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Feb 17 2019
So far so good
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma says my approval chances are poor, but I received a pre-selected notice in the mail, I applied and was approved in 30 secs with a CL of $1800. My card and pin quickly arrived via mail in 7 days. I had a question about my statement closing date and called customer service. The automated prompts are super sensitive and pick up every bit of background noise and it kept errorinf out making getting to a rep a more annoying than usual but once I got to a rep they answered my question right away. If it was a rep in India I couldn't not tell. The rep was polite and spoke perfect English. Approved with 7 medical collections EX - 636 TU - 682 EQ - 666

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Apr 16 2019
Credit Karma Member

Citicard is just about the worst company I dealt with and I do not recommend it to anyone if you want to avoid problems. They offered me a card, I accepted, they funded the card, and 3 weeks later they closed it without my knowledge and added a remark on my credit report "closed by Credit Grantor". This caused my credit score to plumit by 61 points, although this was due to a "Bank Error" by their own admission. They claimed they did not have a copy of my Social Security # and address. Hard to believe since they have already accepted me and issued the card. Never the less, I sent them my SS# and address through Citi Bank Branch in Selma California. They acknowledged receiving the information on time, but they failed to process it, and ending up closing my account. My score dropped by 61 points as a result of their negligence. I have been trying to work with them over the past 8 months, and they never did fix it. They caused my blood presure to rise, and wasted so much of my time, and still they did not resolve it.

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Jun 08 2020
great for o% interest, and
Credit Karma Member

Wow, I don't understand what's happening out there with Citi Bank and this card. I admit mine is paid off. but a couple of years ago had it and the bank mgr.out by woodmen was super she helped me learn how to really use credit cards to make money and not pay money. I started off with 15months 0% interesting the got enough reward points to purchase a plane ticket round trip to Pennsylvania, ret a small car while I was there and booked a motel for 5 days. and all I paid was taxes. To me I say that's good banking. you do have to keep your credit cards paid on time and at that time my score was 710 but thanks to her teaching me and truly caring about her customers mine is now 811 and every 11 banks start sending me offers with 0%interest. and around 13 or14 months pick which one is the longest and one with a o charge for balance transfers and just switch accounts. never having to pay a penny in interest or bank charges, and sometimes there are even some fair bonuses. I'm careful not to go overboard in getting caught in the trap of spending a couple of thousand just to get a 200.00 bonus, You can really get in over your head if your not careful in this area. Soo all in all I love my Citi. Bank Chase bank and discover. and a symphony bank. one word of caution just FYI in this next year if you can do anything at all to get debt-free and get any big cash flow out of your bank. you better do it. cause things will be going from bad to super-duper worse if Biden gets in. America is gonna fall, History shows us that just make sure to listen to your old old people who went through the depression so you don't go down with it. God Bless . he's willing if you are.

Apr 03 2020
Approval rate good
Credit Karma Member

I try to do my research when signing up for a new card to opening anything that has to do with my credit - Got approved and 3 months later I realized I had three points to use for stuff- I got a gift card to Sephora and I’m pretty happy - my experience has been good - I did read others reviews and Sometimes I like to see for myself -

Mar 17 2020
Credit Karma Member

Absolute HORRIBLE company to deal with. I paid down my credit limit in an effort to improve my credit score and they dropped my credit limit to $5 above the current balance, yet again tanking my score. How on earth are we supposed to get ahead in this game of improving our score if these cards are out yet I screw us! I paid them OVER $600 above what my minimum payment was they still did this. I will never give them a dime of my money again . Stay away, they are NOT here t over you re-establish your credit line.

Jan 25 2020
Credit Karma Member

Jan 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

Jan 23 2020
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Jan 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

Jan 08 2020
terrible Citi=Bad
Credit Karma Member

customer service..... Bad app and website...... terrible Website is always down and terribly complicated to use had to change password like 10 times. I have 12 different CC and this is the only bad card i have. Once the 0% balance transfer is done I will be canceling the card and will never use or recomend Citi cards to anyone.

Dec 29 2019
Only good for 1-3$ charges(round up)
Credit Karma Member

If u want the sign up bonus, and a card with a decent starting limit that grows get this card. Rewards are awful...

Nov 24 2019
Good odds but nope
Credit Karma Member

Credit karma said I had good odds. Applied last year and now a year later. Decline both years. Credit scores at or near 700. Keep your card, probably a blessing anyways.

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Citi Rewards+℠ Card

Citi Rewards+℠ Card

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