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2.5 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

3 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

2.5 out of 5 stars

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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR Not Applicable
  • Annual Fee $39
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 13.99%* Variable

Our Take

The First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card is a solid option for building credit.

What to Like

It's a secured credit card, meaning there's no credit history required to get approved. First Progress also reports monthly to all three credit bureaus.

Look Out For

Because the card is secured, you'll have to pay a security deposit after you’re approved. The card also charges an annual fee.


Most Helpful Positive Review

May 11, 2013
Fine For Me
Anonymous Cardholder

I could not get approved for a few other cards when I came across this one. Compared to other secured cards the annual fee wasn't bad. I put $300 down and have had it over a year. I'm sorry, I don't really remember how long it took to be accepted, money taken out of account or to receive the card since it was awhile ago.

I only use the card to pay my car insurance on auto pay. So instead of paying my car insurance bill every month, I pay the credit card bill. I don't use it for any other charges so technically I'm not out any extra money each month, except the once a year annual fee. 

This is the key to rebuilding your credit. Don't use it! Just put a low bill on auto pay with it and forget about it. Otherwise you will be spending money you don't currently have the cash for. Pay it off each month and don't pay any interest. You should only use 30% or less of your credit limit each month anyways to keep your debt to credit ratio low, which also helps improve your credit score. My car insurance is only $90 a month, which is 30% of $300. 

In the last 14 months or so that I have had it, I have been offered and approved for 3 non-secured cards. Once again, I put a different bill on auto pay and don't use it for anything else. Keep it simple and you won't get yourself in trouble. I have improved my credit from low to mid 500's to about 690 in 14 months. Not bad if you ask me. 

I do not work for this company by the way. I'm just a hard working 30 something year old girl trying to earn good credit by being as responsible as I can. I will not make the same credit mistakes I made when I was in my twenties. 

Good luck! If used responsibly this could be a good card for you! :)

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 26, 2014
company is still living in the stone age
ctencore Cardholder

I've had this card for over a year.  It was the first card I ordered when I was looking to rebuild my credit.  While it did help me acomplish this goal (now a 668 score), working with these people with minor customer service requests is not easy.  Talking with them you get the impression they just started using computers last month.  The level of training they give their staff to accomodate their customers feels marginal at best.  Whenever you ask a question usually they have to go ask someone else, or transfer you to someone else.  They don't take payments via debit card either.  And when you do make a payment, unless it's a direct bill pay from your bank, they take forever to post it to your account.

The final straw for me was when I inadvertantly overpaid my credit card bill.  No worries, I wanted to just have them ad that to my credit line, increasing it from $644 to $1000.  After all, they already have my money, how hard can this be?   Well, the answer is "IMPOSSIBLE."   They told me they would need to send me a check for the $356 I over paid them, and then I would need to send them back a check for $356, the amount of the credit line increase.  What?  You already have the money!!!!  How much sense does that make?  Someone can't just apply the credit I have with them to my credit line????  "I'm sorry sir, we can't do that."  

Another issue is the whole credit line increase process itself.  You have to be "Approved" to increase your credit line and it can take 30 days.  Let me get this straight, I want to send you more of MY money to hold in deposit, you earn interest on that money AND charge me 18.99% to use MY money, and I have to be "approved" to do this and it's a somewhat arduous process?  Who's running this place, the guy from Rain Man?

For those looking to rebuild their credit I recommend Barclaycard (no deposit required but they start you out with a low credit line & increse it over time). Capitol One is another good one, you can increase your credit line AT ANY TIME by simply sending them more money.  You can also reach them nearly anytime, which is awesome, and their customer service reps are awesome as well.   Another good card is First Premier Bank.  This one does not require a deposit either, they just start you out small and work your way up.  I believe I had a $350 credit limit for the first 6 months.  Then it was increased to $700.  6 months later they sent me a new card for a 2nd account, with a credit limit of $1,500.  Now that's how you rebuild credit.... use the cards, make the payments on-time, and they constantly increase your limit, showing other normal creditors that you're responsible with larger credit limits.  As a result of all this I recently got a Discover card with a $1500 limit, a CitiBank credit card with a $2500 limit, and a chase card with a $2000 limit.  All starting with a 522 credit score 15 months ago.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jul 23, 2017
lucky8251 Cardholder

