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May 24 2017
Credit Karma Member

I was approved less than a month after my bankruptcy was discharged. My limit is low ($300) but because it lowered my credit utilization my ck went up 92 points.

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Sep 05 2018
Stay Away from this Company!
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for 4 months now.? I have made my payments on time and early.? I have a payment history of six payments to date with no issues what so ever.? I just payed my balance off and all of a sudden this piece of garbage credit card company places a paymemt hold on my account after they take the money out of my account. So now my credit is locked up for 8 days for paying my balance on time in full.? I reached out to customer service and after being on hold for 47 minutes, I recieved no help.? The first CS agent spoke very difficult to understand english with a thick Indian accent.? After going through that, I asked for a Supervisor, Supervisor MJ came on line 20 minutes later to tell me that no matter what my payment history, their system randomly selects payment holds on their customers and their is nothing that can be done about it.? No one is authorized to over ride that hold.? I could understand if I was delinquent or if my payments were reterned.? However, I was treated with unacceptable service and became victim of policy that should not have applied to me.? Stay away from these people, I would not recommend this company to do business with.? I will cancel this card as soon as possible.? Further, most company's has an app making it convenient for payemts and accessing account information.? This company is definiltly? behind the eight ball with the times.? Again, do not under any circumstances do business with these people. ?

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Aug 02 2020
Credit Karma Member

Jul 17 2020
Did WAY more damage than good.
Credit Karma Member

Absolutely the worst company I’ve ever worked with.

Jul 06 2020
You get what you pay for
Credit Karma Member

Think of this back as you get what you post for but in a basic way. The annual fee is charged. They’ve offered me another account with a lower annual fee, I was hoping it would be no annual fee - since I’ve done good by this company. That hadn’t happened. They offered me an increase on credit limit which I ended up having to pay a fee to get. Lame. I don’t make payments through their app; I send it through bill pay because they charge a fee to use their express payment.

Jun 09 2020
Bad company
Credit Karma Member

They charged my account FIVE times $50. I called and the representative was nasty and rude and said he could not reverse those transactions and then said, You have a bill just pay it. Shocking, I make my payments on time and even pay twice a month. I just looked at my account and it says I owe the full balance and my payment is late BUT they took it out of my account. So now today is another argument with them.

May 25 2020
SLOW To Post
Credit Karma Member

Slow to post transactions ,payments and slow to add credit back. It works but it is a very slow posting card. Credit One works smoother for me in the rebuilding card category.

May 22 2020
Is a great card to rebuild your credit!!!
Credit Karma Member

Would recommend only if you won’t used all the balance in a day!!

May 10 2020
Credit Karma Member

This card help me a lot with my credit score. it's the best.

May 05 2020
Has been great for rebulding credit
Credit Karma Member

I see a lot of bad reviews here, I have had it for almost a year with no issues at all. I was actually scared after I had been approved and read some comments here and wondered if I should cancel it. Glad I did not do that, it has helped me rebuild credit after my business took a dip caused by other companies offshoring. If you pay your bill and are responsible it is a great starter card to build or rebuild. I also saw bad reviews on the interest? You knew the rate before you accepted? This card is for risky people to prove they can be responsible with credit and is perfect for just that. Otherwise get a secured card. This company is doing people a hug favor and it's annoying how ungrateful many people can be. I have never had to contact customer service, I use my card and pay my bill, very simple.

Apr 29 2020
Credit Karma Member

Come on credit Karma. You are supposed to be helping people build credit and you offer this card as a recommendation? They have over 400 bad reviews. You should NOT advertise such a horrible business!!!

Apr 07 2020
Seems good
Credit Karma Member

approved about 3 months after bankruptcy low beginning credit limit. Haven’t had it for long but so far so good. Easy application process. Not a hole lot of dealing with any one in person mostly just used online for things I’ve needed to do.

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Great for people working on their credit††
See card detail
See card detail
Regular purchase APR


Annual fee

$75 - $99

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