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Dec 29, 2016
Still in my wallet!
DanskeViking Cardholder

This was the first card i got after my divorce. I was approved even though i had collection accounts and my credit score was around 570. It only has a 500 dollar limit, but it lead to 2 capital one cards, Discover Card, Barkleys, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, and a Kohls card for the discounts. My favorite card because i didn't need a secured credit card to fix my credit and it saved me a ding because i don't have to close a secured card on my report. Thanks Chase!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 11, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I got this card to give myself more time to pay off an unexpected cat surgery. I transfered a balance of $1800 from a higher interest card, and the 0% transfer for a limited time was more than fair. The credit limit was $3500 with score of 767. No complaints there as I wasn't looking for more borrowing power. Where this company falls down is in customer service and ease of use. It's a slightly convoluted and counterintuitive process to simply make a payment. I found the branded "products" like "Finish It" etc, a bit unnecessary and complicated. 

I recently closed this card and here's why. Three weeks ago I switched bank accounts. I spent a whole day calling and updating cards, bills, autopays, etc with the new account information. On the Chase website, my auto pay account clearly showed that paymernts were now directed to my new account; my old bank account was no longer listed. Yet, just this week, the automatic payment drew from the OLD, soon to be shut down account, which didn't have enough funds in it. Thanks to the miracle of overdraft privileges, the payment went through, which paid off the balance, but I was charged $27 in overdraft service fees by my bank. I called Chase and asked why my payment had been charged to the old account, when I had taken every precuation and had been assured that the payment would come from the new account. The first rep I spoke to, told me that for all he knew, I might have set it up "15 minutes ago" and he wouldn't know any differently.  I assured him that I had NOT just set it up 15 minutes ago, and frankly I felt really angry that he would accuse me of lying for reason. He then said that their system doesn't show WHEN a request to change payment accounts is made. I told him that it's not acceptable; both Chase and I should be 100% clear on where an autopayment will be coming from. There's no reason not to know that information. He told me he'd "get" me to someone who could help.  I explained the issue to another rep, who told me vaguely that "the accounts aren't linked until you get clearance from us." I said that everything online indicated that the new account WAS linked. She said that it "may show up like that" but it isn't really until you receive a "special message" from us. I asked when this "special message" was supposed to arrive because I had set up the new draft account three weeks prior, and that in the digital age, one doesn't expect it to take weeks or months to re-point an electronic draft. I was also NOT advised to make a manual, one time payment when I had called before to make sure it was set up correctly. The rep said, and I quote: "I don't know. It just shows up."  I suggested that Chase take care of the $27 overdraft fee assessed,  while I wait for this mysterious message to "show up"  and she said: "We can't do that because the computer doesn't show it as our banking error" whatever that means. Mind you, I had been using and paying this card off regularly. I probably charged and paid off more than $10,000 in bills, groceries, travel etc etc, and not once had I missed  or been late with payment. In fact, my balance was zero. I decided the card was not worth it. There's no extra benefit to this card over any other; I don't have a credit worthiness problem and there are lots of better cards out there for everyday use. If they had refunded the overdraft fee, or at least been able to define and explain their own process (eg, HOW exactly is one supposed to know where an auto pay is coming from if you can't trust what it says on your account, or what you're told on the phone?)  I probably would have stuck with it if they'd been more respectful and fair. Instead, I closed the account. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Aug 16, 2017
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Cardholder

I've had this card for many, many years. My score is in the high 800's and they will not lower my APR from its current 23.49%. It is highway robbery. I have paid off this card and will close it out soon. I never missed a payment, I had it on autopay. I used the card and paid it down, all those steps you're supposed to do but even today with a 0 balance and a high credit score they refuse to budge on my interest rate. Discover is the best credit card out there. The customer service is very helpful, their interest rates are reasonable and they offer great cash back awards. Don't get caught up with Chase they have no loyalty to customers, not even really good ones.

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Aug 12, 2017
SMopinion Cardholder

Useless company behind this card if you are looking for a balance transfer card don't even look at it. Also if you are active duty of any branch and you are looking for a great service and a company to trust any financial requirement you may need, check with Navy Federal or American Express. Chase will be just a waste of time.

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Jul 19, 2017
Balance transfer was not sent to bank.
RayAlly Cardholder

I applied for the chase slate balance transfer.  After the 21 day window (it is now 45 days), the transfer has not taken place but my base card has been charged the full amount.  When you ask customer service to find out where the check is, all they tell you is that the transfer is fully funded and there is nothing that they can do.  They have no system to track the check sent to your other credit card.  Do not do a transfer with chase. 

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Jul 14, 2017
Great for initial balance transfers.....
BeeDee75 Cardholder

This card was awesome for an initial transfer I did at 0% for 15 months(got a $2k limit at first). After that though it dies down as it offers no rewards or anything for that matter. If you need to consolidate though this is a good card for that.

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Jul 10, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder


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Jul 07, 2017
Easy to get approved, hard to live with
Anonymous Cardholder

I got approved for only $500. That's ok, I thought. I figured I'd pay off my balance transfers in gradual increments. However, it took me nearly three weeks to receive my card, and it would have taken longer if I hadn't repeatedly hastled customer service. A screw up on their end flagged my account, but I couln't make any balance transfers until I received my card. So essentially my "60 day balance transfer" offer was more like 40 days... Chase customer service is the worst. Run away, you have been warned.

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Jul 05, 2017

This is one of two Chase credit cards that I have and I can't say enough about the excellent benefits and outstanding customer service.

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Jun 29, 2017
awful card company
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not waste your money doing business with this company.  

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Jun 28, 2017
Good card, BAD customer service
mdpittman015 Cardholder

This is a good card for low budget balance transfers paid off within the 0% intrest period. However, the customer service is sub par. Made a payment only for them to send me a letter 45 days later saying that my payment was rejected do the account not existing after it was deducted from my account. I am in the process of devoting my time to them sending blank checks and checking statements showing that the payment WAS made. The burden of proof should be on them to prove that I didn't.... complete waste of my time proving them wrong but oh how sweet the moment will be when they have to acknowledge that I did in fact make the payment and it was in fact deducted from my account. I would recommend capital one and amex over these bumbling fools any day. Just my opinion. Good luck to you all!

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Jun 27, 2017
Very secure and good customer service
JosephK05 Cardholder

Credit score of 640 got approveed for 2k limit.. working good for me so far

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Jul 28, 2017

credit karma 640 or a fico 640?

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