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Jul 08, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Just stay away!!!!!!! No words to describe how poor customer service is. Stick with Bank of America, Discover, or Chase!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 29, 2015
Anonymous Cardholder

Let me tell you a story about CITI Bank and how they treat their cardholders.

My family and I went on a Mediterranean cruise, in July of 2015.  Before we left I contacted Citi Bank and informed with a nearly complete itinerary of where and when I would be in different countries and that I would be making a substantial payment on my card so that I would have plenty of credit available.  At the time I had a $10,000 limit.  I was informed I was all set for my trip and that I would not have any problems.

Apparently several days after I left (remember CITI knows when I was leaving), my credit limit was reduced by CITI to $6500, approximately how much was charged on the card, therefore I had about zero credit available.  When I found out via a satellite courtesy call from the ship to CITI, an account manager recommended paying another $1000 down on my card and I would be all set for the rest of my trip.  So we did a phone transfer from my bank to the card.  All set again right!

So 5 or 6 days later when it came time to disembark in Barcelona and come back to the good old USA, it turns out CITI refused the charge.  Since it was the only card I had with me I was stuck, for all intents and purposes trapped with my wife and physically disabled daughter.  Fortunately another family member on board had another credit card for us to borrow.

Finally about 3 or 4 weeks later we decided to confront CITI with this fiasco and how this happened.  We called CITI and a customer care representative made about a half dozen excuses' and then said CITI bank was sorry and they would give me $100 for my trouble.  I said that was unacceptable and I would like to speak to a manager/supervisor about this.  There was no one available at the time, so we being understanding offered to make an appointment for a call back.  The appointment was made for 4 days later, during normal business hours.  The phone call never came.  I guess we aren't important enough to call back.

So a couple of weeks later, a few days after the next bill was due and I didn't pay it.  I decided that would be the best way to get a call back.  I missed the call that came 3 1/2 weeks later.

Finally I spoke to an array of CITI another 2 weeks after that, and here are the excuses:

My second payment was put on a 5 day hold because it was my second large payment in a month

The employee who advised me of making the second payment had no knowledge that the hold would be made (even though it is one of their policies according to another CITI member).

I finished my phone call with a customer service manager (named Collin) who proceeded to tell me that it was only bad timing (possibly a coincidence) and not CITI's error in way whatsoever and there was nothing he could do for me.  I took that as TOO BAD.

I don't believe in coincidences, these decisions were made by CITI intentionally to get as much repayment as possible regardless of the cost to me the customer.  I plan on taking CITI to some type of civil court so I can at least expose their ruthless inhumane to more people.

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Oct 18, 2016
Extremely Bad Customer Service
Anonymous Cardholder

I was issued this card from Costco because they switched from AMEX to Citi. I’ve had this card just a few months and it’s been nothing but one hassle after another. I’ve already had to have erroneous late charges and interest charges reversed. When I called their customer service recently I spoke to someone in the Philippines. I could not understand what she was saying and she didn’t know what she was doing. I could tell she was struggling just to pull up my information on her computer. She put me on hold several times without telling me and I thought the line had disconnected. She seemed poorly trained. She finally said she was transferring me to another agent and I waited on hold for about 10 minutes and finally hung up. I’ve had better customer service experience from Comcast. I’m not using this card anymore.

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Oct 09, 2016
Whose cards are these, and where is mine
Anonymous Cardholder

I was mailed 3 different credit cards with 3 different names.   None of the names matched mine.  When I finally received MY card, there were charges already made on it, again none were mine.   There is something wrong with this company and their cards.   I closed my account down.   Never again will I do buisness with this bank again.  

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Oct 07, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I don't really expect good customer service from credit card companies or any fiancial insitution for that matter at all, but I do expect a major credit card company like Citi to have a properly working website and all the technical features/options that come with the account. I had an account with them for about 8 months and never was able to make an online payment, nor was I able to setup autopayments. Every time I called in customer service would take my payment over the phone and would promise that they would resolve the online payment issue promptly. However, that never happened even though I called at least 10 times. I would definitely recommend chase or BoA over Citi. Citicards sucks. 

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Sep 27, 2016
Their mistakes cost the card holders
Anonymous Cardholder

Not only does thei website often have technical problems for more than 1 full day, when they finally processed my payment on the phone instead of me being able to do it online as usual, they didn't process the payment for the date I requested it. They posted it immediately against my instructions. When I notice it had reached my bank early and called them back, they said they can't do anything about it. When I complained to a supervisor, I was told the same. They were not willing to deal with the bank.

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Sep 23, 2016
Great Purchase Protection Service
Anonymous Cardholder

I  recently had great service on  Damage & Theft Purchase Protection Plan.  Our electronic device was accidentally run over by a car, and all it took to get a refund for the cost was one telephone call!  We did not have to fill out a form or deal with a receipt.  Maybe  because was only $60 and I have had card for 19 years and this was first claim.  I manage this card online and I never had a problem.  Fairly high purchase balance interest of 11%, but I do not carry a balance.  I have Citi Dividend World MasterCard, which gives Cash Back Reward of 1% all purchases (sometimes 5% selected types that vary each quarter).

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Sep 14, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

What ****ing jerk off *******s. After having their card for 3 years this occurss. I was enrolled in auto pay, but i can't select my account to make an off the cuff payment. I mistyped one of the numbers on my account. The payment was returned, rightfully so, but it was returned as a purchase which set off an undescribable chain of events that only the likes of a novel writer can put on paper.

I got charged a returned check fee that they were unwilling to return to me because of a typo. I asked to speak to someone in customer retentions and they said that 'thats me'. I said great, **** YOU, close my account. They put up no fight to keep my business and the account was closed in seconds.

This company can suck my ****. You can't get account credits with your rewards, you have to have active purchases and you can apply your rewards to purchases. What a ****ING JOKE. Its worth leaving every single reward behind, just so I never have to deal with these *******S ever again. I don't need their card and after this I don't want any card by them. It is a shame i have leave them 1 star just to leave this review.

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Aug 30, 2016
setting you up to pay interest -best buy
Anonymous Cardholder

I have a Best Buy Credit Card from Citi. They let you believe that you have a 18 mos to pay. Then, you would think you would have paid your purchase by 18 mos only to let you know that you have to pay off the other smaller purchases first. So you still end up paying for the interests. Not only was that a problem, resetting password online is impossible. I tried to reset it as instructed, but no, they don't make it easy. Of course, why should they? Customers will eventually get tired and stop trying to check their account online and start paying over the phone. When you do pay over the phone, then you will not see how much you need to pay to avoid getting hit by the interest.

Thank you Citi! Good got me!!! Cutting my ties off from this bank.

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Aug 04, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Could you please post the 3055.00 dollars that I paid in June and you cashed in June but have yet to post to my account? I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Your customer service is a disgrace. How do you lose 3055.00 dollars??? You will be paying me for my attorney fees. Ridiculous!

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Jul 24, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I have not used my citi card in over a year. I paid off the balance IN FULL, TWICE this year. Twice because, *weeks* after paying the full balance four months ago, interest charges occurred. Then late fees. More interest charges. The second time was paid over the phone with them, so I could make them promise there would be no further charges.

Well here I am trying for the third time to clear my balance another month later, and they do not even have a supervisor available to help me (after keeping me on hold to "find" one).

Service = 0/100

Site/Features = 0/100

Not worth it, folks. I am not sure how they keep customers.

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Jul 20, 2016
No response on 24/7 contact number
Fenchao Cardholder

Called 20+ times in 3 weeks. Only one call reached the customer service and it did not resolve any issue. How is this a 24/7 phone number?

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