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  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0%* intro for 15 Months
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 13.24% - 23.24%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR 0%* intro for 15 Months
  • Purchase Regular APR 13.24% - 23.24%* Variable

Most Helpful Positive Review

Aug 02, 2015
Approved with Poor Approval Odds
AU28 Cardholder

I applied, after receiving a pre-qualification letter in the mail a few months ago, for the Chase Slate card because I wanted to take advantage of the 0% interest rate for 15 months. I wanted to transfer about $2,000 from another credit card (Capital One Quicksilver Visa Signature $5K CL) wihch also has a 0% interest but will expire on September 2015.

I was very hesitant to apply since two days ago I had applied for the Capital One Venture One Visa, which I was approved for $3,000 CL. After considering the pros (0% for 15 months, no fee transfer rate for first 60 days) vs. the cons (no other rewards beyond the initial 0% rate) of this card - I decided to apply.

I applied online via (from the letter), provided personal and work information, as well as the transfer information from Capital One.

I received the following: "additional review required - please wait for respond by mail within 30 days".

Within two hours, I called the application status line (800-436-7927) to check the status of the applicaton - my initial thought was to contact the reconsideration line, as i had read in mulitple blogs, but there was no need for that, as the application status said that I had been approved with $3,200 credit limit, and 22% (though I am not too concern with that, as i plan to pay off the within the next 6 months).

Per CreditKarma, at the time when I applied, my TU was 619, and EQ 622.

Hope this review helps.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 25, 2014
Very unprofessional and full of charges
Anonymous Cardholder

I made the mistake of being drawn in by the transfer balance. I have since paid off my balance and do not wish to give them any more of my business. When making an electronic payment, it takes them 5-7 days to process this payment. During this time if you set the payment to execute on the due date, they assess a late fee because the payment has not gone through on the electronic side. This is the only card that does this. Need less to say they accrue most of their money from those dishonest and ill-gotten methods. In acutallity the due date is not the real due date, it is 5-7 days before the due date. If this review saves one person from making the same mistake it was worth it.

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Oct 21, 2016
Barely any credit history, approved.

559 TU, 570 EQ

I have been off the radar most my life. I'm 31 and have always used cash no credit history and I was approved 1,000 limit by applying online. I did the chase pre-qualify option first and they listed chase freedom, slate and some other one like dinner and travel or something. I'm not sure on the last one cause the benefits seemed like the card is for someone that will use it a lot and you have to spend $4,000 in 3 months for the rewards. That was a no-go as I'm building credit and I don't need to start off like that.

Freedom seemed better, I will upgrade after I get a better score somewhere in the 700s.

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Oct 17, 2016
Applied, got denied

I applied for this card with the reccomendations from credit karma with approval odds as "Very Good," and was denied. I was reading the reveiws and was a little skiptical, but honestly, I just wanted to use it towards Christmas, pay min. payment until I got my tax return,pay it off, then close the account. Oh well! Hopefully your experience will be better than mine.

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Oct 16, 2016
I'm not sure yet sc 666 and 659

I applied for this card and they told me I will receive a response in 7 business days. Do that mean I was denied?

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Oct 19, 2016

Usually when they answer by letter is a denial.

Oct 11, 2016
Don't always accept what you are given
MHMCPA732 Cardholder

I was approved for this card, TU 738 EQ 742, after a very short application process, for a $6,200 limit.  I needed a small bit more for a balance transfer, so when I received my card I called about an increase in the line.  I was displeased when told they would have to do another hard pull, just a week or so after the application, but I said yes and was immediately increased to $12,400.  The outcome, in this case, more than outweighed the additional pull.

I can't tell you anything more about the card, and the customer service was okay, but not stellar, but it has started out well enough to do what I wanted and still have enough credit line that I am not at 100% utilization.

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Oct 17, 2016

What was the apr rate, for the transfer?

Oct 18, 2016

It was 0% for 15 months and 18.24% after that.

Oct 19, 2016

0% for the first 15 months, 18.24% after that.

Oct 08, 2016
Got Approved

TU 659, Equifax 662. CreditKarma rated me as haveing a "Very Good" chance of approval. I applied and was instantly approved for a $3k Limit. Hope this info helps those out there trying to keep their credit in check. Good luck all.

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Oct 15, 2016

What does your payments run a month

Oct 06, 2016

My boyfriend and I both have scores of TU 698 and EQ 690 and we were both denied.  We applied due to a GREAT chance of getting and we're in need of getting due to a trip we needed to take. Now out scores each have a hard inquiry. These things are BS unless your at a 730 or higher with EQ score.

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Oct 20, 2016

I got mine just fine with a 614 and 622...

Oct 21, 2016

Not true! I was approved with a score of 620.

Oct 23, 2016

Man w/e

Oct 23, 2016

Got approved at 640 score .. only for $1K though

Oct 05, 2016
"Too Many CC's Opened In Last 2 Years"

Do not apply if the age of your credit history is young. My estimated credit score is 775 as provided by both TransUnion and Equifax on the credit karma site. I have great credit, but the age of my credit history is Poor (how are you supposed to maximize Total Accounts and minimize both Age of Credit History and Hard Inquiries without waiting ten years, anyway?). Apparently, that is the deciding factor with Chase. Despite being Good to Excellent in all other categories, Chase decides to use a single factor "catch all" to deny you a line of credit. Total waste of a hard inquiry. I'm going to call and see if I can get them to reconsider, but I doubt anything will come of it.

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Oct 05, 2016

Just got off the phone with Chase and nothing can be done about the "Too many credit cards opened in last two years" denial (I have to say their customer service is great, though. My issue is not with the customer service at all).

Apparently they refuse to take a holistic look at your credit report and instead decide that if you exceed a certain amount of accounts opened in the past two years, then you have no chance at approval. It is definitely a "catch-all" factor. This metric is not even reflected in the "Hard Inquiries in the Last Two Years" number. My Hard Inquiry metric is Good (only 3 in past two years). Plain and simple, this metric doesn't make sense as a "catch-all" factor; I get it's purpose as a metric in general, but to not take a holistic look at one's credit history is unprofessional.

Needless to say, I will not being doing business with Chase Bank, probably forever. Not that it matters to them, I'm sure! A++++ on the phone customer service, though! Wish I could change rating to 1/5 now.

Oct 03, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I was approved for this card and had a high available credit. When I tried to do a balance transfer they try to say that I was trying to be fraudulent. Because I did not answer a phone call for them to confirm some information with me so they did not the balance transfer. I tried to call them and talk to them and they said there was nothing they could do.they say I send all this great promotion 0% balance transfer 0% interest for 15 months and then they tried to blame me for doing something for all your life because I did not answer my phone, I asked them if they left me a message for me to get back with them and they said no. I never use the card and I cancelled it all within 2 months

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