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May 21 2013
Excellent point system and signup bonus
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for a month and so far am very happy with it. Approved with a CK 692 but only for 3K on a Mastercard Platinum and not a World card. I was a little upset about that considering my other main 3 cards are Visa Sig. or Amex and have average lines of 8K with a 1% utilzation. I called direct to an analyist to get it bumped but was told I couldn't be moved to a World card for another 6 months and that the highest line the Platinum offered was 4.5K which she gave me: not thrilled but it will suffice. As for the rewards I am very impressed how quickly the points are applied to my account. As soon as a purchase posts to my account the reward points are available to use. No waiting for a cycle or two to close. This was also the case with my 40K signup bonus; right when my balance cleared the $1,000 mark, I was given my points. I have never expericened points posting so quickly to my account and really love the way Barclays reward system. The card is basically a 2.2% cashback card as long as you utilize the points on a travel (includes 10% redemption bonus) purchase credit, anything from renting a car to booking a trip from Orbtiz or Travelocity. You can techically use the points on any purchace you make with the card but the value is severly reduced if not redeemed on travel. The main reason I sighned up was for the sighnup bonus which equates to $440 worth of travel, but the more I use this card the more I like it and with the $89 annual fee waived for the first year, I can always switch to the no annual fee Arrival card after my year comes to an end.

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Sep 05 2015
Good Card, Used to be Better
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card about 5 months ago now with the 40k point offer and was able to use it for a couple of trips. This card is a Chip and PIN card unlike most that are Chip and Signature, which makes it great for overseas. About a month ago I was notified that the benefits of this card were going to change and called Barclay to ask about the changes. This card used to have a 10% point refund for all points used toward travel credit, which is now being downed to a 5% point refund. Another benefit that will be lost completely is the TripIt Pro membership. Before having this card, I had never used TripIt, but it quickly became one of my favorite features. Once attached to your email, it will look for anything trip related and automatically create a trip planner for you, which will even give directions between destinations, when you need to be there, all of it. When I was in the airport, my gate changed on me a couple of times, and thanks to TripIt, I knew each time it changed and where to go. Anyway, without these features, I don't know if the card really stands out aside from the Chip and PIN anymore, but having an $89 fee, I don't know if it is worth it anymore. The Venture, an almost identical card, has a fee that is $40 less, but doesn't give a 5% refund. At the end of my membership year, I plan on downgrading this card, which I would prefer not to do, but I just don't feel the benefits outweigh the cost anymore. Also, some stats for anyone who wants to know, when I applied for this card I was given a $5k limit on the World Elite Mastercard version, had a CK score of 760, an income of $50k a year, 2.5 years of credit history with 2 cards, Citi Forward at $5.2k and Amex BCE at $15k, and an auto loan of $38k.

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Oct 30 2019
Awful Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for about 5 years i guess, carried a balance on it and payed over minimum payment every month. First, they decreased my credit limit to around 100 of my balance tanking my credit score and then everytime i made a payment they would lower my limit within around a 100 of my balance keeping my sore down every month. This happpened for around 6 months, so i paid this card off and cut it up. If you carrry a balance each month and don't use the card a lot, dont bother appying. This is the worse credit card company i have ever had and they DO NOT care about thier customers at all.

Jun 04 2019
Excellent card! Using it for 5 years now
Credit Karma Member

Both me and my wife use it for everything almost everyday.

Jun 03 2019
Credit Karma Member

Canceled card for paying off each month and not carrying a balance.

May 09 2019
An everyday driver card for me
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for about 4 months and use it every day for every purchase, which I pay off several times throughout the course of the month. I also have a BarclayCard Apple Rewards card that I've had for about 4 years. I've had to call customer service for several reasons over the years (some for this card, several times for the other one), always had good experiences. There was a point signup bonus for spending a certain amount within the first three months and after I hit the requirement for the bonus it was immediately transferred into my account -- they transferred it before I even knew I'd hit the mark. I haven't had much experience with transactions being declined with this card (haven't travelled much yet or put really high ticket items on it though), but I don't see it as that unusual for any account to get triggered with unusual spending habits. I've had that with almost every card I've had, I had it some with my AppleCard and customer service has always been very quick to respond to these issues when I contact them. Before I had this card I didn't realize it was possible to "transfer a limit" from one card to another but a customer service agent did this for me and I was able to immediately move 4K in limit from my Apple Card to this one within minutes over the phone.

Apr 19 2019
Credit Karma Member

This is a HORRIBLE financial institution. They charged me fraudulently for a transaction and after more than a month in dispute, I managed the issue myself with the company who charged me (I did Barclays job for them). Aside from that, they've just lowered my credit limit from 5500 to 1400 without notice - my credit score is over 700 and I updated my income recently because I've had a decent increase. Their reps over the phone are the WORST people to talk to. They either have no clue what you're talking about and are NOT financially educated or CLEARLY don't want to do their job of taking calls. Haven't closed the card because it's going to further impact my credit but not dealing with this "bank" may be worth it.

Apr 06 2019
Credit Karma Member


Mar 27 2019
Do not waste your time
Credit Karma Member

My scores are in the high 700s, income mid six figures. I applied through Credit Karma under the 'Very Good Approval Rating' it gave this card. Was denied. If you fit this profile spare yourself the inquiry.

Mar 23 2019
Do not bother applying
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card based on the Credit Karma 'Very Good Approval Odds' suggestion. My scores are in the high 700s and I have been approved for all other cards with the same rating. If my profile relates to you do not even bother applying and taking the inquiry hit.

Mar 21 2019
Credit Karma Member

Canceled my card for not using ridiculous. Made all my payments. Don't bother if you pay your bills or don't like to carry a balance.

Feb 22 2019
Great Rewards Card!!!
Credit Karma Member

Great sign on bonus if spend certain amount, 2 points per dollar spent. Can use points to pay yearly fee. And when redeeming points 5% back in points. Sure they cut redemption from 10% to 5%, but it is still an excellent card. On certain excursions and stores while on vacation it has showed up to where I can use points to pay for excursion also. Great card love it!!! It's a keeper. And I use allot of travel cards and this is the only one I hold onto.

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Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard®

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