How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You

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How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You

Did you know there are hundreds of different credit cards available to consumers at this very moment? With so many different personalities, preferences and levels of credit-worthiness out there today, it's more likely than ever that you can find a card that's right for your unique situation.

But how do you sort through all of the offers being thrown at you?

The key to picking out the right card for you is knowing where your credit stands and what card features you care about. Figuring out your credit-worthiness is the easy part--you can check your credit score for free at Credit Karma. But we can't tell you what you want in a credit card--that's for you to decide. Here are some options to consider from our advertising partners as you try to find your perfect card.

Low Interest

If you're looking to make a large purchase or tend to carry a balance on your card from one month to the next, consider getting a 0% intro APR or low interest credit card. These cards typically offer a low introductory APR that jumps to a higher rate after a certain amount of time, which is useful because they allow some time to pay off your purchases (practically) interest-free. Sound interesting? The Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card or Citi Simplicity® Card are great options to consider.

Tip: Be sure to read the terms of the cards you're interested in carefully to know how long the introductory APR will last and what the regular APR will be when the introductory period expires.

Cash Back

If you pay the full balance on your cards each month and want rewards for using your credit card, a cash back credit card may be right for you. These cards allow you to earn cash rewards (sometimes up to 5%) for making purchases--the more you use your card, the more cash you receive. We'd recommend checking out Chase Freedom® if you're in the market for a solid cash back credit card.

Tip: Keep in mind that some cash back cards may have annual fees or higher APRs than other cards. In addition, you may need better-than-average credit to be approved.

Balance Transfer

Paying high interest rates, have a good credit score and/or want to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment? You might want to look into a balance transfer credit card. Balance transfer cards allow you to transfer a high interest credit card balance onto a credit card with a low interest rate; many even offer 0% APR balance transfer rates for varying amounts of time. The Discover it® is a great choice for people looking to consolidate balances

Tip: Pay attention to transfer fees and know what the APR will be after the introductory period expires. If you will be unable to pay off your entire transferred balance during the introductory period, a lower APR for the long-term may be more important than the length of the introductory period.

Travel Perks

If you are a frequent flyer or travel a lot, we'd recommend checking out a travel rewards card. Designed to reward you generously every time you spend, travel and airline cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for airline miles, free nights at participating hotels and more. In addition, they typically come with bonus miles to help you build up to your first free flight sooner. If you're in the midst of planning your next big vacation, the Blue Sky from American Express® is a great card to consider.

Tip: Don't get too distracted by the initial signup bonus--be sure to pay attention to long-term rewards rates and other perks that may end up being more valuable to you. In addition, only consider cards with annual fees if you'll use the cards and earn enough rewards to make the fee worth paying.

Bottom Line

Just as you would hunt around for the best bargain when shopping for major purchases, the same care should be taken when applying for a credit card. Compare offers, read all of the terms and conditions and research what people are saying about the cards you're interested in to find the card that best suits your needs. Good luck!

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With all of the financial confusion in our country, I have reduced my credit cards down to 2. If someone grabs my purse, which seems to be happening frequently around here, I have made copies of everything in my wallet so I can contact the company immediately to report the theft. I keep nothing in my purse that I cannot afford to lose. 

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I like using Bank of America's credit card for gas with 3% cash back, and I like using Citi Bank's Double cash with 1%+1%=2% for eveything else.  This way I don't concern myself with revolving 5% bonus categories like Chase Freedom, which is 5% for bonus category for 3 months (then changes) & 1% for everything else.

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How can i get a Citi Bank Double cash card Thank You.      Enter Your Reply

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Why is it that your scores are much highier then the others credit report sites?....but very much more highier...!!

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Great info on this article, a lot of people are uncertain of which card to choose so this should help clear things up. Be advised though, you need to have good credit to get approved for many of the credit cards that were listed in this article.

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Yes I agree because I'm using the exact credit cards myself for all the right reasons!

 Top Contributer, Good Job

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Pentagon Federal Credit cards have the best perks going for military folks and you can't beat their auto loan rates!

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Great article,

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Recently I was able to sign up for Credit Karma. I would like to know how a credit freeze affects this monitoring? Can I log in and get an UP -- TO -- DATE       score if my credit is frozen on all three agencies?

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These articles contain invaluable advise.

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