They suck !!! Customer care is flat out not there. They send your statements as said. Ive not used my card. Never received a statement. Ended up paying over 120$ because of a 13 $ balance that they keep tacking on $39 dollar late fee. Said they would correct it . never did. You can understand customer service.
Stay far away from these guys !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 19, 2017
Would not recommend to anyone
jordan1muffler Cardholder

I have had this card only for a few weeks. I added a ecured balance of 200.00 when I applied. The card took almost 3 weeks to get to me after applying. I received the pin code a week after that. and my first bill 2 days later. My biggrest issue at first was trying to contact someone at their custmer service, which is next to impossible unless ou have your card in the mail and it still does not tell you that your log in info is your card number and last 4 of your social. Once you get set up online you apparently have not only activate the card online you have to call as well even though online tells you that its activated. 

Second biggest issue. The day I received the card I already had a charge immediately for 49.00 which I had assumed was the service fee ( I figured okay no big deal) the part I coulld not figure out was that my balance showed availble credit of 124.50.( I havent even used the card yet!) The first bill I got did not show the service charge but online did. I immediately set up to pay the bill which come to find out if your bankk does not offer Bill Pay then you have to mail a check in. Thats the only options you get. Anyways, I pay the the balance off so i am supposed to be back at a 200.00 credit limit, WRONG!! My wife used the card for one purchase of 12.67 at the corner store and my payment had posted as well but mysteriously I have only 64.85 in available credit!?!?!  I can not get the math to add up. Even if I use their APR for purchases at 9.99% I am still no where close to what they say has been used. 

I would not recomend this card to anyone whatsoever and if youa re looking for a good secured card then look at the OpenSKy or CapitalOne Secured cards. Both of those are Easy to use and have exceptional customer service.

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Jul 06, 2017
Went from a 495 to 657 in 3 months
Anonymous Cardholder

I see a lot of people complained about customer service. Look, they are in Georgia and older people, therefore a little slower. But think of them as an older family member that is making ends meet. You wouldn't pick on your aunt or grandfather working a job like that to keep his lights on would you? If the answer is yes, you've got a bit of self reflection to do. I find them extremely helpful, and I've not had any real issues. After THREE months of two First Prigress cards (I did a $300 and $1000 limit card), I was approved for a Delta American Express. This is a great card for anyone WITHOUT bankruptcy (the only people that don't get approval are bankruptcy individuals) that's looking to rebuild their credit fast. Mind you, I was disputing things and paying things off via the "Snowball method" (Google it) which helped a lot, but I'm over a 700 now within the same 6 months as first getting my two cards, 250 point climb. I highly recommend them. 

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1 Reply
Jul 16, 2017

What card would you suggest to people who filed bankruptcy?

Jun 24, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Don't do it!!! High interest rates and they will close your account even if you made the payment

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Jun 20, 2017
Works For Rebuilding
GDough Cardholder

My Situation

I was 20 years old and ruined my credit in merchant and consumers accounts due to opening a business, had banking accounts closed along with the credit from those banks as well. My score had dropped to about 460 in 2013. This eventually lead to  having a bad credit status and being marked in ChexSystems, which prevents you from opening any sort of consumer accounts like checking accounts. After finding a job shortly after, instead of filing for bankruptcy, I decided to go ahead and repair my credit and it started with First Progress.

So this is my review 2 years and 9 months later...

Some prerequisites:

1.) You need to have bad credit, either this card is not for you. Even if you have no credit and want to build credit, this card is still not for you.

2.) An extra $200 or more (I put $300)

3.) Patience and knowing how/what to use it on. (give it 6 months at least, 12 months if you have many baddies on your account).

4.) Checking Account that allows bill pay, or another form of card that has these features (such as the Chase Liquid Card, which is what i used)

5.) The following needs to stick in your head: 

     a) Remember that rebuilding credit COSTS in some shape or form, either by deposits, charges and annual fees. Rebuilding is not easy, it takes a lot of patience and of course money. 

     b) Rebuilding is not just opening secured accounts and hoping everything will be fixed in a couple of years, you need to constantly work in fixing your negative remarks on your account, to a certain extent.

