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Oct 11, 2016
Be prepared to wait 30 days or more

I applied 2 weeks ago for 5 cards with 5 different banks. All other cards came within 10 days but this card didn't even send me an email to acknowledge I applied for it. Today I got a letter by mail from them with a pin # and the last two digits of the card. So apparently it's on its way but I don't know when or how much credit they extended me. I originally applied because they have a 24mo 0% bal transfer w 4%fee. Mostly everyone says on other sites that the card arrives in 30 days if approved. So be prepared to wait that long or more if applying for this.

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May 30, 2016
Car Loan Was Perfect

I have had positive experiences with this bank. The process of paying off my car loan was seemless so I applied for a credit card. Still awaiting the results. Hopefully the process will be as smooth as it was with the car loan.

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Mar 04, 2016
Terrible Customer Experience!
zach1770 Cardholder

Applied for the Bravo card in January. Never heard anything for 5 weeks. Then a call came in to verify my identity and was approved. 2 weeks later I finally get the card. I activated and put it away. A week later I tried to access account online but was unable to register. Invalid account, Invalid SS#, Invalid this invalid that. I finally figured that this card isnt for me so I called in to close account. My call was dropped 4 times!  4! An account rep tried to retain me but she couldnt get the system working to get me registered for online access and said I would have to do it at a branch. I was finally able to get someone to close the card. Wow!  Over a month and a half just to get the card....never used it and then took multiple calls to get it closed.  Santander....your the loser here. I wont be back.   I'll just stick to my beloved American Express accounts. I hope this review sways others from being aggrivated by this horrible bank.

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Dec 08, 2014
Refinance with Santander
Anonymous Cardholder

My experience with Santander couldn't have been better.  The person who helped me with the paperwork for my Re-fi was excellent in his customer service and timely in his following through on questions I had.  The process was smooth and without snags.  The manager of the bank I went to to sign all the closing paperwork was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable.

I would use this institution again for any banking needs I have.

Beth   suburbs of Philly

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Nov 25, 2014
Prey on those looking to build credit
ccartagena28 Cardholder

This company will rob you blind. They offer you a car loan and than make sure that all your payents are eaten up by interest despite the fact that each payment is made on time. I purchased a vehichle at $25,000 and they would have me over pay for the car at $42,000 if I would have kept the loan. I traded in and was still locked in at $15,646. I had paid every month for 3 years and barely made a dent in the principle. As of right now, I've paid $12,000+ in interest and $9,980+ in principle. Yet I still owed over 15 grand. My payments were over $500 per month. NEVER AGAIN!!! I want NOTHING this bank has to offer. 

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Jan 19, 2013

My car loan has been paid off since Feb.of 2011 yet it is still showing up as owing which dings my dept to income ratiio.  I have sent letters and called. still no response.  I guess you have to get an attorney to deal with them.  Stay awary.  They weren't even the orginal loan holder. The loan was sold to them.  I would not use them it meant walking a 100 miles to work each day. RUN AWAY!!

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Sep 14, 2013

I agree. They are awful

Jan 18, 2013
Car Loan
Momofthree815 Cardholder

My car loan has been paid off since October of 2011, yet it is still showing up as owing $221 on my credit report.  Can't get anyone to do anything about it!  Frustrating.

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Oct 03, 2012
Why is my loan not showing paid in full?
memma1114 Cardholder

We paid our loan off about 6 months a head of time . But it still shows not paid on my credit off on my credit report why???

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Jun 22, 2011
rex2239 Cardholder

 If you had a zero that would be it.Very disappointed. Filed app for loan as stated. They came back instead with a % that was 3% higher than my existing loan for a longer period.Why would I have even applied (especially when u advise such apps effect your credit score)for a higher rate of interest.Thanks for listening but as much as I enjoy Credit Karma there should be some warning for these possibilities.

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