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Wells Fargo Secured Card

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2.1 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Sep 01, 2016
Jubaby2u Cardholder

Got my secured WF cc Feb 2016. I always PIF when I got my statement. Got a letter in the mail today congratulating me on being graduated to an unsecured WF cc. After reading all of the horror stories, I was shocked. I can say they do graduate you and mine was done within 6 months!!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 04, 2016
Graduates after 12 mos
rs122334 Cardholder

Started with a 500 dollar deposit, after a year they graduated the card and increased the limit to 1000. After another 9 mos I requested a CLI and they bumped it up to 1500 with another hard inquiry. I'm curious if the bump up my CLI again after 3 more month when my current card expires and they have to give me another one.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Dec 02, 2016
False promises
Anonymous Cardholder

I owned this card for 3years and paid my bills on time. They first said they are gonna make it unsecured card if I use it for a year.

After 1year they said 1 more year, I never bothered them because I was a student and I don't have SSN.

Now I have a SSN, its been 3years and they did not make it unsecure credit card. 

RIP Wells Fargo GOOD BYE

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Nov 26, 2016
Graduated 9 months!
jonjon336 Cardholder

Got this card Feb 2016, and graduated in Nov 2016. Can't say enough good things, CK now 700+ in 9 months!!!

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Nov 19, 2016
Great for rebuilding
Aubie98 Cardholder

I had this card for 33 months prior to it graduating this October. The calls to have the card reviewed fell on deaf ears. There is no rhyme nor reason to when this card will graduate -- if ever. I was about to close the card as it simply is not useful with the limit I have. They did give my money back and a $400 increase. Funny though, I have store cards that are 2 to 3 times the credit limit of this card.  I will leave it open for now but it is definitely a sock drawer card for me. Looking back on opening the card, it took three weeks and I have been a Wells Fargo customer, in one form or another, since the 1990's. 

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Nov 18, 2016
Never upgrades from secured to normal CC
Anonymous Cardholder

Scam.  After more than 2 years with always on-time payments and good credit rating, Wells Fargo refuses to upgrade the card and will not tell me why or give any other details.  I have already been approved for 3 other credit cards in the meantime, all unsecured, all for much higher credit limits than the secured card I have with Wells Fargo.  Unfortunately, this seems to be just another one of their scams to take advantage of their customers and keep their assets and earnings high.  I would cancel this card, but then I would lose 1 year or my relatively new credit history, which is probably what they are counting on.  Also, Wells Fargo customer support is generally surly and of little help.  I will never recommend them to anyone else.

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Nov 16, 2016
I 👍 it...It help me
Shorty198109 Cardholder

It help me Start out again you should try it 

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Nov 16, 2016
So far so good
Anonymous Cardholder

I have previously applied for a Wells Fargo secured card, I was denied but somehow they still took the money out of my checkings account but they returned it. Then I was looking into building my credit so i reapplied for the secured card and paid the deposit.... By far as reading the reviews it looks like everyone is worried bout GRADUATING to the unsecured card and I'm just looking to build my credit so maybe if i PAY IN FULL every month for the next 6 months i would have an increase in my score and i would have graduated by the 6 months.

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Nov 07, 2016
Good if they ever raise your limit
Anonymous Cardholder

I got this card when I was younger with terrible credit as a starting point. I put 300 on it and used it for 2 years. Finally got graduated, and I got my deposit back, but they still haven't raised my limit even though it was upgraded. Every time I call they tell me that the minimum CL for this card should be 500, however, I still have the same 300 limit, and no one at customer service seems to know at what point the limit gets raised, unless I want to damage my own credit to request an increase. 

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Oct 30, 2016
Scared for the future of my deposit .
dzennic Cardholder

Stay away from Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card, They don't return your deposit, you have to pressure them to get it back.

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Oct 27, 2016
Excellent Start To Rebuild Credit
joetina1974 Cardholder

Had card 14months... 300 limit.... Got graduate letter today. Never called. Never asked. Must be much more to all the negative reviews. Would recommend this card to anyone as a start.

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Oct 27, 2016
Great Start For Rebuilding Credit....
joetina1974 Cardholder

Ive had the card for 14 months with 300 limit. Received graduate letter today. Never called, Never asked. Kept my charges below 7%. Don't understand all the bad reviews.... I would recommend  this  card  for anyone trying to rebuild credit. When I first received the card my score went up 37 points...

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Wells Fargo Secured Card