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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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Application Process

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Customer Service

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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 16.49% - 23.49%* Variable
  • Annual Fee Introductory Annual Fee of $0 the first year, then $95
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 16.49% - 23.49%* Variable

Our Take

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is a travel rewards card aimed at excellent credit consumers.

What to Like

Cardholders get 2 points for every dollar spent on travel and restaurants, and 1 point for every other dollar spent on purchases. The Chase Ultimate Rewards program offers a 20% discount on travel purchases made using points. The card also has no foreign transaction fee and offers a 50,000 point bonus if you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months.

Look Out For

After the first year, there’s a $95 annual fee. There’s no intro APR for purchases or balance transfers.


Most Helpful Positive Review

May 03, 2016
Got Approved!!!
Snickersmom1 Cardholder

I have been working on my credit for many years. I went from the high 500's to a current 794 fico score. I have no derogatory remarks on my credit report (all fell off over 7 years) and i pay all of my credit card balances every month. Only 1 inquiry on my credit report. I have a Capitol One secured card (1,000 CL) that i got 8 years ago and a Wells Frago (3yrs) credit card ($4500.00). It was finally time to look into getting a new credit card. Since i travel a lot I thought The Chase Sapphire Preferred would be the best choice. I did the pre-approval on line and completed the application. I was instantly approved for $12000 CL! I am loving this card so far! 

If you are trying to repair your credit please be patient! It took me long time to get the credit score I have now but the hard work paid off. When I was younger I was not taught how missing a payment or not paying a bill could follow you for so long. Don't buy anything you can't afford. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 24, 2016
I never applied for this card.
mj6194 Cardholder

I originally had the Chase Travel Plus card with 10.24% interest rate, no annual fee and $10,000 limit. I guess they decided to do away with that reward card in 2014 and I was switched to this on by Chase. Now I have a $95 annual fee and the rewards are less rewarding. When I noticed I has an annual fee Chase said I could apply for a different card without a fee. I have asked them to fix this and refund the $95, still waiting to hear back. If I had it to do all over again I would avoid business with Chase. Always having issues...not just with my Credit Card...My mortgage too.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 22, 2017
BTACU07 Cardholder

I was approved for a $5K credit limit with a less-than-perfect credit score. I'm in the process of rebuiding credit and it's been a journey.. Very excited to become a card member for this card and will be looking forward to earning rewards. 

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Jan 17, 2017
Approved. My story
kc10er Cardholder

I have done your research for you. To the tune of 6 hours straight comparing two cards I thought were the best long term rewards for travel.

The Amex Everyday Premier card was my other close choice as it offers 3x points on grocery (no Wal-mart or superstores included), 2x points on gas, and 1x on all others. But, it's an Amex and has international fees and not AS widely accepted as Visa. I decided that even though I will get less points per swipe with the Chase card, I can use it anywhere and have no hidden fees or restrictions (both had the same annual fee). Amex likes to add that little  "limitations apply" star so you never know if you will have a participating merchant or not with Amex.

Next I looked at which airlines I could use the rewards. Amex has restrictions (as well as a fee capped at $99.00) for transferring points to airline miles and some are not a 1:1 ratio. For domestic flights you are limited to Delta and British Air essentially (with Virgin Atlantic and Hawaiian as skim options) for domestic flights. All other carriers with Amextravel specialize more in international flights. Chase allows use (and points transfers at 1:1) to United, Southwest, Virgin, and British Airways (which you can book American Airline flights on). Most of my discount ticket searches came up AA or United for domestic flights. So I leaned towards Chase. 

Next, I looked at hotels and cruises. Again, Chase came out on top with the partners they allow points to be used with such at Hyatt, Merriott and all IHG partners. Not that the Amex card was bad, it just didn't fit my typical travel carriers as all they offer is Hilton and Starwood. 

Now let's move to the shopping. Chase wins "hands down" on the shopping partners. The list is too extensive to name here, but most will be happy to know that once you put your Chase card into Amazon, it will link your points to Amazon and you can use them for direct checkout on Amazon's site (just like Discover card). Amex fell short by not offering any online shopping partners and specializing more on classy event discounts like the Kentucky Derby, etc.

