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i just got my capitalone credit card what is the best way to use it for i can build my credit up

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...the best way I would suggest is this:

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I have the Capital One secured card, but it will work with the same way with the unsecured card.

Dont go more than your 30%. 

The moment you see the balance hit your credit card account, pay it off.

I am going to warn you ahead of time so you wont go through what I had to do by threatening to get the State of New Hampshire involved (it wasnt pretty)....

If you want to pay your balance off, or make a partial payment... I would HIGHLY advise you NOT to use their own website if you can help it.

If you have a checking account that allows you to go online, and make payments that way, set up your Capital One "bill pay" account on your Bank account online.

When you  arrange a payment to be made from your bank directly to your Capital One bill, it gets paid within 48 hours.

If you use Capital One's account, they reserve the right to hold off from recrediting your credit limit.  You could easily see that the bank transaction happened, but I have had one instance where I made a full payment of $125.00 using CO's website, and it took TWO FREAKING WEEKS to FINALLY hit my credit limit as paid off.   So, if you want to make sure your payments post FASTER than that, set it up on your Bank account online.

If you ever have to contact Capital One - you will be transferred to an overseas call center.

The minute their reps pick up the phone, they will give you their name.  IMMEDIATELY ask for their Operator ID# (its 3 letters, 3 numbers).  Once you have that, request to transfer to an American call center.

I had a great conversation with Capital One's Payment Investigational Unit last month (right here in the US), over the unprofessional, lack-of proper-understanding of the english language, and some that are just downright rude, reps.  That $125.00 pymt I mentioned earlier, I told the guy "this is the last time I use your website to pay off a bill.  How the hell is a consumer supposed to get their credit up, pay off old debts in a timely basis when Capital One is seriously lacking in applying the payment to begin with? Youre getting the money from my bank's checking account electronically!"..

That is when the rep told me "do you have the ability to pay directly FROM your bank TO Capital One?"  I almost dropped my phone - I didnt even THINK of that!

Now - I pay ALL of my credit cards off using my bank account online!  BOOM - DONE!

So - keep in mind, if a representative gives you problems with the transfer, once you finally do get an onshore rep, report the rep's name and operator ID. 

The Onshore call center (in the US) is open from 8amEST to 11pmEST)

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