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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 21, 2017
Great rewards everywhere.
m0t0rhe4d Cardholder

Had fair rsiting from CK for this card and the AMEX Cash card. Applied for the cash card and got approved for $1000 (CK TU 681 & EQ 681). Since they already pulled my credit I decided to apt for this too. I applied too early so they called me and told me they had to wait for 5 days and I would get an answer. Got an email today and got a $5000 CL!!! Also got $2000 from Discover, $1500 From Cahse all at the same time. Very Surprised of the $5000 tho. My credit was 579 in November and I paid off my badies and rebuilt in a few months but I haven't been late on anything for the past 3 years. 80% on time over 7 years because of Student Loans. Hopefully this helps some of you make a decision. My current CK tells me my chances are Poor for the card but my score dropped to 661 because of hard inquiries. Excited.

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Feb 27, 2017
My favorite card

I was approved with "Very Good" odds for a $15,000 limit with TU of 705 and EQ of 715. The Plenti program is nice, and AMEX is always known for their good customer service. I already had their Blue Cash Everyday, so I was tempted to apply, and I'm glad I did. 

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Jan 07, 2017
great so far
Anonymous Cardholder

i applied credit karma said i had a very good chance at getting it with 685 fico score they look like the pull experian my score was 612 eq and 611 on credit karma

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Dec 07, 2016
Going good.. and looking good
PraSanVar Cardholder

I was new to the US when I applied for this card. Had to submit a few documents as proof to Amex and finally after 15-20 days of scrutiny, was approved for $1000 credit line. I use the Plenti points I earn at Exxon gas stations (I get at least one free gas fill up a month with the accumulated points). I pay off all the amounts every month. Exactly 6 months later to the date of activating my account, I received a credit line increase to $3000. 

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Dec 07, 2016
I saw, I applied, I was approved.
plasmodesmata Cardholder

I have been working on repairing my credit for a year. I have one collection left (medical) but my scores are decent ranging from 667-696 depending upon who you ask. Either way the score is up over 100 points. So I decided maybe its time I applied for another card. I did that yesterday and was approved for a 2000$ limit. I'm reservedly happy, Credit Karma said I had very good odds at getting it and many of the reviews lead me to believe that I'd get it... I don't care so much about all the points and such as much as I care about the evidence this card represents of my credit improving.

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