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Jun 07 2016
Credit Karma Member

Ive just hit my 10 year anniversary with capital one on may 23rd 2016. Wow time go by so fast. I clearly remember my credit score 10 years ago at 520. They gave me a 200.00 unsecured capital one classic. I still have the What i just want to share with the world tonight is Capital one is not a perfect bank, all banks have there flaws, high apr, unnecessary charges and high annual fee. Capital one is the reason i can get a car off the showroom floor with 0 down. I have 6 accounts with capital one. I live in california and they only have a cafe in santa monica ca. I will say that CAPITAL ONE GIVES SECOND CHANCES AND POST BK APPLUCANTS. Thats just awesome, We honestly need to stop and say wait a annual fee, its unsecured, and im on the 5 step credit program. Today my credit line is 50k with a score of 805. And it all started with a bank that said yes to me when everyone said no. IM IN FOREVER DEBT TO YOU CAPITAL ONE. THANK U.

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May 26 2017
Great until fraud occurs
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for several years. Always paid on time, happy with everything until it got compromised due to a fraudulent attempt this weekend. Thankfully with the Capital One Wallet app, I caught it right away and locked my card. I called in to get it closed and replaced. When the new card arrived, a sticker on the front read that it was already activated- that was new/different than ususal, but I shrugged it off and put it in my wallet. Unfortunately, when I went to use it the next day, it was declining. I logged in online and it said my new credit card account was locked and I needed to call the fraud team. Very strange, since I thought the fraud was handled and this was a new card. I called in, and they told me my credit card address was flagged as "bad" and I needed to provide my driver's license scanned back-to-front, proof of residence, and my social security card scanned to get the hold removed. Wait, what? Why should I have to do any such thing after being a recent victim of fraud? What made even less sense was that the address the fraud team flagged as "bad" is the same one I do all my Capital One banking at, where my credit card has been registered for months, and where they shipped the new card. And if they genuinely felt my address was even potentially "bad" or "fraudulent" (both suggestions are logically absurd), why would you bother to ship the new card here?! That above all else shows clearly, the issue is rigid customer service, not my actual consumer safety from fraud. To me, it sounds like a computer algorithm flagged something erroneously, and a human needs to take the extra step to apply the logic at hand to remove that flag for a loyal, paying customer. No such thing at Capital One "fraud protection" services! When I tried to explain all this to the rep, I was pretty much ignored. I needed to give them all the aforementioned information, and that was the only solution to a problem I didn't create. No option to escalate to a manger who could help out, no application of basic logic (why suddenly flag this address out of the blue? Why not just call the banking side of operations and cross reference that my address is the same across accounts and settle it that way?). I was so fed up being ignored by the rep, I thanked them and ended the call, and tried calling in again to hope that a human would answer this time. Same roadblock reasoning! The computer is the be all end all. They have no interest in doing their job (customer service), just ticking off whether they got all the information required to clear the flag. So I'm done with it- the new card can stay on hold, and I'm moving on from QuickSilver. Capital One has enough of my information, and if this is how they treat a loyal, paying customer when fraud occurs, then I'll take my credit card business somewhere that can handle it right. Don't make a customer twice the victim in the name of "security" (again, so secure you shipped the card here). Use your heads, and train a team equipped to provide actual customer service, insted of blindly following an auto prompt. If you can't, at least develop a protocol or route for things to get escalated to a manager than can help.

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Jul 28 2020
Capital One in General
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for many years. Just recently I went to make a purchase and I get an email and text alert asking if I was aware of the purchase. I selected yes in the email and via text. Then both systems states to call Capital One for possible fraudulent activity. I go through their process and was assured everything was okay, but I would have to wait until tomorrow until the money was available again. That isn't a very big deal. I go through the process again, and the exact same thing. I call them, perform the verification, this time they want me to send a copy of my driver's license (which I did), then was informed it would take 7-10 days until it could be processed and the card would be locked until it was reviewed. Really? I was at a tipping point, just wanted to cancel both my Capital One Cards, but I couldn't do that since they were locked. Needless to say, I will never use this company again.

