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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0%* for 9 months
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 13.99% - 23.99%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR 0%* for 9 months
  • Purchase Regular APR 13.99% - 23.99%* Variable

Most Helpful Positive Review

May 20, 2017
Awesome Card!!
Creditrebuilding Cardholder

I applied for this card a few weeks ago after Credit karma said that my approval odds were, "very good".

My Credit Karma scores were - Transunion - 685 and Equifax – 683.
After applying, I received a notification that my application would need further review.  I immediately thought that this meant that I’d been declined. My hopes were down, I experienced that few hours of depression that you get when you think you’ve been rejected.

The next day I received a phone call from a rep at Capital one. She said that my application was flagged for further review because they needed to make sure that it was me that submitted the application.  After confirming that I did submit the request, she pushed my application forward.

A few days later I received an email stating that my new card was on the way!!! When I received it, I found out that they started me off with a credit line of $3,000. I was so excited, as my other card from Cap1 is a secured card that had a credit line of $500.  Moral of the story is, just because your application needs further review, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Capital One has been amazing since I received my first card from them a few years ago.  If credit Karma says that your approval odds are, “very good” for this card, go ahead and apply. You never know, they may start you off with an even higher credit line than I did. Thanks for taking the time out to read my review!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 26, 2017
Great until fraud occurs
CT0 Cardholder

I've had this card for several years. Always paid on time, happy with everything until it got compromised due to a fraudulent attempt this weekend. Thankfully with the Capital One Wallet app, I caught it right away and locked my card. I called in to get it closed and replaced. When the new card arrived, a sticker on the front read that it was already activated- that was new/different than ususal, but I shrugged it off and put it in my wallet.

Unfortunately, when I went to use it the next day, it was declining. I logged in online and it said my new credit card account was locked and I needed to call the fraud team. Very strange, since I thought the fraud was handled and this was a new card. I called in, and they told me my credit card address was flagged as "bad" and I needed to provide my driver's license scanned back-to-front, proof of residence, and my social security card scanned to get the hold removed. Wait, what? Why should I have to do any such thing after being a recent victim of fraud? What made even less sense was that the address the fraud team flagged as "bad" is the same one I do all my Capital One banking at, where my credit card has been registered for months, and where they shipped the new card. And if they genuinely felt my address was even potentially "bad" or "fraudulent" (both suggestions are logically absurd), why would you bother to ship the new card here?! That above all else shows clearly, the issue is rigid customer service, not my actual consumer safety from fraud. To me, it sounds like a computer algorithm flagged something erroneously, and a human needs to take the extra step to apply the logic at hand to remove that flag for a loyal, paying customer. No such thing at Capital One "fraud protection" services!

When I tried to explain all this to the rep, I was pretty much ignored. I needed to give them all the aforementioned information, and that was the only solution to a problem I didn't create. No option to escalate to a manger who could help out, no application of basic logic (why suddenly flag this address out of the blue? Why not just call the banking side of operations and cross reference that my address is the same across accounts and settle it that way?). I was so fed up being ignored by the rep, I thanked them and ended the call, and tried calling in again to hope that a human would answer this time. Same roadblock reasoning! The computer is the be all end all. They have no interest in doing their job (customer service), just ticking off whether they got all the information required to clear the flag.

So I'm done with it- the new card can stay on hold, and I'm moving on from QuickSilver. Capital One has enough of my information, and if this is how they treat a loyal, paying customer when fraud occurs, then I'll take my credit card business somewhere that can handle it right. Don't make a customer twice the victim in the name of "security" (again, so secure you shipped the card here). Use your heads, and train a team equipped to provide actual customer service, insted of blindly following an auto prompt. If you can't, at least develop a protocol or route for things to get escalated to a manager than can help.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 21, 2017
Easy approval
glamourgirlj Cardholder

Love this card. Easy approval, money back, and rapid credit increases!

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Nov 21, 2017
just got approved!!!
Srt8joe Cardholder

Applied for an upgrade from my platinum card after 10 months and was approved im excited

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Nov 15, 2017
Easiest application ever!
Jh3177 Cardholder

 Easy application and fast approval. Good rewards. I have 3 other Cap One credit cards: Cap One Platinum, Cap One Union Plus and Cap One GM Buy Power. The Cap One app lets me link all of the cards to pay and manage them all in one place. Always happy with the cards and love how they give an automatic increase after 6 months.

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Nov 05, 2017
Pays me to use it!
gringgo Cardholder

I had excellent approval odds from Credit Karma and went for it. The Fraud Dept contacted me too confirm I applied for the card since I have a fraud alert on my credit files, on top of being the victim of identity theft. This is a good thing. After that the processing continued and I soon received the card with a $10k limit. So far, so good.

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Nov 04, 2017
My favorite card
mgadson483 Cardholder

I've had multiple types of accounts with Capital One in the past.  An auto loan and a credit card that I was very irresponsible with many, many years.  If you owe them money on any closed accounts, they aren't giving you a **** thing, and rightfully so.

