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What is the best credit card for a credit score of 656?

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Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. What score model is that score from, is the one creditors uses, how you arrived at that score, your overall credit profile matters....say 2 people applying for the same card and both have score of 656 currently, however, person A had score of 700, 3 months ago, person B had score 600, 3 months ago, which one do you think is more likely to be approved?

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Tough to Say

It's hard to say without knowing your credit profile.  Credit Card companies go off more than just your credit score.  They look at how many accounts you have open, your balances, credit utilization, collections..etc.

The best route to go, if you need to open a card, is to use the pre-approval applications.  These do not do a hard inquiry on your credit report (most of the time, check the website to see they will almost always say if it will or not).  If you are pre-approved you are MUCH more likely to be approved when you do a real application.  Credit Karma's recommendations ARE NOT pre-approvals.

Some cards you should consider are:

1.  Capital One QuickSilverOne - 1.5% cashback on all purchases.  It does have a $39 annual fee.

2.  Capital One Platinum - No annual fee, but has no other perks outside of typical mastercard perks.

3.  Discoverit - 5% cashback on rotating categories, 1% cashback on everything else, no annual fee.  But this lender is unpredictable with approvals.  I will say you are not likely to be approved if you have high utilization or accounts in collection.

4.  Capital One Secured Platinum - You have to pay a deposit.  The deposit amount varies depending on your credit profile.  The limit is usually a bit more than your deposit.  Reports as unsecured.  Great for building credit, no annual fee, but like the unsecured platinum it has no perks other than what the standard mastercard perks are. 

Cards to Stay Away From:

1.  Anything from First Premier - They will devour you with fees and charges.  Literally have a fee for everything that is legal to have a fee for.

2.  Anything from Credit One - They do the same thing as First Premier.

My Advice:  Use the pre-approval applications.   Work on building your credit.

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Is that Credit Karma's score? If it is, I'm thinking perhaps a secured card would be the best place for you to start. Capital One offers a secured credit card. Capital One is a good company to grow with--you can get an unsecured Platinum card later(not a great card by any means, but it's still a step in the right direction), move up to a Quicksilver One or a Venture One, and then finally you can graduate to a decent card like the Quicksilver or the Venture. 
Good luck.

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