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May 30 2018
Great Card for Miles
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card despite Credit Karma saying my odds were not great. My TU Score was 681 and my Experian was 709, and I was approved with a credit limit of $8,500. I'm disappointed that it does not earn Elite Qualifying Dollars like the Aviator card does, but I am happy with the fact the annual fee is waived the first year and with the 60k bonus miles after the first $3,000 spent.

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Oct 11 2018
Terrible Customer Service!
Credit Karma Member

I only applied for this card since my group and I are flying american airlines and want to use the special offer after spend $2k you get 40,000 miles back. So they approved my application for exactly 2k CL, to my surprised I expected more with it having a 95$ annual fee. The limit was not even enough to cover for the tickets, which is 300$ short. After calling customer service and explained to them that I am willing to pay the overdraft fee or even put a secured deposit for the whole ticket price, just so I can purchase the tickets and that there's more than enough to cover for for the charged. In the end, all they said is theres nothing they can do. I basically have a card that I cannot use, plus a hard pull on my report.

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May 24 2020
rewards are puny
Credit Karma Member

Not happy with the rewards at all. I expected to earn miles. Even with flights I did not earn miles. Rediculous.

Apr 20 2020
I love this card, still.
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for 3 years now. I used it to book 1st class tickets (2), for my parents from PHX to New York. I received the points as promised. It is a shame that Citi reversed course on all the extras this card had. Still, I would recommend this card.

Apr 07 2020
I love this card
Credit Karma Member

I love credit karma and I thank credit karma for helping me get my life back in order but they 2 other capital one inquiries that I did not apply for ang I haven’t applied for nothing because someone is trying to get credit under my name and they have charged on my open account from capital one but credit karma took care of that issue and I was very please the results but I hope credit karma can remove those 2 capital one inquiries that I didn’t apply for and they even took my from my bank account and they still are hacking my phone and all my emails Facebook Instagram etc and they have sold my information to a huge amount of people other than that I love credit karma

Aug 02 2019
From 5 stars to 2 stars...
Credit Karma Member

This was a 5 star card until September 22, 2019 when almost all benefits are going to be slashed by Citi. This card had soooo many benefits, car rental insurance, 90 day return protection, citi price rewind, baggage insurance protection, emergency travel protection, roadside assistance and more... all gone. I used to advocate for this card every time someone asked me for recommendations... now, I don't know.. Citi always had my back for any charges of subscriptions or canceled services, they sometimes issue a credit right away. They're flexible and I've never had 1 complaint, until they slashed these rewards. For a cheap annual fee of $99 (which increased from $95) solely based on baggage fees, is worth it. It pays itself off if you travel 2 times a year or with others (their bags are free if they're on your booking) I always had peace of mind traveling, but now I feel vulnerable.

Jul 15 2019
Not bad but not great..
Credit Karma Member

If you're an avid AA flyer this card is for you, the starting bonus of 60k is really nice and the miles can be used for upgrades or flights. The free checked bag is great and being in group 5 each time you fly once again its not bad but not great. $95 dollar annual fee as well, this card is honestly for the American Airlines avid traveler.

Jul 13 2019
Good First ???Travel??? Card
Credit Karma Member

I've had this for over a year and this has definitely allowed me to get more and better credit cards. I also now have enough miles to get round trip to Australia for free.

Jun 10 2019
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card strictly for the points. I have excellent credit (825+), no missed payments and a 2% utilization rate on other cards. I have no debt - car loans are paid and I've never carried a card balance. Regardless my application was declined. When I called to ask why they extremely rude and never answered me. I applied for a Capital One Venture card right after and was approved with a $20,000 limit. Forget Citi!!

Mar 03 2019
Was Approved with "Fair" Approval Odds
Credit Karma Member

Applied for this card because American Airlines has more nonstop flights to where I fly to and wasn't approved right away most likely cause Credit Karmas take was "Fair Approval Odds". So I was kinda worried I was going to get declined especially since I opened 2 new Credit Cards within the past 6 months and only have 2 years of Credit History. But about 4 days later I got an email from Citibank stating that I was approved with a $1,500 limit. My Experian, Transunion, and Equifax Scores are 760.

Feb 16 2019
Aggressive Interest Rates
Credit Karma Member

I have 3 cards with Citi: American Airlines, Simplicity, and Costco. The AA card had an $8,000 limit at opening. They cut my limit in half without notice. The Simplicity card, every time I have made a payment in the last 3 months they have reduced my credit limit to just above that new balance. So now on 2 accounts they have WRECKED my credit rating because the debt to available credit ratio is maxed out. They also have THE highest APR of any company I've banked with. And their security is crap. I have only had my credit card compromised 3 times in my adult life. Two of the three were on a Citi Bank credit cards. The problem is they locked my card out, then called me from an unrecognized number and left a spam-like message so I assumed it was spam. It wasnt until I later tried to use that card and found out they'd locked the card for fraud. I contacted customer service and spent 20+ minutes on hold just to have them tell me my card has been hacked and they were sending a new one. It took almost 2 weeks to get a replacement card. I called customer service and every time they asked me to give the 16-digit card number and I had to go through the crappy automated menu to talk to a human and repeat over and over that they hadn't sent my new card so I had no idea what the number was. Other banks I had cards with emailed me, texted, and called to alert me of fraud. Who in this age answers the phone anymore anyway? Especially an unknown 1800 number? The other bank alsohad replacement cards sent overnight. Don't waste your time with Citi.

Jan 29 2019
Credit Karma Member

This card is not worth it at all. You don't even get free checked bag on international flights. Like Mexico. America airlines sucks for this. This card gives you no status with America ether. I will be canceling my card, no reason to keep it.

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Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard®

Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard®

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