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Jan 01 2020
Credit Karma Member

Great benefits specially if you travel many times a year

May 06 2019
Excellent Travel Card (Delta)
Credit Karma Member

There is a hefty $450 annual fee, but you do get a companion ticket for Comfort or First Class. My employer had me travelling last year on average of one to two times per month so card made sense. If you fly multiple times per year this card is worth the annual fee.

Jan 11 2015
Great for achieving status with Delta
Credit Karma Member

I was recently approved for this card's business version. A lot of people have concern with the annual fee, but if you're using your credit card as a tool, it actually makes a lot of economic sense. It costs $450 for an annual membership in Delta's Skyclub, and you get this for free with the card. There are no foreign transactions fees which is awesome for international travelers. The biggest bonus of all, especially with the revenue-based loyalty programs, is the ability to earn Delta status levels through spend. It's a lot easier to make status by spending these days than flying. The other great thing about being a part of the OPEN platform is access to the Receipt Match app which helps track your business expenses for tax purposes. The personal version of this card does not have this added feature. (Remember if you apply for a business card, this doesn't go on your personal credit report, it goes on your business credit report.) Lastly, in the old comments people were asking about what scores you need to get approved. I have no real clue, but will say at the time of my application, my FICO score was in the mid-650s. My card utilization was close to 56%. However, before applying, I paid off every single credit card debt but at the time of approval, this hadn't been reported to the credit bureaus and I still was approved. The other part is, I've been a customer of AMEX since 2007, almost never carrying a balance but always having monthly spend. AMEX takes a lot of things in consideration. If you're a new customer of AMEX, you'll probably need a slightly higher FICO score, as I hear the average approval is in the low to mid-700s. If you're using a credit card use it as a tool. Remember, you only lose when you carry a balance.

Oct 24 2014
Great card with some caveats.
Credit Karma Member

The Delta Reserve card has a hefty $450 annual fee. Is it worth it? Yes, but only if you fly Delta a lot and are a heavy spender: - If you mainly just want Delta lounge access, the Amex Platinum also provides it for free and includes more card benefits for an indentical annual fee. With either card, lounge access is now limited only to the cardholder; guests cost $29/each. This is a new program change that is not reflected in the decription above. - The ability to get 20,000 MQMs per year is the main reason I have this card. But I also have no problems running the required $60,000/yr of spend to acheive that bonus because I own a business. I would not find all that much value in this card if I didn't spend that amount with it. Also, keep in mind that you need 25,000 MQMs just to qualify for Silver medallion status on Delta, so having this card alone (without doing quite a bit of flying too) is rather pointless. But the card can be a nice boost.

Dec 12 2012
Excellent perks, helpful for travel
Credit Karma Member

Have used this card for several years. Great help while traveling: Crown Room, medallion miles that enabled me to attain Platinum more easily---leading to frequent upgrades which have more than paid for the yearly fee. The upgrades at hotels when the concierge service has made reservations--very appreciated. All in all, a most excellent card.

Dec 07 2012
Very, Very Good Card
Credit Karma Member

Approved instantly after twelve years with AmEx Platinum. The card's benefits are well worth it, if you're a frequent traveler.

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Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card

Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card

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