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Feb 17, 2018
Terrible Customer Service
Anonymous Cardholder

Having the Premium card bears a $95/year membership - seriously,  They don't offer any decent rewards to impose such a fee.  They would only waive my fee if I transferred my account to a Bronze account.  Then the manager said it would two months, that's right, to get my card.  How wierd is this entire thing.  I will certainly cancel my bronze card once I get it and will never open another Citi card again - Discover and other banks are easy to work with; this company is the worse I've dealt with in 30 years.   

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Feb 10, 2018
Take Your Business Elsewhere
phoebesmllycat Cardholder

Let me start by saying that I signed up for an American Airlines/Citi Bank miles rewards card in mid-January, and I am already looking to cancel it; that should tell you how horrendous this company is. I've been a customer of CapitalOne for 4 years, and Discover for 10, and I've never experienced any of the same hassles with those companies that I have with Citi.

I signed up for this credit card in January because I travel regularly for work and wanted to start banking miles to take personal trips. I don't have a very high limit on my miles card, so I make new charges to my card and expense them through work/pay my credit card weekly. Citi saw fit to freeze my first two payments - totaling almost $3,000 - due to suspected fraud. Keep in mind, my credit limit on this card is about $4,000, and with a constant rotation of multiple-night hotel stays and car rentals, the remaining $1,000 gets eaten up very quickly. I ended up traveling for 2 weeks straight with basically $400 available, due to the locked payments and pending charges. This meant that essentially every time I charged something new to my card, I had to make a one-time payment to get my available credit back up so that I could continue to buy food, transportation, and accommodation.

On Thursday 2/8 I got stranded in Chicago due to a snowstorm/canceled flights. I called Citi and asked to have my pending payments unfrozen, to which I was told "That is not possible, the payments will authorize on Monday 2/12, so wait until then". I should have pushed harder at the time, but I was only "supposed" to be in Chicago for one night, so I didn't think it worth the hassle.

On Friday 2/9, rather than walk around the city with all my belongings (during a snowstorm, and with nowhere else to go due to flights being canceled), I tried to add my Citi card to my Apple wallet. For whatever reason, my credit card could not be authorized via Apple wallet, and was then locked. This is where the real fun began - I called Citi customer service and went through a circular, pointless 'identity verification' process. They asked if I had any other accounts with Citi with which to verify my identity (no); they asked if I had a landline or work-landline with which to verify my identity (yes, but they then said they couldn't confirm that the work-landline I gave them was registered to the company I said I work for -- what? my company owns the building and all the phone lines in it, so .... ); they then told me they would send me a letter in 3-5 business days with a code, and I could call back with the code to unlock my account. 

Since I was stranded in Chicago with no food, shelter, or transportation (and no means to buy any of that with a locked card), waiting 3 to 5 business days to receive a letter was not an option. When I explained this to the customer service agent, instead of understanding my predicament, she cut me off and talked over me, saying there was nothing else she could do. For a credit card that is geared towards travelers, you'd think they'd have a better system for this type of thing wouldn't you? Anyway, agent #1 got the full brunt of my wrath; thanks for nothing. Wish I remembered her name.

I called back 2 minutes later to cancel my card altogether, but ended up getting transferred to another agent, Anna, who walked me through the same 'verification' rigmarole. Only this time, she took some pity on me - probably because I started sobbing midway through our call - and she said that, because my husband is an authorized user on the account, they could call him with the code, then he could give the code to me and they could unlock the account. Now, my husband works in construction so he is on job sites all day; let me tell you what I went through to get ahold of him so he could check his voicemail to retrieve the code, all while Anna waited on the other line with me. Anna also made sure to tell me that this super-secret, very important code, was valid for THIS CONVERSATION ONLY. Eventually, the code was given and my account was unlocked. Or so I thought.

I then asked to speak to someone about verifying the funds in my bank account so that I didn't have to make couple-hundred dollar payments every day just to get by while traveling. I THINK this woman's name was Jean - I did speak to a Jean at one point, but I also got transferred to a load of people and spent a LOT of time on hold during this entire debacle. Anyway, Jean conferenced my bank in on the call, they confirmed the funds, and boom, credit line back to normal. Now, if that was so easy, why did the useless woman on the phone the night before tell me I had to wait until Monday? I should've cried/given her the "I'm stranded in Chicago" speech. But really, I shouldn't have to break down sobbing just to get passingly good customer service.

