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Dream Card Helpful to 51 out of 55 people

While the 8% APR doesn't really make a difference to me since I almost always pay in full, it's still nice to have a "go to" low interest card if I ever need it.

The Barclaycard website is premium, extremely well designed, and the customer service through the Ring community is absolutely top notch.  It's an interesting concept and very interesting to see how this plays out.  I just receive $90 back via the "Give Back" feature which will be applied to my statement and this was with moderate usage.

IMPORTANT: If you get denied, call the back door number.  I was originally denied and from what I've read from various places, many people are initially denied but received the card after pulling the back door number and talking to a credit analyst.

philipwhuff's review was:    

  Oct 17, 2012 Reply

philipwhuff(5, 55)

Review by philipwhuff

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Helpful to 6 out of 7 people

Anyone have the backdoor number that has been talked about by multiple users but not posted? Thanks

tcs22's reply was:    

  May 29, 2013

tcs22(1, 6)

Review by tcs22

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Helpful to 10 out of 13 people

Were do locate the back door number?

herman1990's reply was:    

  Mar 20, 2013

herman1990(1, 10)

Review by herman1990

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Great! Helpful to 13 out of 13 people

I've been Low APR!!! got approved for $7500 with a 758 CK Score.

ihatebighairtina's review was:    

  Oct 02, 2012 Reply

ihatebighairtina(2, 13)

Review by ihatebighairtina

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DEBATABLE FEATURES Helpful to 11 out of 11 people

I recived this card with my first application. A moderate crdit line of $7500.00. No average person will spend even close to this and pay it off each month,as we all should be doing. We need to live within our budget for once !

  This card has no reward points as I am used to but gives a profit sharing percentage back. I havent used the card yet and I am on the fence whether the profit sharing is better than rebate points.

Dec 03, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

Some self employed people do spend more than this a month, buying stock, supplies, and equipment, and before you say get a biz card, that only works if the company is incorperated. Don't make blanket statements about what someone should or should not do.

IndyFAMAN's reply was:    

  Apr 01, 2014

IndyFAMAN(1, 1)

Review by IndyFAMAN

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Helpful to 17 out of 18 people

How can you beat 8% for purchases and cash withdrawls?  Answer: You can't!  I was initially denied this card despite clean credit history and high score 761.  Reason stated: "You already have sufficient credit with Barclay Bank."  I have an old Juniper Card that I rarely use.  So, I called the recon number and talked to the agent.  He asked a few questions, did a hard pull and gave me $10,000 credit line. Great to work with.  I'm looking forward to this card and the unique social component to benefits.  Plus, how can you beat 8%? 

revkurtsimon's review was:    

  Sep 06, 2012 Reply

revkurtsimon(7, 36)

Review by revkurtsimon

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Helpful to 10 out of 10 people

8% is really good.... there are others that offer 5.9% (such as Simmons) but they are really hard to obtain.  I have a Discover Card at 8.9% with a decent line.  If you have good credit, the banks will work with you.  I might look at the Barclaycard.

LimaGuy's review was:    

  Sep 12, 2012 Reply

LimaGuy(1, 10)

Review by LimaGuy

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The only card that counts Helpful to 7 out of 7 people

At 8% per annum, cash advance fee of $1 and credit line convertible to cash at 1:1; this is the only serious card I can imagine.  It sets a new bar for desirable credit. Too, it is a test for the cardholder.  Can one manage such rational terms and not go wild?  I  think so!

Not an easy card to get though.  Tried twice, second time approved.  Fico 746.

kingside's review was:    

  Oct 16, 2012 Reply

kingside(8, 10)

Review by kingside

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Fantastic Card! Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

Applied for this card and was immediately approved for $12,500 with a 752 CK score. Great 8% APR is hard to beat. Easy Bank to work with.

steve468's review was:    

  Dec 05, 2013 Reply

steve468(2, 13)

Review by steve468

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Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

 Awsome! 8% APR is the best I've found.

kizzy2129's review was:    

  Sep 20, 2012 Reply

kizzy2129(1, 6)

Review by kizzy2129

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Wow, Approved! Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

Glad to be in the ring! AAoA 5 mo, CK 735, honestly I'm kinda surprised with the AAoA, CL 6.3K

oblio0710's review was:    

  Nov 09, 2013 Reply

oblio0710(7, 18)

Review by oblio0710

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Disappointing. Not recommended. Helpful to 9 out of 10 people

I was approved instantly but only for a 500 CL on 12/30/2012. I called immediately for reconsideration for a higher limit as it was no where near my other cards let alone a useful limit for normal usage. I was asked to wait 6 months. I maxed it a few times and paid it off to show that I could and then switched to 2% usage with auto PIF. Well fast-forward to month six. No auto CLI I could see so I requested a CLI. I received a call from an analyst and answered all his questions. He wouldn't approve me for ANY kind of increase. Ridiculous and insulting. Barclay's is simply too conservative a lender. I wanted to save a few APR points (2.24% to be exact) with a balance transfer that I have been faithfully paying for over a year at a rate of $500/month. Literally would just be handing Barclay the money instead of my current lender.

solanalos77's review was:    

  Jun 23, 2013 Reply

solanalos77(1, 9)

Review by solanalos77

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