Brex Card for Ecommerce review: More time to pay, but with a catch

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In a Nutshell

The Brex Card for Ecommerce offers net-60 terms, which gives online retailers more time to pay off their business expenses. But in order to qualify for this card, the business can’t be a sole proprietorship, must make at least $100,000 in monthly sales, and needs to have been in operation for at least one year — and it doesn’t offer a consistent rewards program.

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Pros Cons
Applying for the card won’t affect your personal credit scores Available only for certain business types
No interest charges or fees No traditional rewards program
More time to pay with net-60 terms Can’t carry a balance
Credit limit based on monthly business sales, which could mean a large credit limit Must have a minimum of $100,000 in monthly sales to qualify for the card


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Brex Card for Ecommerce

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4 things you should know about the Brex Card for Ecommerce

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Brex Card for Ecommerce ’s key features.

1. More time to pay with net-60 terms

The Brex Card for Ecommerce offers net-60 terms.

That means you’ll have twice as long to pay off your balance compared to many other business cards out there. So instead of making payments every month, you’ll have 60 days from the date of purchase to pay off your balance.

Here’s how the card issuer explains it: “Brex will charge you for today’s spend in 60 days and tomorrow’s spend in 61 days. 100% of the amount due on the 60th day must be repaid.”

So, if you wanted to spread a payment out over those 60 days, you could end up making a smaller payment every day instead of one big payment each month.

2. No interest charges

Brex says you’ll never pay a penny in interest charges, because you must pay the balance on the Brex Card for Ecommerce in full by the end of each statement period.

This could be a blessing — and a curse.

Typically, we recommend you voluntarily pay your balance in full each month to avoid interest charges. But if something goes wrong and you don’t have the money, you won’t have the option to carry a balance and just pay off a smaller portion of the balance instead.

3. No fees whatsoever

The Brex Card for Ecommerce doesn’t charge an annual fee or any foreign transaction fees.

You’ll also never have to worry about paying a late fee, because you’ll be required to set up automatic payments from your company’s bank account.

But Brex doesn’t specify what might happen if there’s not enough money in the bank to cover your bill, so make sure you’re keeping your linked account funded with enough to cover your monthly business expenses.

4. Enjoy sign-up offers, but no rewards

The Brex Card for Ecommerce offers sign-up bonuses that are different from those offered by other business credit cards.

Instead of offering a traditional rewards program that rewards your purchases with cash back, points or miles, you’ll receive exclusive discounts at places such as Google Ads, Zendesk and Twilio SendGrid, which is meant to help you grow your business. But there’s no guarantee you’ll always find value in these sign-up discounts.

Brex isn’t like other business credit cards. Here’s what you need to know.

The Brex Card for Ecommerce is not a typical business credit card — in fact, it’s a corporate card. As Brex puts it, “Brex underwrites your company, not you.” That means Brex cares more about your company’s investors, cash balance, spending patterns, sales and track record than your personal credit history when they assess your application.

Here’s how that could impact you and your business.

  • You’re not on the hook. The Brex Card for Ecommerce doesn’t require a personal guarantee. So if your company can’t pay, Brex won’t come after your personal finances. This card won’t affect your personal credit either, because Brex doesn’t collect your Social Security number or check your personal credit reports when you apply for the card.
  • You won’t build personal credit, but you can still build business credit. The Brex Card for Ecommerce reports your company’s payment information to Experian and Dun & Bradstreet, which can help you build your business credit history.
  • Brex touts higher credit limits. If your business is approved for the Brex Card for Ecommerce, your credit limit will be somewhere between 50% and 100% of your company’s expected monthly sales, but no higher than $5 million. But keep in mind that your business must drive a minimum of $100,000 per month in sales to qualify. So this is a card that’s meant for bigger online retail businesses.
  • Only established businesses are eligible. On top of the sales restrictions, the Brex Card for Ecommerce is available only to companies that have been in business for at least one year.

Who this card is good for

The Brex Card for Ecommerce is geared toward established online retail businesses that need a little more time to pay. If your company is juggling sales and expenses, this corporate card could help you improve cash flow by giving you 60 days to pay. But you can’t carry a balance, so it’s not a good fit for new businesses with uncertain financial futures.

And if you want to earn consistent rewards for the money you spend on your business, you might prefer a card with a more traditional rewards program.

Not sure if this is the card for you? Consider these alternatives.

If the Brex Card for Ecommerce isn’t what your company is looking for, you might want to check out one of these other business cards instead.