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Jan 14 2015
Very good so far.
Credit Karma Member

I applied for a Freedom card today. I was approved with $4,500 CL. I also applied for a vehicle refinance, and was approved for that as well. The process was easy and a positive experience so far. I have a FICO of 750 EX and TU and 698 EQ. Will report back once I have used it a while.

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Feb 12 2013
Lousy company
Credit Karma Member

I just paid-off my two accounts with Chase. In doing so, I selected "Current Balance" rather than Statement Balance, thinking I would end-up with a zero (0) balance. How nieve of me. I just checked my accounts and I now have two balances totalling $131.85 in interest added. My wife's account, which was closed (2 years ago) by Chase because she didn't "have enough available credit" was also paid in full (current balance) now has $38.44 in intrest due. How stupid of me to think that paying the current balance, 1 month before the due date, that I would not see any other charges added. I will close the accounts and never recommend them to anyone. I've had it with the big banks "gouging" the average person so the "wheels" can get their 7 figure salary after taking my tax money to bail them out.

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Jun 12 2019
Horrible experience
Credit Karma Member

.I had a 680 credit score when they issued me the card.. Not great for sure but on the average I suppose.. Two months later they closed my account causing my credit score to drop from 700 back down into the high 6's. Their reason for closing my new card? Too many inquiries for credit. In two months I ask? Really? I explained that my credit score went up 20 points during that period.. Their response when I called was to find out what happened?.. Oh we apologize... I suspect.. My best guess.. I was paying off the card each time I used it. As soon as it would post the charge to my online account.. Paid.. What irks me is they knocked my credit score down. Just a few points but Ive been working hard on my credit. It means a lot to me now. In all fairness I want to say I do have a bunch of inquiries after buying a home.. Two cars.. Etc.. Over two years.. But in the two months I believe I have added approximately 4. This is my opinion.. Take it for what you deem it's worth.

Feb 28 2019
Great card - but clunky website.
Credit Karma Member

I have the Amazon Prime Chase card and I like the benefits with Amazon. However, the website is not as good as other credit cards. For example, there is no way to ask for a credit line increase - and you are forced to call customer service. Most cards will provide a limited increase without a hard inquiry, however Chase does not. Also, I enabled a credit card function on the website - but was required to call customer service to deactivate it. Again, the card has worked flawlessly and I enjoy the perks I receive from Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, but the customer service and website are not as good as other credit card firms.

Feb 02 2019
Terrible customer service
Credit Karma Member

I went online and deleted my pay from account and added my new checking account then I scheduled a payment. They took the payment from the deleted account and overdrafted my account. I called and explained what happened and was transfered around eventually they just insisted that I scheduled the payment from the account that had deleted before scheduling the payment. They wanted to argue and insist that it was my fault that I did it that was all they were willing to do for me. I am glad that I got the funds transferred in time to cover the charge and I am glad that payment paid off the card because I am so done with Chase!

Jan 08 2019
Terms and Conditions Care, not customer
Credit Karma Member

Any promotion that you apply for get up from the day you apply. In my case I was rejected and then randomly approved. I actually thought I was still rejected when I applied again now I have two lame duck accounts. In other words you're 12 months 0% APR and your $300 cash back offers, all have less time than you realize to complete. This is an issue I discover that all credit card companies use but Chase has applied a very strict policy of never giving any time back. Knowing this now, I would avoid using this card at all costs and will definitely cost you more in the long run. BE AWARE, Chase Credit is aweful customer support. Its better at the first tiers but if you speak to a supervisor you will regret every minute you spent wasting your breathe. Better cards around.

Aug 25 2018
Nothing was as advertised
Credit Karma Member

My credit score floats in the upper 700s and lower 800s. I applied for the card in January, I received the card in may. They did 3 additional hard inquires before I even received the card that i eventually was able to get removed. I applied for a card with 0% APR, they sent the card with a bonus for spending in the first 3 months instead. So I got neither. The automatic payments did not work. So they kept trying to charge me interest and fees. Customer service helped 0%.