So, let's get to the approval. CK said I had very good odds of approval with a 730 score on TU and a 732 on EF. I ran my Experian score for $1 on their site and came back with a 726. I ran my Fico on the Discover card app and it came back as a 696. Remember, a true Fico is not the same as your credit score and some lenders use a Fico instead of one credit reporting agency. While I was nervous about the Fico, I know through research that Chase pulls an Experian only report (my email alert confirmed that after the application was approved) so I applied. Keep in mind I have excellent payment history and 22 total accounts on my report so that might have something to do with the approval, I am just telling my story so you can compare your situation if you are nervous about applying. The application was simple (click the "apply now" on CK and it takes you to Chase). A few basic info things like address and phone and I was instantly approved for $13,300. Card in the mail.

I would like Chase to offer better 2x and or 3x daily rewards, but they have specials here and there from 5x up to 25x, so you need to check their site frequently and be savy. All in all, I think I will be happy and only time and redemption of points will tell if I made the right choice. Don't forget to search online for how to transfer points from Chase to airline miles, as this will bump the rewards percentage and really save you some points and cash!

In case you scrolled to the bottom here are my stats for comparison:

Approved for $13,300.

Trans Union: 730

Equifax: 732

Experian: 726

Fico: 696

Annual income: 63k

Total debt on report: 101k

Number of accounts: 22

Credit card utilization: 2% (4 cards) and I HIGHLY suggest paying off cards below 10% before applying for a high end card. CC companies REALLY look at that.

Deliquencies: 0

Derogitory marks: 1 tax lein from 2009 (paid off)

Oldest open account: 3 yrs

Average account age: 1.7 yrs

Hope this helps a bit.

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Jan 17, 2017

Nice review. I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Amex Everyday Preferred. They work very well together since they don't share any bonus categories. Even though you pick up another $95 annual fee with the Amex, the Amex offers can be a big help in offsetting it. I've already picked up an extra $105 in cash back in my first year and a ton of extra points through Amex offers alone. Throw in a Chase Freedom card and you're really racking up the points with just about every swipe.

Jan 19, 2017

Thank you..your review helps really nervous to apply for credit but i think im okay...
My stats are : ( based on CK )
TU - 678
EF - 699
7 years of credit age
No late pays
BoA $2800
AECU $ 500
Citi advantage card ( as a UA ) $9500
It has been 3 years since i applied for credit. I really want this chase sapphire. Southwest airline, or Amex everyday blue...I am glad to know that chase pulls experian.Great information.
Also i have no late payments
And 98.4 % on missed payment
Creditcard utilization is 5%...
What should i do about applying for this card. ?

Jan 22, 2017

What a great job comparing the cards. Thanks for all your hard work, this was really helpful!

Jan 16, 2017
My dream card for travel!

Started working on my credit last year  with a $300 credit limit Credit one card then a Cap one Quiksilver with a $750 limit. Always paid full balance every month. I have also been paying off old collections. 

Hard work pays off. First, I got the Chase Freedom Unlimited last week and noticed I had a pre-approval for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I did NOT think I would get this card yet especially because my Freedom was only a 1.5k credit line but after a few days I decided to go for it and what a surprise! I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred with a 5k credit limit!

Looking forward to pairing this card with my Freedom Unlimited to rack up those points!

I am very happy that Chase could see the hard work I've been doing to rebuild my credit. I have 0 history banking with them. Thank you Credit Karma! 

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Jan 17, 2017

What was your credit score at the time you applied for the CSP?

Jan 17, 2017

Congratulations, Guru! :) I can say, having taken virtually the exact same path that you did with credit cards, you're not gonna regret getting the CFU+CSP combo. Rewards points add up so fast, the sign-up bonuses are top of the heap, and transferring points from one card to the other is a snap. I'll admit to taking small advantage of the CFU 0% APE on purchases perk, but no way will I let balances get out of hand. Chase rocks, and so do their cards!

Jan 17, 2017

Whoops, APR, not APE.

Jan 21, 2017

I had a card 9% APE and it was a pain to shop anywhere with even that much APE. Last time I get Bank Of Congo card.

Jan 12, 2017
The best card you'll ever own
TalentedInk Cardholder

The best way to review this card is to say that there is not a single bad word I can say about this card. The customer service is fantastic and you don't have to suffer through an hour of automation all the while screaming "REPRESENTATIVE!" to reach a human being. What's in...wait somebody already took that. Get this card, now!

