Frontier Airlines elite status: What each level offers

Young black woman enjoying her Frontier status perks, gazing out the plane window.Image: Young black woman enjoying her Frontier status perks, gazing out the plane window.
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The Frontier Miles frequent flyer program offers three tiers of elite status.

With Frontier status, regular travelers who prefer the low-cost carrier can enjoy some basic benefits every time they fly, including complimentary seat assignments, access to stretch seating and more.

At a glance: Frontier Miles levels

There are three tiers of Frontier status beyond basic membership, each offering an increasing number of benefits in addition to the perks you get with the previous tier.

Here’s how they compare.

Priority boardingSeat assignmentFamily seatingFree checked bag
Elite 20K

Elite 50K
Elite 100K

Frontier Miles Elite 20K

Elite 20K members earn just one mile for each mile they fly, which is the same as the basic Frontier Miles membership.

What does Elite 20K status get you?

Elite 20K status provides some basic benefits that are typically included with a main cabin ticket on most airlines. For example, you’ll get to choose your seat, bring a carry-on and pay no redemption fees on award flights.

You can also pool miles with up to eight people in your family. Plus, any member on the elite member’s booking can use miles to redeem “last seat available” award tickets.

What might make Frontier loyalists most happy, though, is that you can get an upgrade to a stretch seat at check-in, if one is available. Frontier Airlines doesn’t have a standard first-class cabin, but stretch seating will give you a bit more legroom and the ability to recline your seat.

How do I qualify for Elite 20K status?

You can earn Elite 20K status by earning 20,000 qualifying miles or flying 25 segments in a calendar year. Qualifying miles include miles earned when you fly Frontier or spend using the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard®.

Frontier Miles Elite 50K

The middle tier of elite status with Frontier Airlines provides enough additional benefits to be appealing for Elite 20K members.

What does Elite 50K status get you?

As an Elite 50K member, you’ll earn 1.25 miles for each mile you travel on Frontier Airlines flights. In addition to all of the benefits you get as an Elite 20K member, you’ll also get stretch seating upgrades when you book — you don’t have to wait until you check in.

Family members and friends also get advanced seat assignments (including stretch seating) as long as they’re on your reservation. Plus, you’ll get 50% off a Discount Den membership, a subscription that offers access to the airline’s lowest fares as well as free tickets for kids on select dates and flights.

How do I qualify for Elite 50K status?

Elite 50K status is available for Frontier Miles members who earn 50,000 or more qualifying miles or fly 50 segments in a calendar year.

Frontier Miles Elite 100K

The highest status level of Frontier status offers a few more benefits and extends additional benefits to friends and family members on your itinerary.

What does Elite 100K status get you?

You’ll earn 1.5 miles for each mile you fly with the airline and also get all of the benefits that Elite 20K and Elite 50K members enjoy. But instead of just saving a little money on a Discount Den membership, you’ll get it for free.

You’ll also get a free checked bag — a perk that’s available on most airline credit cards but not the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard®.

What makes Elite 100K status so valuable, though, is that you and up to eight others on your reservation get the Works bundle every time you fly. That includes a complimentary carry-on bag, checked bag, seat assignment (including stretch seating if it’s available), priority boarding, flexible changes and refundability.

How do I qualify for Elite 100K status?

As a Frontier Miles member, you can earn Elite 100K status when you earn 100,000 qualifying miles or fly 100 segments in a calendar year.

Which Frontier Miles status is right for me?

If you’re loyal to Frontier Airlines and want elite status, these perks might help you determine just how loyal you’ll have to be to get the benefits you want.

If you enjoy a little more legroom

If you’re on the taller side, or you simply want more space to stretch out your legs, you can get stretch seating with any of the three status levels. If you’re fine with throwing the dice on the chance that a stretch seat will be available at check-in, you can stick with Elite 20K status. If not, go for Elite 50K status.

If you want to save on Frontier flights

A Discount Den membership is $99.99 the first year ($59.99 plus a $40 enrollment fee), and then it costs $59.99 per year. But if you want a reduced annual fee, shoot for an Elite 50K membership.

If you often travel with others

The Elite 100K family status benefit is by far the most valuable perk you can get with the Frontier Miles program. If you regularly fly with family members or friends, you could save a lot of money with the Works bundle.

Frontier credit card

The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® is notable among airline credit cards because it allows you to earn qualifying miles toward elite status on a dollar-for-dollar basis with everyday spending.

With some other airline cards, you may get a certain number of qualifying miles after you reach a certain spending threshold. But even if you don’t fly on Frontier even once in a calendar year, you can still earn elite status by spending $20,000 or more on your credit card during that time. The card has an $89 annual fee. Be sure to compare the card with other travel rewards credit cards to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

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