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Oct 17 2012
Dream Card
Credit Karma Member

While the 8% APR doesn't really make a difference to me since I almost always pay in full, it's still nice to have a "go to" low interest card if I ever need it. The Barclaycard website is premium, extremely well designed, and the customer service through the Ring community is absolutely top notch. It's an interesting concept and very interesting to see how this plays out. I just receive $90 back via the "Give Back" feature which will be applied to my statement and this was with moderate usage. IMPORTANT: If you get denied, call the back door number. I was originally denied and from what I've read from various places, many people are initially denied but received the card after pulling the back door number and talking to a credit analyst.

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Apr 09 2018
If your credit score matters--DON'T
Credit Karma Member

I got this card four years ago. My primary reason for applying for this card in particular, was the interest rate, which was advertised to be low...and mine was, at 8%. I loved this card. It was my go-to card in emergencies. My approved credit limit was $5000. I had a couple of emergency car reparis come up and I had just over $2000 charged on the card. I watch and keep track of (and was proud of) my credit score. Zero late/missed payments, I kept my utilization low and had no derogatory marks. One year ago I made my monthly payment on my cards and checked my report a week after that--and was pretty angry that I found that, without any email, snail mail--any warning at all, that my credit limit had been dropped to $2200. So, the one card I had over 30% utilization on (2k of 5k limit was 40%), had now changed to 90% utilization--my credit score dropped 35 points! I called their customer service and tried to resolve this and get them to restore my credit limit. I was basically told that "we're sorry, but you're s$$t out of luck". I closed that account immediately. I make the minimum payments to them now, and will continue to do so. But, I refused to deal with Barclay any further after that little bit of unlubricated financial sodomy.

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Dec 04 2019
Treated me GREAT
Credit Karma Member

Before I had to declare bankruptcy these fine people never abused me as the other posts are stating was done to them. Credit increases rolled in and I was in a pinch (owner/operator of a semi truck) they bumped me up to 13,000 limit. This is a great card for transfers imo. Have a good day everyone and may the Light shine on your life.

Nov 29 2019
Just don't!!!
Credit Karma Member

Signed up for this card to do a balance transfer. After 1 month of balance transfer not completed I contaced and they paid off balanceTWICE leaving credit balance on other account. Then they dropped my limit $4000 below the balance which in turn dropped my credit rating by over 100 points. Luckily I had enough cash in a savings account to get the balance below the new amended minimum credit limit. Not everyone would have been able to do this and would have been stuck in a bad situation. Not worth the hassel of incompetence you have to deal with.

Sep 24 2019
Deceptive, dishonest, no integrity
Credit Karma Member

I opened the card to make a major purchase with the understanind of 6 months no interest. I didn't make that purchase, but later made a major purchase. I called before making the purchase and was assured this would be no interest for 6 months. When I got my first statement, I called to make sure no interest for 6 months. Paid the card down and got the next statement with an interest charge of over $150. I was in a position to pay for this outright, but wanted to hang on to cash for a few months. When I called I was blamed for not knowing the terms of my card. They took no responsibility for their agents not knowing the terms of their card. I paid it off the next day, got my rewards and cancelled. Barclay US is a terrible company and I will never do business with them again. I urge everyone to do the samw.

Jul 11 2019
Credit Karma Member

There is no customer service. It's untrained asian agents who speak little English, understand no English, have poorly integrated ststems and no understanding of Barclay card policy & procedures. Why do you think the cards come with such incentives? Because they are luring you into a trap. Run don't walk away from Barclay Card. Its a nightmare.

Jun 10 2019
Don't do it
Credit Karma Member

I live in Seattle which is PST. I made my payment at 11pm the day it was due and they charged me a late fee of $39. I called in and nicely told the agent it must be a mistake. She told me it was a valid charge since the payment was not paid before 11:59pm EST. I asked if she could waive it and she said I had one waived previously (last year and I was in the hospital) so, she could not. I again, nicely, asked to speak to a supervisor only to be read the same script. I just cannot believe they are not given the power, even in a position of management, the ability to to refund $39. To me that is just ridiculous. I will be closing my account. They don't get anymore interest from me. Do not give this bank a second thought.

Jun 04 2019
Low APR and no hassle!
Credit Karma Member

This is the card for everyday use. Lowest normal APR I've seen and I have 5 different ccs. Barclays increases my limit periodically without asking. I hardly use the card or any credit card but this is my go to for any unexpected costs.

Apr 19 2019
Credit Karma Member

People I hate this company more than anything in world, they will Ruin your "CREDIT " don't apply, promise you that you will regret and they are worse in every level of Customer Servicers .

Apr 19 2019
Horrible bank
Credit Karma Member

This is a HORRIBLE financial institution. They charged me fraudulently for a transaction and after more than a month in dispute, I managed the issue myself with the company who charged me (I did Barclays job for them). Aside from that, they've just lowered my credit limit from 5500 to 1400 without notice - my credit score is over 700 and I updated my income recently because I've had a decent increase. Their reps over the phone are the WORST people to talk to. They either have no clue what you're talking about and are NOT financially educated or CLEARLY don't want to do their job of taking calls. Haven't closed the card because it's going to further impact my credit but not dealing with this "bank" may be worth it.

Apr 18 2019
Company Stinks
Credit Karma Member

I was approved for this card, but after some time, I ran into financial stuggles, couldn't pay for a few months and they closed my account, when I finally was able to pay about a month later, I asked them if they could reopen my account, and the wouldn't - at least CapitalOne reopened my accounts with agreement that my payments had to be on time for 3 consecutive months or it would be closed again and sent to collections... I did pay on CapitalOne and I still have them, Open. Barclay can go where the sun don't shine.

Apr 05 2019
Terrible customer service.
Credit Karma Member

I had this card for yes . Balance over 5k twice. Paid off beforvterm. Once I did, they closed my account for inactivity. Don't get this card.

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