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Our Take

If you’re looking to build your credit, the Merrick Bank Double Your LineTM Visa® Credit Card might make sense for you.

What to Like

While your credit limit might start off relatively low if you’re approved, Merrick Bank will double your credit line if you make at least the minimum monthly payment on-time for the first 7 months your account is open. It’s also easy to find out if you’re pre-qualified before you actually apply, and you can see your pre-qualified APR and credit limit before making your application decision.

Look Out For

Like other cards that are primarily aimed at consumers looking to build their credit, credit limits here are relatively low and APRs are relatively high. There’s also no rewards or cash back with this card.


Most Helpful Positive Review

May 10, 2016
Continually increasing credit limit
neiberg21 Cardholder

I was appproved for this card a lttle over a year and a half ago with a low 600's credit score for a $500 limit. I have paid on time every month. It initially doubled after the 6th payment. I currently have a $2500 and my credit score is now just under 700. I love this card with the exception of the $4 mothly "maintainence" fee and the fairly high interst rate. The best thing to do is keep the balance low or pay off what you charge each month. Overall I am pleased with this card!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 10, 2016
Avoid this one!
Anonymous Cardholder

Due to a variety of circumstances I had to file a Chap. 13 bankruptcy.  After paying back the full amount decided by the court but before it cleared my credit history I received an offer from Merrick.  It didn't have any annual fees, unlike most offers I was receiving, so I jumped right on it.  Yes the interest rates were high, but that was to be expected given my credit history and score at the time.  I didn't really have any issues until their fraud department called me one afternoon to tell me there was suspicious activity.  They rattled off a number of charges, to the tune of over $300, that were posted to my account in the last 3 days (all of which were in states not near me).  Cell phone payments to a company I don't use, restaurant bills for places about 900 miles away from me, video phone call services to prison inmates...just all sorts of random stuff.  At this point everything went south.  They told me I'd receive paperwork in the mail in 7-10 days to fill out to dispute the charges.  That time period went by and I received nothing.  I called their customer service who transfered me to the fraud department.  They'd never sent the paperwork.  No apologies, no excuses...just a "yeah, we never sent that out.  Maybe tomorrow."  In the meantime my account is maxed out, there are $300 of charges on the account I didn't make and they're in no hurry to do anything.  Again I wait.  On day 12 the paperwork arrives and only half of the fraudlent claims are listed.  Again I'm on the phone with the fraud department asking where the other $120 worth of fraudulent charges are and that they're not shown on their affidavit that I have to submit.  They blamed me saying I never claimed they were fraudulent (although they called me and I agreed to all charges they told me about) and told me to just pencil them in and mail the paperwork back.  I completed the paperwork and took it to the Post Office the same day I received it.  Since then 2 months have passed with no word on anything.  Customer service, if you can call it that, claims it can take up to 90 days (90 days!) to process claims b/c the MERCHANT has the final say.  If the merchant claims it is a real charge, I'm stuck paying it.  Bottom line, as the card holder, user and account holder...they don't care about my rights, my credit or me as their customer at all.  MERCHANTS have the final say.  In this time period of waiting on Merrick Bank to do something, ANYTHING to remedy the situation I had 2 fraudulent charges made to another account that I have.  Those charges were disputed, investigated and removed from my account within 48 hours...but somehow it takes Merrick 90 days?  Worst customer service I've ever dealth with.  Worst fraud/security department I've ever dealt with.  If this situation is ever remedied I will be paying off my account and closing it.  I'd rather take the credit score hit of closing the account than dealing with a company that doesn't have my best interest in mind.  I don't need their credit card to rebuild, there are plenty of other ways.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

May 18, 2017
Good for starting fresh
Anonymous Cardholder

I haven't had any issues with this card so far,waiting to see if my credit limit increases but I've only had it four 4months.

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May 17, 2017
No complaints 👍
Breelafaye Cardholder

I've had the card for a little over 6 months and my limit has been doubled. I have experienced unauthorized charges while the card was still in my possession, the dispute process was smooth and replacement card was in the mail within 5 business days. 

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May 09, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

No complaints here. After my divorce, I was having to build my credit back from the ground up. I applied for this card & was approved for $800. I was told that if I made timely payments for 7 months they would double my line. I just got approved automatically today. I am very happy with this card, although I have other cards that offer rewards. But I use this card on occasion too. 

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May 08, 2017
Great card
Anonymous Cardholder

Customer service is good and the double my credit in 7 months exactly one day after my due date great card, customer service is helpful and know English. No problem at all......

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May 04, 2017
Very disappointing
Anonymous Cardholder

You don't receive an credit line increase in 7 months like promised

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Apr 18, 2017
Aarons601 Cardholder

I've had this card 1 year now. Got it with a credit score of low 600s, now I'm in the low 700s and not had a single credit line increase. Still stuck at 1,000. The fico score is a joke, it never updates! I was promised a limit increase after 7 payments and nothing. Just going to cancel it now that I have a AMEX with a 10,000 limit.

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Apr 17, 2017
ErnieCalvin Cardholder

Several years ago, I was having financial trouble. Capital One KEPT adding FEES, so could't come out of it, and had to file bankruptcy. I will NEVER have a Capital One card AGAIN (Though they have asked me to MANY times!! -Thewy NEVER APOLOGIZED!!!!)

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Apr 19, 2017

Are you sure it was Capital One and not Credit One because their logos look eerily alike...Credit One is the card with all the ridiculous fees.

Mar 23, 2017
So far... so good
Ebags Cardholder

Don't know about customer service because I haven't had any issues.

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Mar 28, 2017

What credit bureau did they pull. Did u get an invite to apply or just took a chance

Apr 20, 2017

They pull from Experian.

Mar 20, 2017
Take it from someone who has 10+ years
Anonymous Cardholder

In the 10+ possibly 15 years experience with these guys, I can't say too many positives. Even to this day they are my highest interest rates card due to some late payments a decade ago. Nothing I have done since then has gotten it down. My credit line goes up incrementally about $100 every so often. But what good is that with a high interest rate? I've contemplated closing this account dozens of times but as someone who overcame bad credit, there is always a fear of putting a dent in it by taking away credit. And the high fees especially for late pay? It's insane. There has not been a time when I didn't feel like the price gouged me. There's companies that truly want to help people and ones like this that just take advantage. Don't bother calling Customer service either it's not in house.

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Apr 08, 2017

They are excellent for rebuilding credit but offer nothing to customers who graduate to tier 2 and strong tier 3 reward credit cards. If you close them your score will drop but pick back up after about four to six months assuming your utilization on other cards and payment history hasn't changed for the worse. If you have four years of solid reporting on at least two other credit cards and even better an installment loan in the mix you may as well close them out (unless your looking for a mortgage in the next six months) .Note to anyone considering applying to the invite or existing customers of Merrick..PAY BILL WITHIN A WEEK OF THE DATE IT IS ISSUED PER YOUR TOS AGREEMENT(ESPECIALLY IF YOU PAY BY SNAIL MAIL AND PAPER CHECK) Even online bill pay services through your bank have to issue an electronic bank check which takes three days to process verses next business day for most other credit card companies/banks. Then you have a day or two to wait for Merrick to post.. Again..Great for rebuilding scores but bring your "A" game as far as managing your payments with them or you will be disappointed..

Mar 17, 2017
Good Card so Far
KetKet1 Cardholder

I like this card so far.  Promised a increase in 7 months and did that was appproved for 750 initially which went up to 1500 automatically in 7 months right before christmas like they promised

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