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Applied Bank® Gold Match Plus Visa® Credit Card

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May 22, 2016
The worst credit card on the planet.
Zamont Cardholder

The Applied Bank business is the worst company that I have ever came across. They will not help you grow and develop as an individual. Please do your research so that you can see for yourself. Go to capital one if your looking to build and would love great customer service assistance.

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Mar 29, 2015
A great credit repair card.
stepart Cardholder

I am really suprized that these other reviews havnt been called BS on. The Applied Bank Card is for people with bad credit to rebuild. All of the people who need this card couldnt manage their finances before at some point and had to turn to Applied. And yes you should search for better cards when you finaly get your credit score high enough. I will give you a little your payment before the due date. All due date are set as a "pay before late" not "wait until it is too late"

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Mar 17, 2015
This Card is a JOKE
darious1109 Cardholder

Their web site will lock you out of the system and when you can't pay on time then they charge additional fees and even when you pay on time they still charge fees depending on what hour  you pay don't waste your time Credit Karma needs to drop this card ASAP

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Mar 29, 2015

from this I am guessing that someone has a bad habit of paying their bills late and wants to blame someone else. Remember that there is a reason that you needed this card in the first place.

Aug 27, 2014
Bogus charge as above 4 lost card
Anonymous Cardholder

Wow upon reading the story above. Same thimg happened to me.

lost my card, asked for a new card,money was never sent, I called again and they. Hanged me another thirty dollars, it's exactly what another person wrote, what a coincidence , bull

I wasn't aware they charge me every year for it, I'll be looking for XTRA charges.

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May 13, 2014
Get a Mainstream Card ASAP
Anonymous Cardholder

Most other Biz Credit Cards are voluntarily moving closer to the consumer card model, but not Applied Bank. Pay it off as soon as you can, then try to find a card more mainstream. 


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Feb 16, 2014
Bad option
Anonymous Cardholder

I turned to Applied Bank when I had very poor credit.  At the same time I also had cards from First Priemer (decent to reistablish yourself) and Merrick Bank (my highest rated reistablishment card).

Applied Bank is a rip off. First, the monthly service fee is crazy at $15/mo. The fees don't stop there. This company charges you a .50 cent fee for using their dial in phone system. If you lose your card there is a $19 replacement fee and it takes 2-3 weeks. Want a PIN at any point, well expect to fork over $15 for that. Not to mention the fact that I used this card for 7 years, had a perfect payment record and not once was my limit increased. I didn't even receive one of those bogus pay a fee for a small increase offers. All that, combined with an insane 29% APR, makes this the worst credit card vendor you can use.

Another story. I lost my card in summer of 2011. I reported the card lost and was charge the replacement fee. After nearly 6 weeks the new card never arrived. I called customer service and they refused to send me another card unless I paid another fee. After about an hour of trying to get someone else on the phone (I spoke with 2 people and both barely spoke English), I was told a new card would be mail and to expect the card in 10-14 business days. Two months passed and no card ever arrived. So I called to cancel my account and was placed on hold for 20 minutes.

Just horrible.

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Jun 08, 2013
Anonymous Cardholder

PLEASE DO NOT use this ncompany Applied Bank. Credit card is nothing shy of mloan sharking:

1) I pad the balance in full every month

2) Upon discovering there is NO grace period and paid monthly interest on a 0. paid off balance I was shocked.

3) Within 24 hours of paying off my balance they accessed a $9.95 monthly maintenence fee that pushed me over the limit by $2.00....they then hit me with a $35.00 over the limit fee!

I discovered all this by trial with the jackass that runs this "disclosures" ever sent with the credit card and no disclosures on their web site about fee's, grace period, etc.

Going to wrIte many letters to regulatory agencies govorning this bank....thier defrauding the consumer....WARNING!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK!!

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