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Oct 18 2017
Hidden Tradeline Gem
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Ignore the 1 star idiots that talk about their "late payments" or other self-inflicting stupidity they level onto Paypal for their trouble.? Quite frankly this is my best personal tradeline BECAUSE it doesn't report to the CRA's.?? This way I don't have to juggle Utilization Ratios and other nonsense month to month as I purchase larger ticket items on deferred interest. ? Pay on time, and don't overspend yourself and this credit line is the bees knees.? Try to buy a 10,000 dollar something you can't actually afford, miss payments, and then whine on CK reviews about how bad the card is, and the more of a fool you look. ? Comenity also gives massive increases on their other branded credit lines, so the open endedness potential of this card is pretty ridiculously high. ? The one downside is that you cannot simply request CLI, you have to try to buy something over your limit to trigger a SP on the spot review.? They do do occasional infrequent auto CLIs (as well as CLDs if you're mucking up the rest of your reports like I suspect most of the one-star angry people are doing) ? No rewards other than deferred interest, but an account with a relatively low APR even for fair credit folks, there is nothing keeping this tradeline from earning a solid 4 star rating.? I cannot give it five due to it being wonky in the limit department.

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Aug 06 2017
Fair... So many irrelevant complaints...
Credit Karma Member

Convenient is the first word that comes to mind. Now I've got to leave my thoughts on the posts above or before mine... too many individuals complain about issues that are completely your fault. This is a bank who is lending you money. Their own money. They've got no obligation to you, nor do they need to honor many of the various ridiculous demands, requests or rescue you from absolutely irresponsible and outrageous actions. I think people need to start taking responsibility for your actions. Also, for goodness sake? don't you read the fine print? There's no 'trap' of any means or shoddy services, only unreasonable or absurd expectations and irresponsible people. Credit is a privelidge, not a right. Repair your history or score if it's in need of doing so, read the fine print in the contracts and if you don't understand it, then call and ask... or contact a paralegal or attorney who will translate the words to you...?

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Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

Feb 28 2020
They're incredibly unhelpful
Credit Karma Member

They won't help you out in any way. Everyone that I've spoken to for PayPal credit literally has no idea what they're doing.

Nov 29 2019
Credit Karma Member

CHOOSE MY CARD HomeFinance Credit Cards Updated on 11/30/2019 PayPal Credit Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 427 ratings submitted in the last year SHOW RATING DISTRIBUTION PayPal Credit formerly Bill Me Later ConsumerAffairs Unaccredited Brand This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. PayPal Credit does not participate in the ConsumerAffairs accreditation program. Learn More Get better rewards Need a more rewarding credit card? Find the best card for you. CHOOSE MY CARD PayPal Credit Reviews Sort:Recent Filter by:Any Rated with 1 star profile pic of the author Amy of Everett, WA Original review: Nov. 30, 2019 I don't understand why I would put a $60 charge and be asked to only put a bank account as a form of payment and my minimum amount due was $50 like what the heck is that I was so upset I will never charge another thing after this I have $100 and they're charging me 52 so basically what is the point of credit if you have to pay half of what you charge at all times that makes no sense the whole point of credit is pay-what-you-can and unfortunately live outside your means but it gives you a long. Of time to pay what you charge PayPal is not a good option you may as well just pay out of your pocket cuz it's going to burn you in the end

Nov 26 2019
paypal credit
Credit Karma Member

It is bad enough that PAYPAL Credit moved our accounts to Synchrony Financial, but now that account is on our credit reports.? Now I never agreed to do business with Synchrony Financial to begin with, but I was never informed that this account would be on my credit reports, when the original PAYPAL Credit was not.? I have excellent credit but it definably impacted my credit score. ? I will be paying the entire amount the end of January, then closing this account.? PayPal has gone downhill in that last few years and I for one, am tired of these companies treated us like untenured servants. After PayPal credit is closed I will be taking most of my business elsewhere.

Nov 07 2019
Better than I imagined!!
Credit Karma Member

I didn't actually think I would be approved for this card because I had applied to get an Amazon card and was denied and Synchrony turned out to be the same bank. Lucky for me that Ebay kept prodding me and I did. I have had the card for 6 months now and I had to make a big purchase. My dryer died and I had to get a crown on a tooth replaced the same month. I paid up some on the balance even though I pay it off every month and have never paid interest but I needed more room to make the purchase. When I made the purchase PayPal even increased my limit. 6 months same as cash. I could not be happier with this card. They started me out with a decent limit. If there is one thing that would be a mark against them is that if you dont do anything a cancelled purchase, no matter who cancels it (the vendor or you) remains as a pending purchase for up to 30 days and that uses up your credit limit if you were needing to make a purchase.

Oct 14 2019
They will close your card without persmi
Credit Karma Member

They will close your card without persmission or authorization. Customer service cant do anything for you .

Aug 31 2019
Don???t waste your time.
Credit Karma Member

Don?t waste your time with this. ?They approve you, but limit your spending on it extremely. ?The highlight of it is being able to utilize the six months no interest program on larger purchases. ?But, they don?t actually let you make a large purchase for your first purchase. ?They tell you to try smaller purchases at once, but they still GREATLY limit how much you use it. ?So if you need it to pay for something larger in price, it won?t help you. ?I would opt for a credit card that will actually let you buy what you need. ?

Jun 21 2019
Not recommended
Credit Karma Member

PayPal doesn't own any query related to PayPal credit as it's owned by Synchrony bank. I applied for it and they never provide any account/card number. I tried to approach customer support, they closed my account and re-created new account but I never received my account number. Now I can see one closed account on my credit report. You can't use it in any wallet including samsung/apple pay etc. I wouldn't recommend to have PayPal credit as it's just like adding trash on your credit report.

May 06 2019
Not actual credit
Credit Karma Member

Just an fyi - you must have a linked bank account in order to use your line of credit with them. In my mind, requiring a bank account means they have direct access to withdraw money at any point. That's not trusting customers with credit.

Feb 15 2019
Wish there were more credit opts like it
Credit Karma Member

This is an absolutely fantastic line of credit, if you use it right. It sounds to me like all the negative reviewers screwed up one way or another and were angry when PayPal wouldn't fix it for them, and then decided they have bad customer service. Let me explain how I use it, and then you can decide whether it's right for you. For the vast majority of my purchases, I do not use credit, of any kind. If I have the money pay for it now, I do that, or I wait. In the few instances I need something now but can't pay for it, use PayPal credit, but only if I can pay it off within 6 months. I love that the website shows every single individual purchase I've made using PayPal credit, how much is left to be paid, and how much time it needs to pain in to avoid interest. They couldn't be any more transparent. Personally, if you use PayPal credit, I don't any reason at all that you should ever have non-promotional balance that earns interest, unless you have screwed something up. Personally, I ignore the "amount to pay to avoid interest" feature. If you only pay this minimun amount, just like only paying the minimum on a regular credit card, you will get behind, and you will end up paying interest. When I make a payment, I divide each individual purchase by the number of promotional months left, add them all up, and pay that amount. For example, if I have 3 purchases, and one has $180 with 6 months left, one has $50 with 5 months left, and one has $50 with 2 months left, that month I will pay $65. I have had PayPal credit for over year, paid off several purchases, and never once had to pay interest using this method.?

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