployed/underemployed people are charging their cards up on basic food items, elctricity, heat and phone bills.  Often it is not greed at all, unless you consider not living under a bridge as greedy.  You don't hear them protesting these assumptions too much because they are either now dead or living in an environment not conducive to sitting around and telling the world their opinions.

hammerbill's reply was:    

  Oct 12, 2012

hammerbill(2, 54)

Review by hammerbill

2 Contributions 54 People Helped

Helpful to 6 out of 9 people

Good advice, way to make a way, instead of making an excuse. 

catt3911's reply was:    

  Aug 12, 2013

catt3911(1, 6)

Review by catt3911

1 Contributions 6 People Helped

Suprised!! Helpful to 47 out of 49 people

Credit Karma said may be accepted for this card so I figure, why not.  Applied online in May with a credit score from Credit Karma at 698 and with a few seconds I was approved.  I heard through a friend that it even though it says 10k limit it wil be smaller, so I figure maybe 1k or so.  Received the card later that week and to my suprise, approved for 10k limit and 5 of that for cash advances.  I had no hard inquires and 15% card usage at the time.  The paper work from Capital One said I pulled a 749 credit score from TransUnion.  THANK YOU Credit Karma!!

May 17, 2013 Reply
no credit limit increases Helpful to 36 out of 37 people

Worest cmpany to get a credit increse. Been a capone customer since 2008, and since then have only had an increase once  back in 2008. Have never been late, missed a payment, or ever gone over the limit. This past year i have called customer service once every month, same answer is givin of not approved and you'll get a letter in a couple days. Funny how the letter says  a CL is not available upon request, but couldnt of been told this in the first place. Well latley when i ask to talk to a super for more explaination, the supervisior tell me that they are a conserative company and since we are in a ressacion they are more cautious. Another funny thing is how capone just bought out HSBC accounts but i thought they were conservative. Well yes like everyone says they are good to bulid credit a bit and nothing more, if you'r credit score is 700 and above dont consider this company but will be hard since my best buy master card is now also capone.

Jan 07, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

True! Same here I have them since 2005 open with 500 limit then months later raise to 750 and I have more card since  then with up to 10k CL yet capital one never approve me for a credit increase. No late payments they run this operations ...

Jhp1015's reply was:    

  Oct 08, 2013

Jhp1015(3, 14)

Review by Jhp1015

3 Contributions 14 People Helped

Try Not to Use Them for Anything Helpful to 28 out of 29 people

They promise to help build credit but their tactics only hurt. They won't give any increases and charge outrageous fees.

I applied thru one company only to have CapOne buy the acct next they sold the acct and closed the original. Now it looks as though the card is another new card on my credit.

They make a lot of promises but I have only been hurt by this company. They make false claims and consumer rebuttals are ignored by the the credit reporting agencies and the court system. They are too big to fight....they target consumers like rabid dogs.

Credit Karma ...

why would you list them as a recommendation with 19.9% when my current card is only 9%? My guess is your company is in cahoots with with CapOne or CapOne has ownership in this site.

We can't win with odds like these. CapOne has these misleading offers all over  the place. People click on them thinking they are entering thru an objective link with helpful advice about credit.

msgray's review was:    

  Dec 26, 2013 Reply

msgray(2, 28)

Review by msgray

2 Contributions 28 People Helped

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