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Jul 03, 2016
tbdc Cardholder

Great Card no problem. I have two other Barclay cards and they are great as well. Never had any issues.

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Apr 23, 2016
This Account Is Closed.

I Received My Barclaycard Barnes & Noble Mastercard Back In June Of 2015.
I Was "Approved" Easily. Yes.

I Did Not Use This Card At All. "I Have Four 0% Interest Rate Credit Cards Right Now."

This Card Came In At 21.5% Interest You See? This Was A $2500.00 Limit Credit Card.

Finally "On March 9 - 2016" I Wanted To Buy Myself A Brand New Almost Leather Sofa.

I Also Decided To Take Advantage Of This Barnes & Noble Mastercard 3.9% Interest

Balance Transfer Offer. "This 0% Card Runs Out In June 2016

and But I Cannot Wait In Order To Receive This Offer From Barclaycard Either Now."

The Sofa Was $509.00

I Made Three Small Local Area Purchases

and This Balance Transfer Was $1747.63.

"There is A Fee Here As Well."

Okay So I Used My Credit Card. My Balance Was Now $2347.72.

But Oh Wait! I Had The Cash For My Sofa Already Now.

I Was Simply "Credit Building" For Myself.

I Made A Payment To This Credit Card. $475.00

Oh Yes! and I Waited.


"Payment Returned. Unable To Find Bank Checking Account."

Yes. The Word Used Was "RETURNED."

Okay. This Website Was Already Broken When I Got There.

I Called Barclaycard. "You Account Has Been Shut Down...(Pause Of Sarcasm) Fraud."

My Bank Of America Checking Account Is Good. Of Course.

"We Are Unable To Locate This Bank Account." Lol.

I Started Laughing Hilariously. This Fraud Is Not On My End. No.

"These Idiots Do Not Realize That Someone Was Probably Trying To Illegally

Use My Credit Card From This Shady 'Now Named In A Lawsuit' Sofa Selling Company."

Yes. I Just This Week Too This Sofa Company To Court. "They Never Had My Sofa For Me."

My Court Case Is This: $509.00 + $90.00 Court Fees Oh Yes.

I Made My Moves. "Joseph Just Removed All Of This Debt From This Credit Card

While All Of Earth Just Stood Here Gloating At His Sofa Buying Untimely (Fake) Demise."

I Paid This Credit Card On Off In Full. Yes All $2347.72 Bang!

I Called and "They Are Still Illegally Running Their Mouths To Me."

I Said "Goodbye For Now Then."

Oh Yes! and I Hung On Up My Home Phone.

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Jul 03, 2016

So again why the bad review?

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