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Social Security Disability vs Secured Credit Card
I just found out I have a “Thin File” due to 3 car accidents (not my fault) and 3 back surgeries from 1998-2004. Before my car accidents in 1998 I had good credit and too many “Store” cards. So I took out a loan and consolidated all the balances into one payment and got rid of my store cards and only kept a Visa and MasterCard which brought my credit score up higher. I was doing fine for about a year and ½ until my 1st accident in May 1998 and the Nov 1998 was my downfall, which was a month and about ½ after my 1st surgery Sept 27, 1998.

I had pain generating from somewhere and the doctors couldn’t located it for 2 years and I was in and out of work for 2 years. By Mar 2000 I could no long walk and had to have emergency back surgery or my right leg would have been paralyzed. Because of my surgery in Sept and then getting hit again in Nov 1998, a disc fragment was floating around in my back and would never appear on the MRI until Mar 2000.

But by then the damage was done, it took home on my nerve root and it damaged my main nerve root at the bottom of my spine and I have a Neural Element Injury to my legs, worst in my right, sometimes serious balance problems (constant) and walk with a crane. I have not had a pain-free day since 11-27-98, before the accident. My lack of credit or “Thin File” is due to being on Social Security Disability since 2001/2.

How can establish credit if I’ve been on Social Security Disability since 2001/2? Right now I’m going through the internet for all the programs I am eligible for, mainly Rental Assistants; from Aug to Nov I had problems with my Food Stamps, they calculated me wrong and only gave me $16.00 for the whole month. I finally got the correct amount fixed a week ago. I will never be able to go back to work and going on 53 years old in Mar 2005 eventually I’ll switch to Social Security.

Just before summertime my electric Avg. is $50-$60 a mouth until I use my A/C then it jumps to $150-180.00 which takes me 4-5 months sometime 6 months to catch up on. I live in a 2-family house that was never coded right and my Landlord has control of the heat.

The house was built in 1897, I found his tax records online a friend taught me how to look them up and my distant cousin and I explained to him how to get heat upstairs to my apartment by shutting off the valve in his hallway in the front of the house and the one in the living room where the thermostat is in the back of the house. To date he has refuse to shut the valves off.

But he refuses to listen saying he will freeze because he doesn’t have a radiator in his kitchen. but he will still get heat and so will I. I told him I don’t care law states 68 degrees and my Avg. is 55-60 (It has gone as low as 48-50 Degrees) with drafty windows to the point the curtain fly up in the air on really gusty days since we have a little league field behind the house with nothing to stop the wind coming off the field.

So I reported him 4 years in a row (He actually retaliated against me with the Health Dept. which is against the law and I told him I’ll sue him so bad he will no longer own this house or his NY State house) and I believe he’s been fine 5/6 times for not having my heat in my apartment above 55 degree, Avg. heat is 55-60 in here. So I also have and increase of Electric in the winter time to $80-$110.00 for running 2 heaters.

I’m going to try again to apply for Home Energy Assistant (HEA), Universal Fund (USF) and Lower Income Home Energy Assistant Program (LIHEAP) and maybe this time I will be eligible for all or some of them.

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) administers have 2 programs the Section 8 and State Rental Assistance program. I’ve been trying for 14 years to get on the waiting lists but they have been closed all this time so now I have to look elsewhere for Rental Assistant Programs. I sent a complaint email to Customer Service and she was nice enough to list places to call for Rental Assistant.

I live alone and so my Social Security goes to rent and all my bills. Depending on the amounts I pay in bills per month, I can only have $50.00 to $100.00 left for each month. So how am I supposed to get a Secured Credit Card to rebuild my credit history when I barely have enough money every month to live?

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