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Has anyone ever used Alphaeon credit?
What was your score when approved by them?

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Dear ‘akagal33’ –

It just so happens that I am Growth Manager with ALPHAEON CREDIT and one of my colleagues came across your CreditKarma post and passed it on to me. 

First, and I speak for all of us at ALPHAEON CREDIT, we are so thrilled that we were able to help!  We are dedicated to providing an attainable, responsible patient financing option that will enable worthy patients to achieve their personal goals.  Your reaction to approval – and the credit line you received – is more and more commonplace with our program and while we do hear it from our practices, it’s validating to all of us when we hear it (see it in print) from the patients who may have been disappointed by other patient financing options. 

Would you be willing to allow us to use your experience/post with our practices and prospects?  We routinely share our higher approvals and credit lines with both patients and practices, but being able to share real-life examples is always most compelling.  I’ll look forward to your reply!

From all of us at ALPHAEON CREDIT, thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your ability to reach Your Best You!

Thank you.

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Hello. I just saw this reply. Yes please use my experience and post !

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Approved by Alphaeon!!

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My doctors office accepted care credit and Alphaeon . My credit is in the rebuilding stage so not very good. I felt hopeless and thought I may have to use my credit cards or just save more money or maybe forget it totally .

My TU and EQ are around 600 and Experian is 626 ( FICO 628)

Care Credit approved me for only $1,000 which I was more than happy to get given my low score plus semi recent collections that I settled .

I was looking for a cosmetic procedure totaling $5500

My doctor pressed me to apply for Alphaeon but with the low approval from care credit , I felt like it was pointless ..

i heard care credit was the most lenient ! I was denied totally with prosper , avant, among, United medical ,lending club , lending tree and my own credit union . 

Right before I went to the doctor for a consult, I logged on to Alphaeon and applied real fast - it doesn't effect credit score so I figured what the heck . Whatever 

i applied and within seconds a notice came on the screen and said Congratulations ! You're approved for $6,000 !!!

 this may be dramatic , but I started crying on the spot. I could not believe it . I've been painstakingly trying to repair my credit for years and to be approved was a small victory to let me know my work has not been for naught . It seemed like every loan company had denied me and Alphaeon has given me a chance 

I have more than sufficient income to pay off my loan before the end of promotional period . It's a perfect repay plan. The options are legitimate and fair. 

plus once it's paid , I'll have the account available for any future needs . I won't forget how Alphaeon gave me this chance 

my whole life has is  changing due to this surgery and I owe Alphaeon credit for helping me cover costs

Alphaeon took my equifax score which was 604 at the time and approved  me. My income was $90,0000 then . 

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Alphaeon - Approved in seconds

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Yes, I applied for Alphaeon credit about a week ago and they approved me with a limit of $11,500.  My fico credit scores are TU: 672 EXQ: 672 EXP: 702

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Alphaeon Credit

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I'm also  wondering about this.  I'd like to apply to get myself some plastic surgery, but haven never heard of them.  Before I apply I'd like to find some reviews regarding the company.  Are they better/worse than Care Credit?

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Just closed my account with them

All I can say dont mix up any dates or deadlines, you will wind up with a hefty charge.

Was good while it lasted but ended up with over 1K charge. Paid it and signed out.

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Soft R hard pull

Can anone tell me if applying is a hard or soft credit pull

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Response through mail

Anyone get the message they will contact you through mail and then get approved? I know that is usually a bad sign =(

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Approved $4,500

I have a Care Credit account with 5k but my procedure was $6700. So I went ahead and gave Alphaeon Credit a try. My credit scores around 660 across the board. I do have 25+ hard inquires from recently searching to consolidate my credit cards and refinance my car. No late payments in over 2 years, 27% utilization. I'm so excited for my surgery next week!

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