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Jul 31 2018
Not as bad as you'd think
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a year and a half after getting sick and screwing up my credit, and its just fine. I was initially approved for $900 CL with low 500's. Merrick gave me my increase two payments early, and two more in the last six months, bringing me to $2400 and into the mid 600's. My score has gone up enough to replace two fee'd starter cards with an unsecured Capital One Platinum, as well as an Amex Gold that I use as a glorified FICO-reporting debit card. I don't know why there are so many negative reviews, because they TELL YOU when you're on the payment page HOW MANY DAYS your payment takes to post. Also, on the back of your paper statments statments/on your PDFs, it clearly says that if your payment due date is inconvenient, you can call and have it adjusted. A couple of other reviews here said that they were charged "monthly fees", but I just double-checked legit all my statements, and have only been charged my yearly fee...well, yearly. But here's a hot tip: if you want your payment to post the same day instead of waiting three to six, it's $4, soooo that sounds like that's what's going on for those people. The one time I called customer service, I only waited one whole minute for a nice midwestern lady to reset my login password and hand-hold me over the phone until I was logged back in. All-in-all,if you're a risky cardholder, the higher APR, zero perks and yearly fee *really* aren't that terrible to bump your score significantly and show that you can have big-kid cards (again). If you have even just *GOOD* over FAIR credit, this is not the card for you. Oh, and they just updated the app in Spring 2018: it doesn't looke like 1997 anymore, making it easier to pay and review your statments via smartphone.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 19 2019
Closed for inactivity without warning
Credit Karma Member

They offered me an initial $1,100 credit line. I made a couple small purchases, paid them off, and as promised they later doubled my credit line to $2,200. Then about a year later, WITHOUT ANY NOTICE OR WARNING WHATSOEVER, I received a letter saying that "due to inactivity" they had reduced my credit limit to a mere $300 -- and 30 days later would close my account entirely. There was no recource or option to change that. The letter SPECIFICALLY stated that even if I start using the card now, it would NOT change anything. My account was being closed anyway. And it was ONLY due to inactivity, not credit rating or payment history. In other words, for being financially responsible and not racking up debt, they decided to close my account without warning or any chance to become active.

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Apr 07 2020
Close your account without warning.
Credit Karma Member

Had this card since 2013. Never a late payment or over the limit. No issues. Paid it off completely last year. Get a letter in the mail saying my account was closed due to inactivity. I log on to check it every month since I have paperless billing. Never a notice or e mail that they were about to pull this stunt. Letter also states that it was not due to credit and that they would not reinstate. Concerned about how this will now show on my credit report. I call customer service. The live agent was useless and could not offer any type of assistance at all. Do not even bother with this company.

Mar 22 2020
My Card That Doubles. Great card.
Credit Karma Member

I love this card. It doubled when it said and as a matter of fact it doubled a day before. Now if you know most credit cards they do not double your card limit. Most barely give increases. This card did for me and I love it for that. I looked around places to see what cards were good for me and I picked the best out of all of them at that time. I will just say you can't go wrong with this card. It does what it says. I have not had to call but one time because I forgot and loss track of time on a payment but it was already paid as I like to check on everything so I won't make mistakes. But just keep this card forever as merrick grows with you and on you man. They are great.

Mar 21 2020
Great card if your credit needs a boost
Credit Karma Member

In my opinion, the Merrick Bank Double Your Line Visa card is the best of all of the cards for those needing a credit boost. My limit doubles next month. None of my other cards offered that. The website is simple to navigate, payments post quickly, too. I love the card and I'll keep it, even after my credit is repaired to where I want it to be.

Mar 03 2020
Credit Karma Member

I am not sure what to think about Merrick Bank Credit Card. Sounding like a card to help you build credit and improve your score. BUT in the end , after making lots of money from you, they suspend your credit limit, close your account and hurt your credit Score tremendously. I am going to think about this and come back and edit later.

Feb 29 2020
Recieved card as promised!
Credit Karma Member

Received my card today, and the activation/registration process was easy. The app is very easy to use. I look forward to making it to the CL increase timing in 7 months. ????????????

Feb 28 2020
Credit Karma Member


Feb 23 2020
Deceitful advertising.
Credit Karma Member

I paid more than the minimum (early!) every month for 7 months and there was not even a dollar increase, let alone did they double my credit line. Dumping this card as soon as the year I paid for is up. What a scam!!

Feb 08 2020
Great card to rebuild credit
Credit Karma Member

This is a great card if you're trying to rebuild your credit. However, there is an annual fee and after your limit is doubled, it will never be increased. I had no issues with this card or with customer service. I did use it once a quarter and then pay it off so I wouldn't have to deal with the "closed due to inactivity" issue. My only issues, the credit limit never increases and annual fee. Get the card, use it to reestablish your credit score and then move on from it.

Feb 07 2020
Credit Karma Member

Once you are approved ypu will get an email saying that you are approved. Only! You wont get your credit card until 3 weeks after you have applied. So it takes 7 to 10 days for your funds to be approved. Even thought they have already taken it out of your account and they have ypur money. Then when they feel ready they will send you your credit card 7 to 10 business days after that. So if you apply for this card don't expect it until a month later.

Jan 30 2020
Credit Karma Member

640 TU score. No negatives on report. 100% on time payments on all other accounts. Pre-approved for $550. I went ahead and submitted formal app. DENIED! Thanks for the hard inquiry jerks! Don't waste your time with this card!!!

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See card detail
See card detail
Regular purchase APR

19.45% - 27.7%* Variable

Annual fee

$0 - $72

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