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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jul 28, 2016
They Took A Chance On Me
TierHog Cardholder

BK in '13, clean since. CreditOne card, repay perfect. TU 697, CK 693. CK odds 'very good'.

Applied via telephone. Answered all app questions. Put on hold about 1 min, came back with a 2k CL. I'm very pleased. I've been granted a second chance on my credit. Thank you Barclay's for takin' a chance, thank you Credit Karma for having this site with all the wonderful information.

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Jul 29, 2016

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Jun 03, 2016
jdiaz998 Cardholder

I had the US Airways Card through Bank of America until they merged with American Airlines. The new card then went to Barclays. Since then we have had nothing but problems. They didn't post a paymen t to my account. Then said my account was delinquent. I called and faxed then a copy of the cancelled electronis chck. Then, they posted the payment to my account, then withdrew the payment from my account, and posted it to my wifes account. No there is NO LINK between my wife's account and mine. In fact the check used didn't have my wife's name on it nor her account number. It has now been two months and they still have not fixed the problem. They have frozen my account and stated that even though it is there mistake and they acknowledge that it's their mistake, they can not reinstate my account without a payment. After fighting with them for 2 months and having to be disrespect continuously and pushed from on person to another, I have had it. I am closing the account minus what they haven't posted and we are closing my wife's accounts also. We don't need there BS and aggravation. We have plenty of other cards so this one is no great loss other than we had had it for years.


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Jan 25, 2016
Very High APR, Bad Customer Service

Very High APR, Bad Customer ServiceNot a big fan of the card, also approved with a low balance. I tried speaking with a few people to see if they can lower my APR interest rates, nobody helped.

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Jun 07, 2016

I think the interest is what it is, no matter your credit score, that's just what they choose as their rate. Customer service was excellent to me, no problems there.

Jan 20, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Had a return payment because I linked the payment to my checkings instead of my savings. They smacked on a $27 fee that they would not waive although this was the first occuring return payment; not to mention I have paid several large sums immediately upon purchase. THEN after an attempt to make the payment a second time my balance hadn't been updated even though the money had been out of my account for FIVE DAYS. When I called they said they had a hold on my account "to make sure there wouldnt be a second return payment." When we called my bank they said the payment had been processed YESTERDAY, and Barclay finally released the hold on my credit. Needless to say I am very unsatisfied with the customer service, I intend on paying off my balance and cutting this card up, then burning it, and then burying it. CRAP SERVICE.

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