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Apr 06 2016
Card is for people with bad credit.
Credit Karma Member

I don't quite understand why people are complaining about the initial fees being so high. This card is for people with bad credit, not people with average or good credit. What do you expect them to just take the risk? Part of the reason for the high fees is because of the high risk. If you are truely interested in repairing your credit report then this card is perfect. Yes it's expensive, and yes it's going to put out? by about 164.00 to get it. But for people with credit scores below 540, I would like for you to show me a single other bank that is willing to take the risk of giving you a credit card. Once the initial fees are paid this Card is just like any other card. If you pay the statement balance each month you will never have pay any interest. If you set up autopay and pay statement balance there's absalutely no other costs. If you don't pay the statement balance and chose to pay your minimum monthly payment of 37.00, your interest is not much different then other cards. They report to the credit agencys which is what I got the card for. Basically I pay about 300 a month for 300 of credit. The 300 is money I would have used anyways, only difference is, it's in the form of credit and to whole point of it, it goes on my credit report which has helped my credit considerably. ?

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Mar 09 2015
Ok for rebuilding Credit.
Credit Karma Member

I am rating this bad overall for a few reasons. 1. They do not integrate with or Credit Karma. 2. I just paid my card off, and their system blocked my card. They requested for me to have my bank send in a statement to their bank that the funds had cleared before they would unblock it. I have quite a few credit cards and when I found out about #2 today when I called per the letter about my account being blocked. I cancelled the card. I don't have time for Mid America Bank and Trust to not do their job and verify the funds cleared themselves since they are a bank. I almost died laughing when I was told it was restricted because I paid off my balance before I cancelled the card because of it.

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Jul 14 2020
Do NOT get this card!!!
Credit Karma Member

So I just opened this card to help raise my credit scores. Haven’t used this card once yet but have a balance of $119.87. Also $29.00 of that balance is for a late fee!! I set up automatic payments of $40.00 as soon as I activated this card. Some how the payment did not go through and TotalVisa can not give me a reason why. They told me auto payments is set up but can’t see why it didn’t take the payment out. Yes I have a nice chunk of funds in my account and the debit card info I entered for it is all correct. I got zero answers. My next issue is : it is very complicated to make payments with this card. I am paying this card off and closing it today!! I’ll take the negative hits for the late fee and closing the card. I know it’ll cause more damage than good if I were to keep it. Stay away from this card no matter if you have bad credit or no credit.

May 07 2020
Great card for rebuilding
Credit Karma Member

This is a great unsecured credit card for rebuilding credit. For everyone that bad mouths Total Visa, it's not hard, pay your bill on time. Funny how yall think that everyone you do business with is screwing you over. I've had the card 6 month's and had zero issues

Apr 09 2020
Very bad card to have
Credit Karma Member

I paid my bill off and my next statement the total was doubled. They wouldn't look into it or listen. There were fraud charges and they didn't take them off.

Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

Feb 27 2020
Credit Karma Member

Oct 22 2019
Credit Karma Member

Card has a waiting period of 14 days between payments. Acccount will show available balance but be declined in stores. Worst customer service of all cards. Truly a scam. this card is the lowest of the lowest. It causes only frustration and you cant even complain because their customer service reps are incompetant.?

Oct 13 2019
Not good
Credit Karma Member

Its a scam

Oct 03 2019
Don't get it
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for a few months now and my issue not only with it not having a chip and having to go inside to pay for things but after they take the payment out their website tells you that you have an available credit for what you paid to the card but when you use the card it is declined. When you call customer service to ask why you got declined they tell you that even though they received your payment that you have to wait 13 days after paying to use the card. I plan to pay this card off and cancel to go back to Capital One.

Sep 29 2019
Credit Karma Member

Ive had this card for 1 year and 5 months. I overall like the card I have not had any problems. I recently got a credit line increase. Im very satisfied with this card. The one and only thing I do like is the high fees.? It has helped my credit score a lot. Thank You.

Sep 19 2019
Worst card/service/company EVER
Credit Karma Member

?I wouldn?t recommend this card to my worst enemy no matter how bad you want to fix your credit. They have the worst customer service I have ever experience. The they don?t have an app and the website is so outdated you can barely do anything on it. You can?t make a dispute, lock you car, see real time info/transactions or anything. God forbid you lose your card it will take almost 2 months to receive the new one and then they try to get away with making you pay twice for the balance on the closed card by transferring it to the new card on the next statement even though it was already paid for. If you make a debit card payment you better not plan on making another one until more than a week later because you won?t be able to and then if you make a checking account payment they automatically hold the funds for 14 day so you can?t have access to the credit you?ve already payed for, for 2 weeks so by the time you can?t use your card again it?s already halfway through the statement and it gonna be due again. It is just completely not worth the stress and hassle you have to deal with every single month there are better ways to improve your credit. Do not do business with this awful company.?

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Total Visa® Credit Card

Total Visa® Credit Card

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