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May 08 2020
Great fuel benefits, good customer service
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card now for a full year. I have the $0.55 off per gallon bonus offer. It works like this, as long as you have 100 fuel points from shopping in a Smiths/Kroger, you get $0.65 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons. My wife and I fuel up at the same time to make sure we get the full 35 gallon reward. If we are ever short, we'll buy an Amazon gift card in the Smiths and that will ensure we have 100 fuel points. We've only done this twice in the past year. We shop Amazon a lot and always buy Amazon gift cards for our online purchases. Smiths offers either double or 4x rewards on gift card purchases, so this is super convenient for us. We have many times have had between $1.05 and $1.45 off per gallon. This has been a huge savings over the year for us. In December, I missed a payment online. The bank is US Bank (which we don't use for anything else) and it isn't as easy as Capital One to login and pay. It was my fault and I noticed it when it was 2 days late. My card was immediately deactivated. I called the customer service, owned up to my mistake and asked for a waive on the late fee and interest fee. They gladly did this for us. I made an immediate payment online while on the phone with customer service. It did take 3 days for my card to be active again (payment had to post and clear). I'm not a big fan of the US Bank website as far as user ease. But the massive fuel savings from this card is incredible. By working their system requirements, we saved an average of $35 per week on fuel. Think about that... $1800 in fuel savings. No annual fee. And a forgiving customer service. For transparency, I pay my credit card off in full at least once per month, and before it's due (except for the 1 time in Dec.) So this card cost me ZERO in fees. I was able to set up online pay by logging in, selecting the account, selecting to draw from my checking and payment amount. I think if you properly put in the time to learn this card, it will save you a bunch.

Sep 30 2018
The extra fuel rewards are a great value
Credit Karma Member

If you frequently shop Smiths (Kroger) , this is a great card for you. The only bummer about the card is that it opens a new rewards account for you. I thought I could combine it with my existing rewards account/alt ID so I wasn't getting the extra gas discount at first. As soon as I realized it was a new account I began using it, chose a new alt ID, and instantly got my extra gas rewards.

Sep 21 2018
Credit Karma Member

The online application process was easy; I received my card pretty quickly after applying. I have used to make purchases in order to receive the rewards certificates, and I should recieve one in November (1st one). I've been using this card instead of my debit card in order to get the rewards and just make multiple payments a month to keep it paid down. I received a $400 incentive credit right within my first month. The credit plus rewards back is more than I get with my other cards, so I am satisfied.

Jul 19 2018
Im so DONE with Mastercard- beware
Credit Karma Member

Mastercard will NOT (At least this card) protect the customer. I have spent HOURS and HOURS and months on disputing a charge. I had all the proof I needed and then some and Kroger mastercard still sided with the merchant and now I have to convince them to refund me with a letter I received from the CC company.. The merchant needs to have a 3 way call because of the dispute but Mastercard- Kroger told me "they do NOT do 3 way calls and they will not contact the merchant and good luck!" Once this is settled I will NO LONGER EVER!! EVER!!! get another mastercard...

Jun 12 2018
Excellent card with no problems .
Credit Karma Member

They start you off with a moderate credit line, mid 4 figures for me. I used the .25 discount without any problem and kind of miss it, I had the visa card in the beginning and have now received the new mastercard which will give me a .05 discount on top of the regular .10 or more discount.

May 07 2018
WAY better than NetSpend
Credit Karma Member

I don't know what anyone could complain about this prepaid card! All the others have a fee every time you use it. This one you only pay to reload it or if you use an out-of-network ATM for cash back. AND it has rewards points! This card is AWESOME; I will never use NetSpend again.

Apr 29 2018
Poor benefits from store and US BANK
Credit Karma Member

This card was a waste of time and they did a hard credit check bringing my score down. The rewards points are NOT fuel rewards. US Bank ( terrible) they give you a $5 bonus check once you have 1000 points. These are separate from your fuel points. I did not know this until after signing up for the card. Also was supposed to get .25 off per gallon of fuel. That never worked and Kroger said it was US BANK and they told me it was Kroger's fault. I highly advise anyone to research if this is really a beneficial card to get. For me it was a waste of time and I closed the account 2 months after opening it.

Feb 14 2018
Not Bad.$75 statement credit right away.
Credit Karma Member

I can not say anything bad....I shop at Fry's a lot. So getting 100 points every week is easy with prescriptions you get 50 points per refill. My Wife drives a lot so every weekend we use this card to get $.35 off a gallon for the first year so long as you have 100 points on your reward account. I don't understand the complaints. I received this card about a month ago and already have additional 400+ point rewards pending. I spoke to a representive and was told at the end of this month the pending will roll over and once I get 1,000 point I will receive a 123 rewards certificate. So Far only use this card when shopping at Fry's...Very Happy :-)

Jul 21 2017
This Card is perfect for my Needs!
Credit Karma Member

The application process was simple and easy! I was approved after 2 weeks and I recieved my card in the mail with the credit limit and further detais. Customer service is always amazing! No annual fee!

Mar 24 2017
Credit Karma Member

Same benefits as having a Kroger plus card (free). I've had this card for a year and a half and put a few thousand on it and in return accumulated around 30 dollars of checks to spend at Kroger as the perk of using this card. 4,000 dollars equals around 25 dollars in store merchandise Kroger checks. This was my highest interest rate credit card. I've never missed a payment. They raised the interest even more than my original 18.90% interest rate I was accepted with. I called and asked for them to lower it. The lady was not friendly or helpful over the phone and came up with this offer.. to reduce my interest rate to 17.98% for 6 months and then back to the 20 some percent they had raised it to after the 6 months was over. LOL! So I told her I would like to make a payment instead and I paid the card off with 1900 dollars on the spot and I will never use this card again.

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Kroger 1-2-3 REWARDS MasterCard

Kroger 1-2-3 REWARDS MasterCard

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