Jan 23 2018
Worst credit card compayn ever. Avoid!
Credit Karma Member

I have 3 Chase cards and never had a missed payment or had a late payment or over the limit issue. I used them at first for air miles. Then when I quit using them for air points I began to use them for balance transfers. I have another company I use for purchases. When I had high balances I was offered balance transfers any time I wanted. They kept increasing my credit lines. I used 50% or less of the credit line which helped my credit score. For no reason, they lowered my limits to just slightly over what i owed. This affected my credit card score greatly because part of the fica's ar$6- e based on ratio of debt to limit. I did nothing wrong, yet for NO reason they lowered all the limits on all 3 cards. My payment history on my credit report is excellent and I've had credit for a long time and always take care to pay all my bills. So I kept the cards, paying the $60 annual fees and not being able to use them. Eventually I transfered all my balances to other cards. I use 3 other companies and they are so easy to work with. Chase simply doesn't want to help. They just want your money. They almost never offered balance transfers like they did at first. Finally one offered me a balance transfer 0% APR and I used it for a year, never missing a payment. Then my United card annual fee came due. I didn't want to pay for a card that offered me nothing. I didn't pay the annual fee and they charged me interest and a late fee, so I decided to call them and close the card. The lady in customer service said if I closed the card it would not affect my credit score, but if they closed the card it would impact my score. She told me she could change the card to a $0 annual fee card so I could keep it open. I said ok. She said she would take off the late charge and the interest and all I had to do was to pay the $60 fee and within 2 billing cycles most of that would be refunded. This was on a Sunday. I checked later Sunday evening and the accout was not updated yet. At 6am Tuesday morning I went online to pay the fee and the account was closed. So now my credit score was impacted. Why did I spend 1/2 hour on the phone Sunday working this out when they closed it anyway. My point? They offer nothing, lower limints without just cause and obviously do not know what they are doing because after a 1/2 hour of conversation and a verbal agreement recorded, they still closed the account. My other 3 credit card companies provide such excellent customer service and product there should be no need for pathetic Chase to even be in business offering credit cards. Avoid them at all cost and save your credit score and a lot of aggravation.

Mar 03 2017
Chase amazon
Credit Karma Member

had my card for 2.5 years bc AMAZON offered me a good eal, paid them in full for $3500. was charged interest after paying in full and having a zero balance for nearly a month. when i spoke to the rep he just kept saying how this is correct. now i'd had a scenario just like this with my capital one card and the rep took care of it immediately stating, i see you paid in full ill credit you the $36. Seeing how ive been a member with them for several years and this card was paid in full for a few thousand dollars, the fact that i had to be on the phone with him for 15 minutes with out him ONCE offering to just credit NINE dollars to my account, this was the worst customer service id received in years. all accounts closed with chase! ill never go back.

Feb 14 2017
Allowed fraud, and has taken over 6 week
Credit Karma Member

Chase allowed fraud in excess of $14000. The limit on the card was $2000. Chase allowed multiple cash transfers and false payments returned to allow the hacker to run up over $14000 on a card with a 0 balance. I have contacted Chase several times. Was first told to write aletter to fraud dept. which does not take calls... And have gotten no response in over 7 weeks. Chase customer service has been NO help with this matter and continues to tell me I need to pay the payments while they"work it out". Needless to say we have closed all Chase accounts, and now reported it to CFPB to try and get the matter resolved.

Dec 13 2016
Great Company
Credit Karma Member

This is a great card company, I am so glad to have them in my wallet.

Dec 09 2016
The worst customer service of any card!
Credit Karma Member

i have outstanding credit and numerous credit cards (no chase cards) and have never been treated so rudely! ..... pretended that they could not hear me... did not want to answer questions... when Darryl did answer he gave misleading information! will never use this card!!!

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All Chase Credit Cards

All Chase Credit Cards

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