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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 19, 2016
Used to be a great card to have
Anonymous Cardholder

AMEX is borderline usurious if not actually.  If you carry any balance whatsoever they charge you a +/- 15% interest fee on your entire balance.  I am billed $5000 and pay $4500 before the due date and get an interest charge of $60 for the month.  That is unbelieveable.  And worse.....they charge you on the entire balance for two months.  I give up.  Moving on to a more customer friendly operation.

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Oct 23, 2016
smrafi1993 Cardholder

this is the worst of all the cards i have

keeps pending pre-authorization charges from merchants even after respective original transactions are posted long back.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE as no one knows how to solve the issue, forwarded 6 times to different people and still couldn't solve the issue

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Aug 23, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

This used to be a great card, but now it is no better than any other and costs more.  And their customer service is dreadfkul.  There is no way to email them because they say it is not seure; yet they send you emails, which you can't reply to.

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Jul 25, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Had American Express through Costco until citi bought them out and all the information was transferred over well the information about my account was wrong I was told interest free when signing up and found out that I was getting charged this whole time, I was given False Information! Now, I've been trying to get ahold of a American Express manger, theyd put me oh hold, transfer my calls which lead back to another representative or they'd hang up on me! They would not give me a manger so I could sort this whole thing out, eve after the fact I talked to one lady that said the manger was on break she took my name and Number and never called me back! Talk about horrible customer service! I'm glad that citi bought them out

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Jul 03, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

The rewards points are the only plus that I give this card. Everything else is horrible. I expected more since the American Express brand is spoken so highly of. The first problem, was when I wanted to do a cash advance they told me they would mail me the pin. At first this seem fine, until they gave me random number and I lost the paper. I call them and notify them that I lost the paper; the representative stated they don't reissue cash advance pin number and I couldn't make my own. Secondly, to change your address on file you need your actually card without it nothing gets fixed. Really wish I could close this card but it will only decrease your score by doing so. 

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Jun 21, 2016
Decent reward, but horrible card
Anonymous Cardholder

I have had (2) AMEX cards opened in the last year thinking they were great.  The first year great, received my rewards as promised and didn't really have an issue.  Minimum payemtns due every month ranged from 25-60, which is comparable to my other cards.  However, after my introductory rate of 0% stopped, by monthly minimum payment nearly tripled.  After dealing with their customer service rep, he stated that on top of the 1% fee for the remaining balance due, AMEX also included the interest/fees into the minimum payment as well.  I stated that AMEX is the only company that does that he proceeded to tell me that I was wrong and that all credit card companies calculate the miminum balance this way.  I have 6 other cards and the interest is added to the balance and there is a 1-3% fee for the minimun payment, not both.  Needless to say, I will be paying off this card and shredding it.  Good for small everyday purchases under $20 but horrible for larger purchases.

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Jun 14, 2016
Mzlala1 Cardholder

This company is totally misleading the customer service representative will have you all screwed up. They are liars and I wouldn't advise anyone to do business with AMEX

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Jun 13, 2016
AMEX is no longer AMEX
Anonymous Cardholder

This company has changed drastically in the past year. I asked myself why so many of my services and local retailers stopped working with them. It was almost like those companies saw what us consumers would experience in the near future. Well the future is here. I cannot express how untransparent AMEX has been over the past two months. For all card members they drastically changed their policies without even sending out notifications that they were doing so. My monthly bill nearly trippled and then was changed extra erroneous fees because I couldnt afford their changes. I no longer will be using their services. This card is going in the trash. AMEX used to be a service that appreciated their customers. Now they've turned into just your avererage mercenaries like Capital One, Chase, and Discover. Look at the recent news. Their top exects all jumped shipped and sold their stock off last month. That tells you something right there.

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Jun 04, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Very dishonest. Read fine prints carefully - They make bait and switch offers. Their representatives words are worthless as their "back office" control everything. They sent out fine print notices that would entitle them to sell your information with no opt out option (or option so obscure that youdo not know how to opt out) unless you cancel the credit card

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May 24, 2016
Dishonest Company
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not give this company your business! Amex is untrustworthy, and does not honor their promises. I had an issue with an online hotel booking, that was made long in advance, for a recent trip to London. I called AMEX 48 hours after making the booking, to see if it was possible to cancel said booking. This was due to poor reviews, that I saw only after the fact. I believed my booking was made with a fraudulent website, and feared arriving overseas, with no hotel room to stay in! AMEX representative told me, YES! "Do not stress. Enjoy your holiday. We will handle it." I trusted the Amex rep. I breathed a sigh of relief, and then re-booked the same hotel/dates, with a website I knew & trusted. I Went to The UK. GREAT hotel/vacation! I PAID my AMEX bill in full, on time. Now...AMEX has closed the dispute with the merchant, and RENEGED on taking care of the matter for me. Amex now expects me to pay for the reservation, that THEY said they would remove from my account! I have already paid $1400 for the room that I did stay in. Now Amex wants me to pay an ADDITIONAL $1516, because, they are not professional enough, to own their mistake, and admit that they dropped the ball!!!! I never would have re-booked the hotel, (and would have been forced to take the risk) if they had been HONEST with me! But they are DISHONEST, and have taken zero responsibility for the lie they told. At the very least, they should have offered to split the issue with me! But their customer service is awful and the have done NOTHING to resolve the issue! All they are doing is sending me bills that I owe them this unpaid balance! I have cut up their useless credit card, and I haven't sent them one red cent! DO NOT BOTHER USING AMERICAN EXPRESS, FOR YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS! Customer loyalty, means nothing to them! All they want is your expensive annual fee, and your bill paid, on time! Don't get suckered into thinking they care...because they don't! I highly suggest you, spend your money elsewhere! 

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