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Jan 10, 2017
happy to get
Jsteph01 Cardholder

applied with 750/748 CK, 706 Equifax and was approved for 5k limit, currently have Delta AMEX gold with $3K limit and US Bank Secured card with $1900 limit. Going back 2 years my score was sub 600, but i managed the secured card well, got prequalified for the delta amex at a $1K limit one year ago, increased the limit to $3K after 6 months, and just got approved for this card last week. Have significant late payments on my history (including some 90/120s) mostly due to struggling with student loans and living on my own after graduating from college.  Evidence that time heals all wounds when it comes to your credit score

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Jan 07, 2017
Higher than usual credit access
Fhel Cardholder

Had poor credit most of my life due to young mistakes, carried a high utilization balance up untill last month where I was able to pay the utilization down. Score went from below 600 to 639. used the Pre-Approval feature from credit karma and was qualified for this card, Chase Slate, and Chase Freedom. Went with this card based on the reviews and was immediately approved for 5k limit, no need to call in. Another win for my utilization. 

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Jan 20, 2017

.my CK scores are 678 & 688...utilization is 4% of 13, late payments, 11yr old credit....Should i pull the trigger and apply

Jan 21, 2017

thmcghee, go to the Chase website and use the pre-qualification or pre-approval tool. If you want a better chance go to a Chase branch and apply there.

Jan 21, 2017


Jan 06, 2017
My wallet is complete!
SnootieBoo Cardholder

I apped for CSP because I wanted a card with good travel rewards. I didn't have a prequalified offer but I applied anyway. I received the 7-10 day message, so I called the reconsideration line. The lady I spoke with was nice and verified my new address and credit information. She approved me for $12,000. This was a great moment for me because my credit worthiness was finally rewarded with a higher initial limit. So far, customer service has been great, the app is easy to use & the Ultimate Rewards site helps you keep track of your points and informs you of other travel/hotel offers. I've come a long way,...FICO scores currently range 716-723. 

Quick back story...Just under 2 years ago my scores were around 580. I had to get serious about rebuilding because we wanted a new house. My spouse had excellent credit but mine kept us from getting our dream home. I won't go into great detail but you can check out my profile to see my card journey. I use my cards heavily and don't carry balances. I ask for CLI's all of the time. Most cards will be soft pulls (except CITI). My current cards/limits are CSP $12,000; AMEX Blue Cash $17,500, Discover $13,500, Cap One $9,500 & CITI Double Cash $7,000.

I added the latter to say, with patience, persistence & determination, you can have the type of credit that you want. I hope my story can help someone else. Good luck!🍀 

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Jan 06, 2017

Congratulations to ya. :) I'm a proud holder of the Sapphire Preferred as well. Limit of 7k, FICO is 685 Experian, and am about to finish my sign-up bonus to get the 50,000 pts. (about to receive and start the sign-up bonus for a Blue Cash Preferred as well). The CSP is well worth the 95 dollar annual fee. Keep up the good work. :)

Jan 06, 2017

Thanks! Congrats to you as well!!!

Jan 09, 2017

Can u send me the number for reconsideration line ?

Jan 04, 2017
Just got it!
uhnie Cardholder

Credit Karma gave my chances as "FAIR", for this card for the first time. My previous odds were always "Poor". I went on Chase's website to seei if I could get pre-qualified, but was not. I decided to apply any way, with a TU score of 691. I applied and was given a 7-10 at message. I called the reconsideration line and spoke to an agent, and was on the phone with him for 20 minutes. He asked some questions about my BK, 6 years ago. He then stated he needed TU to add a phone number to my file. I went on TU's website and noticed my phone number was already there. I called back, and this time they could see my number was there. Asked repeat questions as the first agent did, then transferred me to someone else to verify my identity, with a text to my phone. Finally, APPROVED for 5k. I do have Chase United as well.

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Jan 03, 2017
My Dream Card Came True!

I have been working diligently on my credit for over 13 months! I started with a CO Platinum $300 card. I would charge and pay balance in full and moved up to a second card with CO Quiksilver $500. I knew I wanted the CSP- kept focused, kept disciplined, and finally have it! Chase goes off more than your FICO score- they take into account your debt-to-income ratio, number of paid accounts, and salary/income. Going to take advantage of the 50,000 bonus points due to being an extensive traveler! You can do it too!

FICO- 661

CSP- $8K, JetBlue MC- $5K, Synchrony- $2.4K, CO Quiksilver- $2K, CO Platinum- $1.5K, CF- $500, Credit One- $450, Milestone- $300

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Jan 16, 2017

I literally did these exact same steps. Same credit card ladder as you! Hard work pays off. I got the Chase Freedom Unlimited last week and also had a pre-approval for the CSP. I did NOT think I would get this card yet especially because my FUnlimited was o my a 1.5k credit line but after a few days I decided to go for it and approved for the 5k credit limit. Looking forward to pairing this card with my Freedom Unlimited to rack up those points!

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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

146 Reviews
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