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Apr 18, 2017
NO Fraud Protection
Anonymous Cardholder

Zero fraud protection. I had not used the card for 15 months, and stopped checking my statements (my fault). 15 months after not using my card, a Netflix recurring charge appeared on my account from Florida ( I live in Chicago). I was unaware of these charges for 5 months until I got a call from collections. I disputed this with Priceline, they accepted and confirmed fraud. Due to this, my credit score dropped from 808 to 589. Priceline did not report the fraudulent activity back to the credit companies and my credit took a huge hit, all for $72. Priceline should have caught this charge the second it happened, but never flagged it as fraud. I now am not able to apply for a mortgage, thanks Priceline. It will take a month to get this all figured out!

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Apr 26, 2017

Dispute the negative marks directly with experion, transunion, etc. Provide them same details and documents showing admittance of fraud.
Although your report shouldn't have dropped 300pts over one card having delinquent/late payments. That's not even realistic.

Nov 03, 2016
Great if you're not picky

I don't mean picky in the negative sense.  I'm not particular about where I stay just the star level.  It is 1% everywhere else yes.  I have used it for name your own price hotels and express deal hotel booking and received the 5% back though.  This summer I recieved over $100 back.  I recommend it, just beware where you can actually get the 5% and pay it in full because the interest rates are high

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Aug 15, 2016
Worse Credit Card Ever
Anonymous Cardholder

Priceline isn't meant to shift into the CC market. They are the worse company to work with on this side of the industry. EX: I submitted an application for this card in Mid-July and received the card early August. Somehow, their was already a $500 activity charge on this card. I only used this card 6 times. My transaction should have been $140. When I called the customer service line I literally had to explain myself 20times as if the rep was incompetent of her work. She advised me they will put in a dispute for the unrecognize charges, close out the account and re-issue me a new card. Soon as I received my new card I contacted their customer service again. The new rep had no record that I called to file a dipute. Again, I had to explain myself 20time because that rep seem uneducated. I explain one thing and he kept repeating something else. He putted me on hold for more than 5min each time he claimed he had to research the unrecognize activities.  He wanted to put me on hold for 5-10min just to check each unauthorize transaction which would of taken 2hours. This is a ridiculous company. I can't wait for them to figure out what fraud or identity problem they mistake my record with so I can close my business. "STAY AWAY AND STICK TO THE USUAL CREDIT CARD." 

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