Opening Account

Opening the First Progress account was pretty easy, that is if you have a bank account to fund it with. If you do not have a bank account, I would highly recommend the Chase Liquid Card as they allow you to use their Online Bill Pay as a feature. The Chase Liquid Card is what I started out with since I was marked on ChexSystems and was unable to open any checking/savings accounts at any bank at the time (due to closed checking accounts with negative balances). The process took over a week and a half for them to receive the deposit and send out the card. Then I received it in the mail about a week later, so about 2 - 3 weeks in total for the whole process it took for me, but this can take longer for some areas.


Using the card was simple, I put $300 as the deposit and if this was your first secured card like it was for me, you would need to be responsible to keep it below the 30% utilization rate. Since I put $300 as the deposit, 30% in this case would be $90. You would need to make sure your max spending limit to have at the end of a billing cycle would be lower than $90, meaning when you recieve you billing statements, your balance owed should not be over $90, since $90 is 30% of your overall utilization rate. This is extremely important when you start applying for other cards down the road.

I would highly recommend finding some way to bill pay direcly to First Progress's account, the first bill I paid I used MoneyGram at a local CVS and this was the first and last time I would do something like this, it takes longer for First Progress to receieve the payment and could possibly make your payment late, plus the hassle of going in store, calling, connecting, providing the information, and confirming took about 40 minutes since this was my very first time doing something like this. Theres lots of debit cards that allow bill pay if you do not have a checking account or unable to get one like me at the time.

By also wary that this has an annual fee, for me it was $39 a year.


My score was around 460 when I started in 2014, in about 6 months, my score jumped to 524. Not exactly an average score, however as long as progress is made, you're on the right track (and so was I). I soon applied for another secured card from Capital One a couple months after, and at the end of the 12th month, my score was around 580 from these 2 secured cards, which 580 for some credit cards applications is the bare minimum. First Progress was easy to use as it was accepted everywhere and suprisingly did not require a signature, unlike unsecured cards which do.

Eventually after a year and 2 months, I applied for my first Capital One Unsecured card (QuickSilver One) and was given a $500 limit. The secured card from Capital One also bumped up from $300 (my original security deposit) to a $600 credit line. I had First Progress to thank since it lead me up to this point in 2015.

However, don't expect an increase from First Progress as they do not hand out credit increases, whatever you deposit is what you get. I still have the same $300 limit from the time of opening the account to now.

Overall, this card was easy to use, and I had no problems with payments or First Progress using bill pay from Chase Liquid's Card. I would highly recommend this along with other secured cards for rebuilding your credit.

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May 21, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

THEY FALSE ADVERTISE. EVERY CUSTOMER GETS THE SAME UGLY GREEN CARD. THERE ARE NO CHIPPED CARDS. You will get a hard inquiry with this, there are only 2 ways to pay and one way is Moneygram at Walmart/Cvs and will cost you $72 a year. High annual fee, sucky website and is outdated. Terrible.  when you pay by check it takes two weeks for check to clear !  I have heard it takes almost 2 months to get the deposit back. So disappointed. 

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May 21, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

THEY FALSE ADVERTISE. EVERY CUSTOMER GETS THE SAME UGLY GREEN CARD. THERE ARE NO CHIPPED CARDS. You will get a hard inquiry with this, there are only 2 ways to pay and one way is Moneygram at Walmart/Cvs and will cost you $72 a year. High annual fee, sucky website and is outdated. Terrible.  when you pay by check it takes two weeks for check to clear !  I have heard it takes almost 2 months to get the deposit back. So disappointed. 

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May 20, 2017
Don't get this card
Crystalm101 Cardholder

Instead o helping you rebuild your credit this stupid card helps you go backwards . I always pay on time through my banks bill pay , the problem is first progress reports every other month to credit bureaus, so sometimes you make gain 34 points other months you may lose 30 something points , never stable , I went and got approved for discover it card so far no problems and that's the card to go with ..

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May 17, 2017
Pretty good starter card
Jordan3942 Cardholder

I applied with a 525 beacon and after making a few payments, my score went up enough to get another card through a different company with lower fees and rewards. Now my credit is a 606 beacon and growing every month. Annual fees are kind of high, but that's the cost you pay for having bad credit. Lol

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Jul 11, 2017

Which company if you don't mind me asking?

May 08, 2017
Helps Credit


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