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I have a credit line through Bill Me Later. Why does it not show up on my credit report?
I got approved for a line of credit a few months ago through Bill Me Later and I have made purchases and paid them off faithfully, but none of this shows on my credit report. Why is this?

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PayPal Credit does NOT report to FICO

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PayPal Credit is a line of credit that you can use to make online purchases. It does NOT report to Experian, Equifax or Transunion and will have no effect on your credit score. I have a $2600 limit with PayPal Credit and here is why I love it:

1. On eBay I always get 6 month promotional financing on purchases of $99 or more. There is no interest if the balance is paid in full in 6 months. I used this feature to purchase my last $600 phone and only had to pay $100/mth with ZERO interest. When you use PayPal Credit, it will clearly tell you on what your minimum payment due is and when it is due. Very easy credit to use and manage.

2. It does not report to your thee credit bureau's. I have outstanding credit, but it's handy to have an option to use credit without it being reported. My Wife and I are currently buying a house so it's nice to have this "hidden" credit available that's not being factored into our debt-to-income ratio.

3. PayPal Credit is accepted on LOTS of websites:

If you have good credit, you can apply for PayPal Credit here:

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I love PayPal credit! My credit score is very poor/low due to unpaid medical bills and student loans I've been very slow and late paying off. I was VERY excited when PayPal approved me for $400 in credit with $0 interest if paid off in 6 Months. It came just in time to help with a few Christmas gifts. My minimum monthly payments were $43 but I always paid $100 a month and paid it off in 4 months. The next time I used PayPal credit it was for one big purchase that was more than $400 and unbeknownst to me paypal had upped my credit limit and paid for the entire purchase...I was very excited! I again paid that balance off in 4 months. I came here just to see if this is helping my credit and sadly it's not and although I love Paypal credit I'll be looking for a true credit card, not a prepaid one, that I can use to help build up my credit.

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Undisclosed Debt Acknowledgement. Basically if you have any debt that you owe, that either doesnt report or you dont tell the lender about, you are committing FRAUD. Mortgage fraud is a big deal.

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More information

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I know this is an old thread, but for anyone referring to this for the same question:

I opened a paypal credit/bill me later as a teenager. Didn't make the full minimum payments for 4 months. They sent me to collections and $70 of credit became $120 because of the hefty late fees. However, thankfully they never reported to the credit agencies!!! This line of credit is useless to have unless you do a lot of selective online shopping and ebay. 

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On the flip side....

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The benefit to that is you can run up the credit card and it won't show on your credit report, good for if you are trying to get a mortgage and lenders add up all minimum payments to figure your debt to income ratio.

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I think PayPal bill me later does not report at all I got a credit with them and I make minimum payments on time and in have not seen them yetto report also I did not see them report the credit I was granted so that balance is not even included for my utilization. My sister had a credit with them and just stopped paying and it does not even show up as a delinquent account on her credit report

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Yeah, Bill Me Later is just a credit service through PayPal. I had an account for 2 years with NO payment history ever reported. PayPal has "Smart Connect," which is their "online credit card" that does report to all credit bureaus. See if you can get one of those accounts. Not hard to get. I'm sure Bill Me Later will report if you don't pay them back...

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I just tried for "Smart Connect" and was informed that because I already have "bill me later", I can't have SC... They allow one or the other apparently.

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Thanks everybody

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I appreciate all of you getting to my question so fast.

You're the best! 

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i opened a bill me later account thinking I could help my credit, and I found that they do not report to the credit bureaus at all on your payment history. I figured that they could only hurt your credit by having. So I paid off the ballance and canceled all to figuring that I would only use credit to help build credit

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I have had a bill me later account since last November. My limit is only $500 but I am at that limit and are one payment past due...I can infiltrators to make a $25 payment each month due to my other bills, but I checked my credit report at www.creditkarma ans it is absolutely free, no credit card required ,just your ss#. However, it o lynch lists your transition scope  but I was told that is your highest score out of the three. Bill me later has yet to report me being past due an  it's been past due for about 4 months.

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BIll Me Later

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Yes, I'm wondering if the same will happen to me if I stop paying, which I won't, but I do hate the high interest. There is a hard inquiry on my credit report so I wonder if it will hit my credit hard.

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