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I am disabled/very poor. I need a dental loan downpayment. Can I use a credit card? Never had a CC.
I am disabled/low fixed income. I want to take out a dental loan. I have never had a credit card before, but can I use a credit card for a downpayment? What credit card would approve me with a low credit score?

I get only $700 dollars a month. I still have one dental loan to pay off for the next 2.5 years. It was a $3,000 dollar loan and $60 dollars a month.

I am not sure yet what the downpayment for the new dental loan will be, but I am thinking it would cost at least $500. My last downpayment was at least that much with this particular dentist.

This dental clinic is really nice to me. I have no credit, but they let me take out one loan for my one tooth. But now, I need the rest of the teeth worked on, and I have no way to save money. They offered me a loan for all my teeth at the time (including one root canal and a fancy crown on it). At the time, I didn't have the $950 for the down payment for all my teeth.

It sounds terrible, but I am so poor that I often take out student loans (I'm half-time) just to pay for things like this. I am already $30,000 in student loan debt, and I have only gone to school for about 4 years (again, half-time).

I live with my boyfriend who makes about $1000 a month. So our combined income before bills is $1700. I don't see how the government expects to make it on my own with this measly $700, when rent alone is $600. But whatever.

I live so minimally, its pathetic. But I really need work done on my teeth. I never had the chance to see a dentist my entire life. Now I am force to fix these teeth because flossing and brushing doesn't seem to be enough. Most of my money that I could "save" for stuff goes to my doctor visits 2 hours out of town. I have very little money, is my point.

So now that you know my whole financial situation I want to know:
1. Can I get approved a credit card for a medical downpayment?
2. What is the minimum I would have to pay a month on the card?
3. Could this, in fact, help my credit score? I don't have an accurate #, but according to this site, its like 580.

I would really appreciate helpful responses. I have never had a CC before, and I am nervous on how to find a card and not get ripped off with interest, etc.

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No, you won't be able to get a credit card with a score of 580.  You need to re-think your entire process.  First, you can easily take care of your student loan debt by consolidating into an income-based plan, and/or getting the loans forgiven due to disability.  Visit to check into that or the website.  Second, I know you love your dentist, but you should find a dental school near you, they can do the work for pennies and it is good work.  Also, check in your local United Way Agency and see if they have any dental programs you can use.  If you are getting any SS benefits from disability, they should help with your dental bills as well.  Best of luck!

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First, I can't have my student loan debt forgiven when I still need to take out more loans to finish school. Loans are my only option to finish school. I am too sick to go full-time to get grants. I am honestly too sick to go half-time too, and I often end out dropping classes due to illness. 

Second, "dental school"? They are NOT pennies! It cost me $100 dollars just for them to x-ray ONE tooth! It was ridiculous. Also, they only do fillings, not caps. And like I said, it is not cheap. It ends up costing the same as a regular dentist. I need major work, not minor. 

Third, SS disability could care less with any of my bills, especially dental. They do not ever pay for dental in any way whatsoever. The only thing they will cover is getting a tooth pulled. I don't want missing teeth and holes in my mouth. Ironically, they will do any dental work via medicare if you're under 18. Medicare won't even pay for preventative care. It's really ridiculous. 

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