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Apr 06, 2016
Card is for people with bad credit.
XinteriX Cardholder

I don't quite understand why people are complaining about the initial fees being so high. This card is for people with bad credit, not people with average or good credit. What do you expect them to just take the risk? Part of the reason for the high fees is because of the high risk. If you are truely interested in repairing your credit report then this card is perfect. Yes it's expensive, and yes it's going to put out  by about 164.00 to get it. But for people with credit scores below 540, I would like for you to show me a single other bank that is willing to take the risk of giving you a credit card. Once the initial fees are paid this Card is just like any other card.

If you pay the statement balance each month you will never have pay any interest. If you set up autopay and pay statement balance there's absalutely no other costs.

If you don't pay the statement balance and chose to pay your minimum monthly payment of 37.00, your interest is not much different then other cards.

They report to the credit agencys which is what I got the card for. Basically I pay about 300 a month for 300 of credit. The 300 is money I would have used anyways, only difference is, it's in the form of credit and to whole point of it, it goes on my credit report which has helped my credit considerably.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 18, 2016
This card is a stepping stone
Tonyknows Cardholder

This card is a stepping stone out of the swamp of living in the world of bad credit. Cards like this, Milestone, Fingerhut can take you to the next step. Keep your utilization low and pay off your balances quickly. I had no problem making my payments online and received credit for my payments quickly. Sure the fee is steep for a short credit line, but personally I'd rather pay a $89 fee than tie up $300 in a secured credit card. After a short time I found myself with a Credit One Visa card. Still not a big time player, but quickly rewarded responsible use wit unsolicited credit line increases. Shortly after, 6 months or so, Capital One gave me the first of what is now 3 credit cards. These cards all came with credit lines of several thousand dollars.

This whole process took place ove approximately 18 months. These low limit, high fee cards are the painful 1st steps to building /getting your credit built. Not the end game. Just think of this as a temporary stop on your credit journey.

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May 08, 2017
Great for now
Salled0650 Cardholder

I was approved with a 500 score. There is a processing fee you must pay before recieving card. So far I have had no issues. If you have a low score and want to rebuild your credit this card may be for you. 

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May 05, 2017
Always there
Anonymous Cardholder

Just that you get what you pay for. And It will build up your credit score if you use it the way your suppose to.

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May 02, 2017
I wish I could give zero stars
rupeirced3 Cardholder

This card has been incorrectly reporting a late payment on my credit for months. Their customer service department is horrible and they won't even send me to a manager to get this resolved. Stay away, its not worth it. 

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Apr 27, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Worst company to deal with.  They charge $75 a month late fee and refuse to change the due date to work with when you get paid.

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Apr 26, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Scam, money grab, incorrect entries on credit report almost impossible to remove. So many fees. 

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Apr 24, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

misrepreset card as credit card really just prepaid debit card

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Apr 14, 2017
Works for what you need it to
ngoodman33 Cardholder

Just got this card but I have one similar with another company. These types of cards are good for giving you a chance and rebuilding credit. It's definitely open the door for us. My husband and I have gone from no credit cards to seven, including a Walmart card, in just 6 months. Our scores have gone from low 500's to high 600's. We want to buy a house next year and should be able to do just that and it's all because of the credit cards. This card is just fine as long as you keep your utilization under 30% and pay it on time. 

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Apr 14, 2017
Good for rebuilding credit
ngoodman33 Cardholder

Now I just got this card today and activated it. I made a small purchase on it this afternoon for $35 and had no problem. I know the interest rate is high and I paid the $89 fee and was charhed the $75 annual fee also. I also ordered a card for my husband and was charged $29 for that. We have another similar card with another company so we aren't new to this. We also have 3 Capital One cards. We are just trying to reduild our credit so this card indeed serves that purpose. The reality is as long as you pay your bill, which we do well ahead of time, and keep utilization down under 30% then this does what you need it to. In a mere 7 months my husband and I have obtained 7 credit cards including a Walmart card and our scores have gone up well over the 600's nearing 700. All payment history is excellent and we are well on our way to being able to buy a house as we planned next year. You just have to know what your dealing with when you get this card and use it responsibly. 

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Apr 12, 2017
Worst Card Ever
djrudebwoy Cardholder

I'm closing this card out the only time they report to the credit union is when you make a late payment and then when you pay it disappears again. These people do not have an impact on your credit from what I've seen unless you actually make a late payment. Other than that I would choose another card like First Progress. 

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Apr 07, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I have had this card for a year I used it to reestablish my credit. When I applied for the card my credit score was at about 560 and awarded a $400 credit limit, which was a enormous blessing. I've had the card for about a year and have always made my payments on time and more than what was due monthly; I am a 31 year old female, salary $55,000 a year and my credi score is 607 (clearly working on it still) its's taking time; After a year of having the total visa card I received a email stating congratulations you qualify for a credit increase, coincidentally I recently applied for one already; I contacted customer service to check the status of the credit increase was advised from the representative "congratulations" we have increased your limit by $50.00. $50.00!! that is horrific. Please don't waste your time. On a positive note if you are working on your credit a good card is Merrick Bank my credit score at the time was 580 and I was awarded $500 after 6 months I was provided a credit increase of $600.00, try this one, downfall of Merrick bank high interest rates but its good to build your credit, also try Capital One initial credit limit $500 when I was at a 560 score lower interest rates. Clearly I have quite a bit of credit cards and I am trying to get rid of them, the goal is to have one card with a NICE limit. Currently, although I'm at a 607 for a credit score I just paid all my credit cards about 2 weeks ago, my credit card bills are paid down to $0 which were originally a balance of $3,000, credit karma states I should be at 663 (fair credit) once my credit updates so lets see!! I hope so!! Whomever reads this..I wish you all well on building your credit:)

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Apr 14, 2017

Merrick Bank doesn't accept applications unless you have gotten an invite.

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