Jul 09 2020
Capital One ALWAYS comes through, even in a crisis
Credit Karma Member

Unlike other creditors, when I went through some financial hardships, Capital One didn't try to send collectors after me, or in any way harass me like other creditors do. They were ALWAYS willing to work things out with me. For that, I will continue to remain a card hold and a patriot for Capital one.

May 09 2020
Good Credit
Credit Karma Member

I love this card. I have no used it as often as I want to due to being home, however, it been great to me. Interest could be worst, but very manageable.

May 06 2020
Happy with capital one
Credit Karma Member

I have had no issues with this card so far and the rewards are a nice plus. Application was very easy and customer service is excellent. I had to dispute something once and the process was easy and comforting. I had my money credited back to my account right away. If You pay on time for 6 Months in a row they automatically increase your credit line which is a nice gesture for Rewarding good habits...Unlike these other bottom feeder cards that never increase you and are garbage.

May 04 2020
Best card I own
Credit Karma Member

I have this card and even without a perfect score I got a really good limit. It includes 1.5% cashback on everything and it is just a great card. I recently request an additional card for a family member because of the whole apocalypse going on. The post office never delivered because it wasn't on my name. I called Capital One and had the most amazing customer service. They were prompt, they made it right, they help me figure out the problem (even though it wasn't there fault) and I got an overnight deliver of the card.

Apr 10 2020
Disappointed Card Holder
Credit Karma Member

Based on my past and recent experience,I have found it necessary to share my experience with this company. My main concern is the high interest rates and the unwillingness of Capital One Credit Card to lower my personal and business card rates, especially during these uncertain times. Because this is my oldest credit card, I have been reluctant to close the accounts. Because of my several attempts to work with this company to reach a middle ground with a lower rate, and until I can pay off the final card, I have decided to share my unfortunate disappointment and dissatisfaction with how I as a loyal card holder am not being heard. I have paid off an auto loan, paid off a credit card, and even with my history with this company they are still unwilling to lower my rate. Needless to say, this is a horrible card to have in your wallet. All I have ever heard is I am sorry at this time we have no incentives for you to lower your rate. Capital One Credit Cards are not worth the hassle and I do not recommend.

Apr 03 2020
Credit Karma Member

As we are all in a Crisis with COVID-19, Most of us are struggling to make ends meet, Well I cant say that for myself, I work two Jobs and both are "Essential" Jobs, I work for UPS and Publix Supermarkets, I have been a bit overwhelmed this past few weeks working CRAZY hours at both jobs and over worked that I simply for to pay my C.C. Bill come April 1st, So first thing this morning i paid it upon realizing a LATE FEE of 30 dollars, REALLY CAPITOL ONE.......Thought you were "THAT" company the helps people, Ive had this card for about 3 years and Never missed a payment up till Now.......Why can you be like Discover where there is NO, NEVER, NOPE, ZERO LATE FEES........Im considering looking for another card that has a bit more Heart!!!!

Mar 15 2020
If you pay your balances off every month
Credit Karma Member

The interest rate on this card is high, however, if you pay your balances off every month it is nice to take advantage of the rewards program.

Mar 13 2020
Credit Karma Member

My secured card is better than this card. My account was on hold for two weeks for making a payment and they couldnt verify my bank. Next i made another payment and they help my account for 7 days. Told me i couldnt use the funds. President declared national emergency and still held on to my funds. As far as im concerned f"** capital one. They lucky if i dont sue. I payed them with all i had. My kids were hungry had to borrow money to feed them. After these people told me my payment would post within in 24hrs. They lie to you to get your money. Think twice about a card with them.

Mar 12 2020
Never again! ????
Credit Karma Member

When I applied about 2 years ago they gave me $500 limit and that's after they ask me for my taxes for proof of income, I emailed them back with my IRS documents showing 256k annual income. 6 months later they raised my limit to $750 Which is even more insulting. My FICO is 755 & I pay my mortgage 2 up to 4 times a month. And of course they know when you cancel any of your credit cards you will lose lots of points for at least 6 months. For cashback do yourself a favor and get Citi double cash on all purchases ???????? ,,, and for shopping and dining points hands down ((American Express platinum) They will start you with a very good limit and you feel will the cashback.

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Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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