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Aug 29, 2014
Recon Success Story
ejon154 Cardholder

Hey all, thought I would let you know my experience with Barclay (albeit brief). I've been longing for a travel card  which gives miles instead of the normal cash rewards card I have (Cap One Quicksilver $3K). After going to Barclay's Pre-Qualify site, I was told I was approved for the Barclay Rewards card, however, I really wanted the Arrival card, so I pressed my luck and applied.

After about 15 seconds of waiting, I got the notice stating Barclay needed more time and I would find out a decision in 10 days. I immediately called the Recon line only to find out they were closed for the day (I live in California, Barclay's Credit line is 8-5 EST). I needed to work on some projects anyway, so a few cups of coffee and a few hours later, I called the Recon line. I spoke with a very friendly lady who asked some basic information (employer, income, length at job) and then looked at my credit report they had pulled. I made sure to verify they were not going to do a 2nd hard pull. For what it is worth, it is my understanding they pull TU.

After being on hold for a few minutes, the representative came back and said my account history, although new (2.4 years), was looking good, and it was obvious I was making a conscientious effort to keep all my accounts in good standing. I was hoping for at least a $3K limit to match my Cap One Quicksilver, however, she gave me a $1500 limit. That said, I'm not disappointed because now I have a card with Miles rewards and at least it's not a crappy limit like my Discover card ($800).

Credit Karma lists my score as: 655, however, when checking rates on LendingClub the other day, they did a soft pull and showed my TU score as 679. For the record, I wasn't trying to get a loan through LendingClub, however it is a great free way to do a soft pull and find out your TU score. I had 4 IQs, perfect payment, 2.4 Mos Age of Credit History, 11 total accounts, and 3 derogatory marks (from my younger days).

I just wanted to share with people if you initially get denied, or are told you have to wait for a decision, call their recon line. Be friendly. Be courteous. Try and joke with them and make them smile. The key is to try and be the best call they have had that day. It worked for me! Strange thing about that - their recording says their office hours are 8-5 EST, however when I called (5am PST/8am EST), my rep told me it was the end of her shift and she had been at work all night, so I'm wondering if the reps do multiple jobs (Customer Service/Credit Analyst?).

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 05, 2014
Awful Fraud Protection
jarda Cardholder

This is a great card as long as you don't get into any problems. If you get, and have to deal with their customer service, it's a nightmare. I was a victim of CC fraud, my Arrival card got apparently copied 2 months after I got it. No big deal, these things happen. I used the CC freely in restaurants and all this takes is one server swiping it. Reported it right away, told them which transactions are fradulent, got a new card (much later then they promised, but I wasn't in hurry).

Two months and several phone calls later and they haven't still managed to take the charges off my account. Their customer service is stone age. There's no possibility to dispute charges online (they have secure message center, but if you try writing to them, they will tell you to call). There's no track of phone calls, confirmation or anything. Every time I call they tell me that everything will be taken care of and I don't need to do anything further. But nothing ever happens. The only thing that they seem to react to so far is if you send them letter via post. In fact, the fine print on the statments says they are only obliged to respond to letters, but it seems that pretty much means they just ignore anything else.

Don't get me wrong, if you want to get this card for bonuses, do it. It's a nice card. But make **** sure not to use it anywhere they take the card out of your sight, or online. And if you happen to be victim of fraud, I warned you. But at least avoid mistake I made: no matter what CS person on the phone tells you, write to them with delivery confirmation.

For me, this card is not worth the time spent haggling with them. Fraud protection is virtually nonexistant and phone support is useless. But if you enjoy writing long letters... This may be just hte card for you.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 24, 2017
Barclays not so good.
Anonymous Cardholder

Barclays pulls Fico scores not vantage so don't pay attention to what credit karma's approval odds are they're garbage.

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Mar 16, 2017
Ongoing hidden fees
Anonymous Cardholder

I have a Barclay Visa card and decided to get the arrival card for travel purposes. During that time my fiance needed help paying for classes so I utilized one of their convience checks, Big mistake. Randomly they would decide to hit me with fees and I would have to fight with them everytime to get it resolved. Then we paid off the entire balance of the check 3 months before it was due. This month I get accessed another fee telling me that I have not paid off the check. My account balance was zero, so how the hell do I owe anything. Closing this card immediately, after a year and a half of nonsense. 

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Feb 18, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Very reasonable 

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Aug 04, 2016
Instantly Approved
Anonymous Cardholder

I was just instantly approved online for 7500 with a FICO of 737. I only have a mortgage and car payment on credit report with no credit card history and no late payments. I applied for cards a year ago and was denied due insufficient payment history. So, decided to try again. A credit consultant recommended having 2 credit cards and not exceeding 10% of the limit to continue building credit. He said I would have no problem getting approved. First applied to, and was denied, a Chase Sapphire since have a charge off from 2002 from a Chase card. Was approved for AMEX Blue Cash Preferred for 2000. So will just have this card and the AMEX to build credit.

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Jun 10, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Called them to let them know I was traveling abroad, gave the rep my information and not once did she tell me I was using an expired card, hence the 3 digit security code. Needless to say my trip was a disaster. They stated they would overnight me a replacement card and every time I called them I received different information and they couldn't even track it, although  they said it had a tracking number.  Poor customer service. I no longer use the card. 

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May 27, 2016
Yay for Zero Foreign Transaction Fees!
CatOfSpades Cardholder

Instant approval for $3k. Card arrived in only 4 days. I applied with a CK TU score of 725 and a CK EQ score of 739. I do have one deliquency on record that's two years old, so I'm considered to be in the "rebuilding" stage, even though my credit history goes back several years. Someone without a deliquency and higher scores will probably get a higher limit, but I am happy with it. 

I had "Good" approval odds from Credit Karma, but the thing about their system is that it only judges things on the surface. For example, it may give you good odds for getting a Chase Slate, but if you've opened 5 or more accounts in the last two years (with any creditor) or 3 accounts with Chase in any 6 month period, Chase won't give you a credit card. It's just one of their rules, even if everything else on your report is flawless. Just like Barclay will sometimes only approve one application in any 3 month period if you've never had an account with them before. 

The CK algorithims also don't take into consideration the fact that a lot of creditors will turn you down for too many inquiries. An example of this: you may have 1 inquiry with TU, 5 with EQ, but 14 on Experian. Capital One will turn you down because of the Experian report. And if you ever defaulted on a Discover card, for another example, you will be blacklisted for years. Just because something doesn't show up on your credit report anymore, doesn't mean the creditors who were burned won't see it in their own records. 

I just say this to say that you still have to take your own personal numbers and history into consideration when deciding who to apply to. For the record, Barclay pulled my Transunion and nothing else. 

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