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Nov 29, 2017
Horrible Experience with Citi Card
Anonymous Cardholder

My credit rating is 805.  Sent pre-approved application with balance transfer, got card, checks, then nothing but fraud alert emails, texts and phone calls for the next month, even texts in the middle of the night while trying to sleep before important events.  About the 10th fraud contact and days after being assured balance transfer was going through, cancelled the account.  Don't know what is wrong with this company, but I don't have time for this s**t.  If you don't either, don't waste your time with Citi.

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Nov 19, 2017
Citibank Costco
andydallas Cardholder

Was approved but with a very small limit (less than half of Discover, Chase, BofA, and just over half the limit of another Citicard, this with an 800 credit score0

They said don't worry, when my card arrives call and they will give a credit increase,,however they wanted to have another hard pull on my credit, less than 7 days after they had pulled it.

The credit supervisor said by law they had to, but I told him they had just increased my CitiAA card without a hard pull,,,he said 'yes, the credit siystem is really messed up",,this from the credit supervisor at Citi,,,,

RUN away from Citi if you have good credit, Chase, Discover, AMEX  and BofA are far superior! 

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Nov 18, 2017
World's Worst Customer Service
GaStu1994 Cardholder

Impossible to verify card with Apple Pay despite repeated attempts. Customer service representatives are frustrating, condescending, and assume that everyone has as least two active phone numbers which they can serially call during their convoluted mobile wallet verification process. I have never experienced customer service so poor and inept from ANY company.

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Oct 02, 2017
Great cash back TERRIBLE customer servic
Anonymous Cardholder

It isn't worth it...there are other cards out there better!

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Aug 26, 2017
Citi card/ Best Buy
Anonymous Cardholder

Citi has horrible customer service. I would not receommend them to anyone. I still have the Costco card, however, I am cancelling that one as well. They do not know how to service customers respectfully. I guess I am used to the higher standard with Amex.

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Jul 10, 2017
Horrible Customer Service
AriaElle Cardholder

I had several fraudulent charges show up on my card. I disputed the charges but since I did not have evidence that I did NOT make the purchase they did not remove the charges.  How do you get evidence that you did NOT make a purchase.  I ended up losing about $400.  What is worse is they charged me a foreign transaction fee as well! Discover card is so much better at handling disputes and fraud.

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Jun 22, 2017
Bad service. Lies. Too many errors!!!
Anonymous Cardholder

Sent in legal documents to get name change on account. Instead my account was close. Call customer service to see why. Was told I call in to close my aco****. NOPE!! I told the representative that I did not call in to close my account. I call prior to see how I would be able to get my name change NOT to close my account down. Then the representative told me that's why my account was close because I have to get a name change. Not once while I was dealing with my other credit card companies about my name change did I have any of those accounts close. Hang up on representative. Call back again to talk to another representative. Was told the same thing, then transfer me to an account supervisor. Account supervisor put me on hold, says she was gonna go look at the documents that came in. Told me they recieved my legal court order. Will reactive my account within 48 hrs to reflect the new name change. Two days goes by, my account was reopen. Waiting for name change. One week goes by, name was still not change. Finally call back again to see what's going on. End up being transfer to an account supervisor again. Was told by account supervisor that there's nothing on my file that shows that the legal court order came in. Also that they don't recieve any documents and that account manager cannot change the name, that only the back office receives documents and they are the one who does the changes. She then goes to say, however, citibank did received a written notice to close the account down. NOPE! I have never sent any written notice to close the account down. Only sent in legal court order for name change. So basically, my legal court order arrive to Citibank and they screw up, close my account down instead of making the changes. Also end up loosing my court order which has all my personal information on it. Then the  first account supervisor lied, saying she got my legal court order and will make sure the changes are made to reflect my new name. Customer service representatives didn't once mention to me that a written letter was sent to close my account down, only told me that I personally have call in the request the closure of my account. So many errors for one request.

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May 31, 2017
Not consumer friendly
Anonymous Cardholder

Would not raise credit limit when requested even with paying full balance off every month I have excellent credit with income over I mil they embarrassed me one time to many by declining my card I canceled the account suggest you look elsewhere there representives could care less

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May 25, 2017
Terrible service
Anonymous Cardholder

They have an automated system that flags purchases that thbey think are `out of usual pattern', and then keep declining other purchases. You need to call them back, but then they need a detalled verification which involves giving them your bank account details. While other cards may also have the `out of usual patterm' flags, the ones for citibanl are silly, and were not out of pattern at all. Further, while other cards call you to talk when theis problem arises, citibank waits for you to reach them after you are frustrated with the declines. 

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Mar 22, 2017
Good cash back, awful customer service
Anonymous Cardholder

While the cash back is good at 2%, anytime I had an issue it would take 30-60 minutes to solve (forgotten password, lost card, retrieval of previous statements on a credit card that was lost/stolen)

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