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Nov 06 2013
good card
Credit Karma Member

I start with this card in NOV.2011 as a secured card with no credit history at all with only $300 deposit,then in january 2012 i add $200 more to raise my limit and again add $1000 in march 2012 to total=$1500....i paid on time every bill and in JAN.2013 they graduate me with the same limit(1500) and in AUGUST 2013 they raised my limit to $2200 without asking for it.....so far i'm glad with this card. I recommend this card to people with no credit history and you can deposit up to 10000.and they report to all credit bureaus.

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May 01 2014
It a OK card, very slow on graduating.
Credit Karma Member

I have this card for 15 months and 2 auto loan with WFDS (Wells Fargo Dealer Services) that is payoff and still they will not graduate me into a unsecured card yet. Wells Fargo Secured card also report on your report as a Secured Credit Card, not a regular cards like most other bank does. Before applying for this card, please rethink twist.?

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Jul 27 2020
First Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

First credit card and had it for 2 years now. Had no credit at all. My credit would stay in the 600 - 620 range because I wouldn't pay off my balance at all for at least the first year, and was in debt with other low-tier cards as well. Now I paid almost all my balances, and after 1.5 years they gave me back my $300 deposit. 1 month later they upgraded my credit from $300 to $1000. Note that I now have a 710 - 730 score across all bureaus, started with 500. I only have Capital one unsecured with $600 limit, Merrick Bank unsecured with $1200 and this one now with $1000. Started with $300 on all of them. Just be patient and use it a lot, but also pay it in the next month completely. That's racking up my score now.

Feb 06 2020
Horrible wells fargo is a scam!
Credit Karma Member

They say within a year you will get your money refunded. But what they dont tell you is wells fargo checks you credit before the decided to give you back the money you gave them. Is the point of a secure card not to raise your credit? Wells fargo is horrible for taking your money and refusing to give it back!

Jan 24 2020
3 years to upgrade
Credit Karma Member

It took 3 years to upgrade this card. They kept giving me the run around and I threatened to close all my accounts. Two months later I received a letter saying they're going to upgrade it and give me back my $300 deposit. If I had to do it all over again, I would have just went with Capital One. Well Fargo is a pain! With my upgrade to secured, they didn't even offer to increase my limit.

Dec 03 2019
5 years and STILL waiting!
Credit Karma Member

Update: I have called their customer service repeatedly (as you should if you want to get anything done regarding this card) and the details are never really clear. So much so that even their own personal banker had issues communicating with the credit department. I have yet to receive anything in writing about what to expect with this card upgrade. Also, it has been shared with me that Wells Fargo will no longer carry this card. So it will finally put most of their clients out of their misery. Or they might have determined that this card was an easy spin and sell for ethically questionable bankers. I plan once I receive this upgrade to raise my limit. Who knows how that will go, with my banking relationship and current credit standing I deserve some respect on my limit. NO CAP!

Sep 26 2019
it's ok far from the best
Credit Karma Member

I don't like the way they hold your payment 2-3 days even when I pay from my wells fargo checking so they know the funds are guarenteed I think they earn extra intrest money by doing this.

Sep 19 2019
Wells Fargo lies
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for 3 years. They will not raise your credit. If you use the card and make online payments to keep the balance of zero, Wells Fargo will take several days to post the payment. I have had to call Wells Fargo a dozen times over the last three years to have them explain to me why my balance is not zero even after two or three days after a payment. The only good thing about this card is that yes it did help me raise my credit limit. Now I tried not to use it at all because even though it's my own **** money on deposit their chill still charging me the ridiculous APR. And again they get around to posting payments to this card whenever they feel like it. Makes me wonder who's collecting interest on my payment, and millions of other payments that are held for two or three days while Wells Fargo thinks about posting it to the appropriate account. I have called them many times to explain the delay, and I have gotten a lot of flavorful answers. Mostly they say they do this to protect you. I do not believe that. I believe there is some way they are earning extra Revenue by holding the payments.

Sep 09 2019
This card is a JOKE!
Credit Karma Member

I have owned this card since October of 2014! And like many other reviewers they have held my deposit hostage meanwhile charging me their usual annual fee. The banker misled me to open the account assuring me that I would have my deposit back within a year. This is was during the time WF had aggressive sales tactics. I wish I knew about the other secured cards that were better than this. I cannot recommend this card or this bank to anyone that I know. I have done alot business with WF and they continue to give me the run around! Be AWARE! Capital One has been such a great experience for me and I have owned their card for less than a year. They are?transparent with their credit limit increase tracker. And they do not have an annual fee on their secured card! If you choose a secured card I would definitely go with Captial One over WF any day and twice on Sunday! As a matter of fact I just recommended Capital One to a family member who is just beginning their credit journey!! Hope this review helps, Wells Fargo needs to finally do right by their clients! Cheers!!

Jul 09 2019
They will NEVER increase your limit
Credit Karma Member

I have had a secured card that has been unsecured for years, improved my credit score significantly where I have been approved for high limit Amex cards but Wells Fargo will not increase my limit higher the $300. If you are looking to get a increase once your credit improves, do not get a Wells Fargo card. TRUST ME!!

Jul 01 2019
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for 3 years. I haven't received any upgrades, or received my $500 deposit back.? They haven't mailed me any communication regarding this card since I've had the card. There is no benefit to this card WHAT SO EVER.? The process to get was quick and easy, but afterwards no help at all. They flip flop you around like hot potatoes when you call their customer service.?

Jun 12 2019
SCAM!! NEVER raised my credit limit!
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for over 3 years. I was told by my banker to put down $500 desposit and they will give me an increase in a year if I am responsible. I have been using it very responsibly and paying it off every month. never late. I got the card when I was first divorced and my credit was in the toilet due to some issues my ex-husband created. after about a year, I had cleaned up my credit and now it is over 750 credit score. I make $85k/yr. WHY have they not raised my credit score and given me back my deposit yet? They told me that I have to apply for a new card and close that account in order to get my deposit back. So I am going to close this account and get my deposit back. I already have a $10,000 credit card with antother company. Why would I need this $500 limit card?

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Wells Fargo Secured Card

Wells Fargo Secured Card

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