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3.8 out of 5 stars
4 Reviews

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Sep 30, 2018
The extra fuel rewards are a great value
Shen04 Cardholder

If you frequently shop Smiths (Kroger) , this is a great card for you. The only bummer about the card is that it opens a new rewards account for you. I thought I could combine it with my existing rewards account/alt ID so I wasn’t getting the extra gas discount at first. As soon as I realized it was a new account I began using it, chose a new alt ID, and instantly got my extra gas rewards. 

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Sep 21, 2018
luvkdz2 Cardholder

The online application process was easy; I received my card pretty quickly after applying. I have used to make purchases in order to receive the rewards certificates, and I should recieve one in November (1st one). I've been using this card instead of my debit card in order to get the rewards and just make multiple payments a month to keep it paid down. I received a $400 incentive credit right within my first month. The credit plus rewards back is more than I get with my other cards, so I am satisfied. 

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Jul 19, 2018
Im so DONE with Mastercard- beware
Gabbybh Cardholder

Mastercard will NOT (At least this card) protect the customer.  I have spent HOURS and HOURS and months on disputing a charge.  I had all the proof I needed and then some and Kroger mastercard still sided with the merchant and now I have to convince them to refund me with a letter I received from the CC company..  The merchant  needs to have a 3 way call because of the dispute but Mastercard- Kroger told me "they do NOT do 3 way calls and they will not contact the merchant and good luck!"  Once this is settled I will NO LONGER EVER!! EVER!!! get another mastercard...

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Jun 12, 2018
Excellent card with no problems .
mike4816 Cardholder

They start you off with a moderate credit line, mid 4 figures for me.  I used the .25 discount without any problem and kind of miss it,  I had the visa card in the beginning and have now received the new mastercard which will give me a .05 discount on top of the regular .10 or more discount.

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