So, I was assured that my card was unlocked and funds were available. I called Enterprise to then extend my car rental, and the card was declined. I tried to log into the Citi app, and the card was still locked. Sooooo, I called Citi BACK and spoke to another helpful gentleman named Tom. Tom started to ask me the verification questions, at which point I explained how that would get us nowhere. Tom understood, and explained that Citi requires them to do this verification process, and without another account/landline/secret code, all they could do was mail the letter. Tom also mentioned that the code they already gave me could be used - even though Anna said it was for our conversation only - maybe Tom was taking pity on me as well? That's very likely, and it's also likely that Citi's entire process for this kind of thing is completely F'ed up.

So, Tom was given the code, my card was unlocked, and my free day in Chicago was ruined. I instead spent my entire afternoon dreading what I would do to get home (to Philly) with no money and nowhere to get any, waiting on hold, being run in circles, and sobbing to various strangers about my predicament. It seems that human decency - and NOT Citi's anti-fraud policies - was the only thing that got me out of my situation.

If you have read this far, thank you for sticking with me. It was even more painful to live through this than it has been for you to read it, I promise. And, in all my years with Capital One and Discover, I have had numerous things flagged as fraud, a couple locked cards/locked accounts, and not one single conversation or interaction with their customer service teams which I was not satisfied with. And I've certainly never spent hours on the phone with multiple agents trying to resolve a problem like this.

Citi has failed me in every single one of these aspects. I also haven't received any miles yet, despite surpassing American's "spend $3k in the first 3 months and get 60,000 bonus miles" benchmark. At this point, I don't even care about the miles. Citi will never receive a dime of my money, either in interest or annual fees, and I will discourage everyone I know from opening an American Airlines - or, really any kind of credit card - with them.

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Jan 27, 2018
Citi bank credit card bad
Anonymous Cardholder

I have Citi MasterCard since last year. Their custermer service is terrible. Unfortunately this is our new corporate credit car, if I have a choice. I never going to use Citi Credit card because the attitude of Citi bank customer service.

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Jan 25, 2018
Run from Citicard
Anonymous Cardholder

This card and any Citicard are not worth poor service received from Citi

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Jan 08, 2018
Sleazy, sharp business practices.
Anonymous Cardholder

I've had this card for over ten years, and keep it in my wallet only with reluctance bordering on disgust.  Over ten years of being a cardholder has confirmed that this is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, and clearly don't give a hoot about their customers.  The sleaze in this company is systemic.  I don't have time to list the myriad ways they like to screw with their cardholders.

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Dec 20, 2017
Absolutely the worst service
Anonymous Cardholder

After holding the Citi AAdvantage credit card for over four years, finally decided it was time to close the account due 1) terrible customer service and 2) complete disregard for charges to the account. For example, when I closed the account, Citi charged me a late payment fee the following month on a fully paid balance, but did not notify me of an outstanding balance of $20. This went on for two months where a late payment fee on the original late payment fee balance was charged again without notifying me of any statement balance. Sneaky move - Citi can never win back my trust after this.

How I wish American Airlines would find another Bank to issue their credit cards.

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Dec 13, 2017
Horrible website & trouble paying
Anonymous Cardholder

owned 6yrs. login issues, security problems & website changes frequently makes it hard to pay the card. seems on purpose hard to pay.

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Nov 29, 2017
Horrible Experience with Citi Card
Anonymous Cardholder

My credit rating is 805.  Sent pre-approved application with balance transfer, got card, checks, then nothing but fraud alert emails, texts and phone calls for the next month, even texts in the middle of the night while trying to sleep before important events.  About the 10th fraud contact and days after being assured balance transfer was going through, cancelled the account.  Don't know what is wrong with this company, but I don't have time for this s**t.  If you don't either, don't waste your time with Citi.

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Nov 19, 2017
Citibank Costco
andydallas Cardholder

Was approved but with a very small limit (less than half of Discover, Chase, BofA, and just over half the limit of another Citicard, this with an 800 credit score0

They said don't worry, when my card arrives call and they will give a credit increase,,however they wanted to have another hard pull on my credit, less than 7 days after they had pulled it.

The credit supervisor said by law they had to, but I told him they had just increased my CitiAA card without a hard pull,,,he said 'yes, the credit siystem is really messed up",,this from the credit supervisor at Citi,,,,

RUN away from Citi if you have good credit, Chase, Discover, AMEX  and BofA are far superior! 

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Nov 18, 2017
World's Worst Customer Service
GaStu1994 Cardholder

Impossible to verify card with Apple Pay despite repeated attempts. Customer service representatives are frustrating, condescending, and assume that everyone has as least two active phone numbers which they can serially call during their convoluted mobile wallet verification process. I have never experienced customer service so poor and inept from ANY company.

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