Fast forward several years.  I started off with a Capital One Secured card with a $300 line of credit.  One day, Credit Karma suggested I get the Quicksilver One.  Capital One gave it to me one with a $500 credit line.  I was so happy that I decided to get another, just to see if they'd give it to me.  They did, and with another $500 line of credit.  I kept those 3 cards open for quite some time.  Capital one decided to increase those lines, the two Quicksilver one to $750 and the secured one (which they turned into an unsecured one, giving me my initial deposit back) to $500.

I decided to call Capital One one day because I was interested in changing one of my cards into a different type of rewards card.  I can't remember which one it was.  This wasn't possible, instead, the agent offered to change my Quicksilver One cards to Quicksilver cards thus losing the annual fee on those.  I decided later to use Capital One's website to merge all 3 of those cards into 1 card and yes, Capital One will combine the balances.  So now I have 1 Capital One credit card with a $2000 limit, a checking account, and a savings account.

- The app also gives you information on your credit.  It'll tell you your credit score and even has a credit score stimulator.

I recommend Capital One for following reasons:

- I love, love, LOVE their mobile app that I use on my iPhone & iPad.  99% of the business you need to handle can be handle directly from the app and the website.  The mobile app will tell you your current APR, gives you info on cash advances, statement details, and you can "lock" your card from the app.

- The post my payments and release funds into my available credit VERY quickly.  Payments before 5PM are posted the same day and the funds are released into my available credit by around midnight.

- I can use this card with Apple Pay #NerdMoment

- Rewards from purchases are available within a few business days.  I don't know the time frame, but if I had to guess, I would say 1 or 2.  Redeeming rewards is also very speedy, I usually to the account credit which also posts within 1 or 2 business days.

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Nov 04, 2017
Customer Service is Awful & APR is HIGH!

I have been paying 2x the minimum balance on this card and had it for 3 years and whenever I tried calling about getting lower APR from 24% they would not bug. Transferred off of this card to BOA bc their interest was half after promotional period. Don't use this card outside of the 0% APR.

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Nov 13, 2017

I've had this card for 16 months now. While I do agree with you the APR can be high, reward cards usually are all high APR, and the % is clearly stated before you apply so it was a choice right? When I was using it the most I was charging about 2K a month and nearly paying it in full monthly (leaving only a balance of $40-$60). I was successful at having them lower me from 24% to 21%... not a huge difference but I don't complain or care for that matter, they have given me generous CLIs and upgrafed. I've since been approved for better cards with APR as low as 7%.. I don't use my Quicksilver as much anymore but I thank Cap One for where I am today. Forever grateful. (just my personal experience with them)

Oct 26, 2017
CredSeeker123 Cardholder

Got approved with 565-570 range.  It's a low $300 limit and the $39 fee is tacked on immediately but hoping it will grow. Applied straight from Credit Karma.  Approval odds were rated fair but now rated poor after I applied???  Not sure how that works.

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Oct 27, 2017

The same thing happened to me. I'm not sure why either.

Nov 02, 2017

You have the Quicksilver One card. The normal Quicksilver card doesn't come with an annual fee. So, either you applied for the wrong card, or you're posting a review for the wrong card.

Nov 21, 2017

@ligre22 it says right on the website quicksilver card has a $39 annual fee. Please do research before posting wrong information.

Oct 24, 2017
Was Given One While Rebuilding Credit
Zipster257 Cardholder

I applied for, and was given, this credit card yesterday.  I got one with a $10K CL  The online application took less than a minute for my approval.  My socres from CK were TU 716 and Eqfx 719.  I completed a Chapter 13 plan that was succesfully dismissed December 2016.  I started applying for credit in March 2017 for the first time after the bankruptcy.  Since March I have been able to get Walmart, Boscovs, and cards, with $750/$500/$5,000 limits.  Got my first non-secured credit card through a mailer sent by Merrick Bank for $750 that was just doubled, as promised, after six months of successful payments/use.  Next I got a Visa from Ollo cards with a $2,000 limit.  Lastly got a Visa with a $2,500 limit through a credit union I also got a small loan for a car.  So getting this Quicksilver with a fairly nice CL will be helpful on my credit reports for "credit usage" percentages.  Of course all the APR's are ridiculous (except for the credit union card) so I will definitely only use the cards to buy what I can pay off right away. My point in stating all this is that if you have survived a bankruptcy, in particular a Chapter 13, within the first year of dismissal I built up over $20K total of credit so I assume most who are gainfully employed can too.  Good luck and keep on trying.

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Oct 16, 2017
Otay200 Cardholder

If you have a problem they cancel your card

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Oct 16, 2017

Please elaborate on your claim. I've had hundreds of dollars in fraudulent transactions and they credit my account quick, have even give me thousands in CLI. I was even upgraded to a World Elite. I'm not saying this is the case but If you tried to pull a fast one on them... well you got what you deserve.

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